Monday, 6 October 2008

Z Is For

Zamid (brother-in-law)
Zello (Zamid)
Zac (nephew)
Zuckerberg (created Facebook)
Zaden (Julie’s grandson)

Zucchini (Charlton’s garden)
Zebra (black and white is a beautiful thing)
Zip (get up and go)
Za (only two letter word starting with z in scrabble)
Zoomorphism (Dad’s dream changing into an animal a day before he died)

Zoo (chaos and confusion)
Zinc (help get rid of metal taste)
Zero (super-consciousness)
Zany (loonie-toon)
Zeus (the god of mythological gods)

Zodiac (Aries, 2 Sagittarius, Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini)
ZZZ (not catching any)
Zero hour (beginning of the end)
Zigged before you zagged (done out of order)
Zelda (Nathan Nintendo)

Zip it (shut it)
Zealot (all religions have them)
Zombie (physical and emotional detachment)
Zenith (first TV)
Zap (Batman kicking cancer in the gut)

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