Monday, 20 October 2008

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter B

Backyard: Unconscious signals that you are trying to conceal things (note dream of fire in the backyard).

Bagpipes: Good fortune (my Mom is from the land of bagpipes and her and I cry when we hear them).

Barbecue: Friends or relatives will try to impose on your good nature (Nadalene and Charlton won a barbecue at Toni’s social).

Barefoot: You may be headed in a direction which is vulnerable and risky especially when dealing with sensitive issues.

Beach: Symbolizes the meeting between your two states of mind. The sand symbolizes rational and mental aspects while the water signifies irrational and emotional aspects of oneself. It is a place of transition (Wahid is from the land of sandy beaches, this picture is from Mayaro Beach in Trinidad).

Ben: Events need to be looked at clearly with logic and not emotion (my Ben is always in my corner, I know my back is covered).

Bereavement: A need to express your sadness and not keep it inside where it can do serious damage.

Big: Someone or something bigger than normal indicates that you have an inflated opinion of yourself or someone else. This also represents authority and power.

Breasts: Feeling of exposure and invasion of privacy (I have always dreamed of being in a crowd with my breasts uncovered and I am always trying to cover them up).

Burning: Intense emotions (a few days after my Dad died, I dreamt that a building was burning in my backyard).

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