Friday, 24 October 2008


The birthdates for Scorpio are between October 24th and November 22nd. Ben’s birthday is October 24th.

Scorpio’s stats are:

Colour = Gold or Purple
Metal = Steel and Iron
Stone = Topaz or Opal
Tree = Holly and Blackthorn
Plants = Purple Heather and Sweet Basil

Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion which is well known for its ability to strike at any moment holding its prey with its claws and ready to finish it off with its stinger. Scorpio’s know what they want and will not strike out at the wrong moment. For this reason alone, many people think they are patient but they would be wrong; it is just Scorpio’s powerful skills at strategy that they are witnessing.

Ruled by Pluto the Greek God of the Netherworld, Scorpio’s are intimately connected with the extremes of life, with beginnings and endings, and conception and lasting legacies. Scorpio is at the heart of the constellation where the red giant star Antares burns with a fiery intensity, so it will come as no surprise that the dedication and drive of a Scorpio is unmatched in the zodiac.

A Scorpio thrives in pursuits that require intuition and deeper understanding. Scorpio’s are on an eternal quest to get to the very heart of any matter and this appears in anything that requires thought and turns up in almost every conversation they have. They are totally fearless when it comes to delving into depths that nobody else wants to look at. Scorpio’s are blessed (or cursed) with the observation skills of a surveillance camera.

Scorpio’s are loved by their Aries auntie; especially if there favourite cousin is a Capricorn. Scorpio’s staunchly support and defend anyone they care about and their energy can be motivating. In Ben’s case, his Aries auntie couldn’t be prouder of his skills at strategy. But more than that, this particular Aries auntie appreciates the loyalty and fellowship she shares with Ben and wants everyone to know that he is completely admirable.

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ben said...

auntie renee, your very easy to stand by, support and defend....your a very special aunt that i love like a mother....