Thursday, 14 February 2008

I Have the Sun

Really, what a beautiful day.  What could be better than celebrating a day of love (Christmas).

Where I am in my life right now, I am just happy to be here.  I have no expectations for something grand.  I will be happy with what the day brings and I will not be disappointed.  

In someways I have always expected Wahid to come riding in on a white horse, with a bottle of champagne in one hand, a card and a ticket for Paris along with the reservations for our dinner under the Eiffel Tower, and a dozen roses stuck between his teeth.  I wonder why I was disappointed.  Maybe I wanted to be disappointed.  

I looked for the moon when the sun was sitting right there in front of me the whole time.  I wanted the moon with all its mystery and aloofness.  I wanted the moon with all the romance it symbolizes and in someways I wanted the crazy wild werewolf howling at the moon too.  What I had and have is the sun.  The warm comforting sun, which greets me in the morning with its sunny smile.  The sun with its steadiness.  The sun with its rays of hope that fill up my day.  I am so happy and content to have the sun.  The one thing I did get however, was the crazy wild werewolf howling at the moon.  And I like my werewolf just fine.

Valentines usually brings with it a lovely card and some roses.  Something I just learnt recently was that when you juggle the letters of the word Rose we get the word Eros who is the God of Love.  Last year Wahid bought a wonderful card and three roses.  He said they were for each of his children.  For those of you who know Wahid and for those of you who don't.  He is the wisest, sweetest man I know.

Once upon a time in a romantic century it was believed that birds chose their mate for the year on February 14th.  Since doves and pigeons mate for life they symbolize loyalty, fidelity and love.

Wahid and I originally met at a house party at his brothers.  I worked with Wahid's sister-in-law Charlotte (Charlotte died of cancer) and was invited to her housewarming.  I remember seeing this really good looking, and I mean really good looking guy (Wahid).  Wahid was dressed in white bell-bottom pants and a blue and white polyester top.  Does it sound over the top, well it wasn't.  Honestly he was (still is) striking.  Anyway, really never said two words to him, and he never said two words to me.  All I know is that he was a dancing machine (and still is).  We did dance.

Charlotte and I are at work and she invites me over to her house for dinner a few weeks later (of course by this time I have told her that her brother-in-law is gorgeous).

I am sitting on the couch, Wahid's little nephew Micheal is sitting there and we're talking.  Wahid comes into the room and sits on the other end of the couch.  He is looking at me, I smile and say "Hi."  He replys 'Hi.'  I continue talking to Micheal and Wahid keeps looking at me, actually he is really staring at me, at this point it is uncomfortable.  I turn and look at him, he keeps staring, I turn and continue talking to Micheal.  Now Wahid is trying to intimidate me, he is staring and not turning around.  So, I twist in my seat and stare right back at him.  Now we are having a staring contest.  Next thing I know he smiles and then acts like a normal person.  I'm like "if you think you are going to intimidate me buddy that is not going to happen."  He calls me a week later to go to a show.

Wahid has been given an opportunity to say his version of the story.  I told him to write his version and I would write mine.  He declined with a laugh saying 'I don't want to tell people my business.'  I laughed and said they are going to know it anyway.  

By the way, the story of the staring contest, did have some context for him.  He wanted to see how I would react before he got too interested in me.  He says he likes the fact that I have so much 'umph' and was not cowed by his look.

I am pleased to say that after 34 years of being together I can still get butterflies when he walks into a room.  How lucky are we.

The rest is history (which I will revisit) and as a matter of fact we have had three little valentines of our own.  We call them Angelique, Nadalene and Nathan.

Happy Valentines my Valentines.


Shelly said...

Renee, that is simply beautiful and you are right Wahid is simply gorgeous. Love - love - love the picture you have chosen for this post.

Mickey said...

Why do we set our expectations fo high, who could ever meet them. I agree with you it is so much better to just be happy with what the day brings. Gord is at a meeting but I did get a beautiful card that he wrote beautiful words in and some chocolates which was so nice....Thinking about the part where you said you still get butterflies when Wahid walks in a room I understand once I told Gord that I feel happy when he comes home from work and he said I feel happy because I know someone will make supper now. Have a great Valentines day This page is written so romantically I love the title I Have The Sun.....

Anonymous said...

i love being called a valentine.

Natalie said...

this is such a beautiful, romantic post. i have always loved uncle wahid, by i have fallen just a little further in love with him.
i love you auntie renee.

Stephan said...

beautiful people attract beautiful people.

Deborah said...

This is so sweet. You have been blessed, and you are a blessing.