Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wednesday's Women No. 3

If only someone had told her that even with all her finery her appearance had not changed for the better.

All she needed was to smile and that would have brought some light to her eyes and the rose she held could have been transferred to her cheeks.

She could have saved so much money if only she had seen that her soul was half full and not half empty.

Don’t let your finery skip your face.


Emerald Arts said...

Hello :)

I found your blog via a post on my friend Flossy-P. Love the ceramic disc you gave her (she's completely besotted with it, you've made her one happy little artist).

Hope you don't mind me adding you to my RSS feed list thing, because I really like your style 0_o


Renee said...

Em, I don't mind at all. I was just hoping that I haven't stolen any of your art and then I went to see your Etsy site and realized I have your Dream creature. Yikes.

Emerald Arts said...

You have my dream creature? Hehe how did that happen?

Renee said...

Okay, now I know you will get down with me on this one Em.

The dream creature is illegally (oh oh) downloaded and is sitting with my other angels that are downloaded (angles like to break the rules)and seriously is quite happy there.

Dare I, he he he?

Emerald Arts said...

Dare away ;)

If by any chance you would be interested in an angel swap (I paint you one and you paint me one) I would be utterly delighted.

I get giddy with excitement when I think about snail mail. Totally beside myself about the markets too. I'm taking some half-finished canvases, canvas prints of my creatures and a sketchbook. I'm going to get people to design the paintings I make, rather than just buying them on the day. Love trialling stuff.

Back to work ;)

Renee said...

Em; I may have misled you. I am an art stealer, not an artist. ha ha.

God, would I love to get into a swap, only I have no artistic talent at all. None.

I only wish I could do what you do. But who is to say that you can't get something in the mail anyway. Right?

Love Renee