Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mr. Khan

Nathan’s graduation is this morning at 10 a.m. at the University of Manitoba. He will be getting his second degree at University. This one will be his Bachelors of Education. Someone would have to be amazingly proud to be any prouder than I am right now.

Nathan is my only son and my youngest child. With his graduation this year it marks a real milestone not only for Nathan but for me and his Dad. We have had at least one child in school for the last 30 years. Angelique entered school at the age of 4 and I was 23.

So while this post is all about congratulating Nathan and letting him know how proud we are it is also a post about 30 years of having children in school and how really proud we are of each of our children; Angelique, Nadalene, and Nathan.

We sent our children to French Immersion School and they all went to Ecole Howden from Kindergarten to Grade 6. When Angelique started, it was only the second year they had the immersion program and neighbours on our street were protesting that it wasn’t in English and had come to our door to have us sign a petition. I was like ‘No that is where I intend my children to go.’ I was not popular but that was not something I would give a shit about.

For Grades 7 to 10 they went to College Beliveau a French Immersion High School.

For them that was the end of the public school system. Although it was great (we have some wonderful public schools) I had always intended that they go on for further education so I wanted to send them to the University of Winnipeg which has a private high school within the University program which helps students to have an easier transition to University, as the high school is run on the same schedule as the universities and all reports and work had to be done to university standards.

When all three had graduated from the University of Winnipeg ‘Collegiate’ they went on to attend the University of Manitoba.

Angelique achieved her Bachelor of Arts, an Honors Degree in Psychology, and a Bachelors of Education Degree. She is now working as a Grade 7 Teacher.

Nadalene achieved her Bachelor in Environmental Design (Architecture) and her Masters in City Planning. Nadalene is now working as a City Planner.

Nathan achieved his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelor of Education Degree is what he will be receiving today.

So as I am using this post to talk to Nathan this morning I am also using it to talk to Angelique and Nadalene.

You are all a source of pride to your Dad and me. While none of you speak of your achievements, they are still spoken aloud because Dad and I speak of them amongst ourselves.

Dad and I are with all of you forever even when we know that you can walk on your own.

We hope that none of the things that I say here will come as a surprise; after all you have all heard it before. Even so, this is a good time for us to tell you that when we look at you we see more than what anyone else sees. We see the little girls and the wee boy that you were and we see and appreciate all your hard work to become the caring, intellectual, and brave people you are now.

For example, we can see into your hearts. We know what you are all made of and it is so refreshing to know that while you all have shallow places you also have depth too.

What I think about in my secret heart is how the rest of the world will be able to benefit and enjoy all of you.

Don’t get demoralized and don’t think you can’t do what can be done. Don’t underestimate your potential. Take intellectual responsibility for yourselves. Make life interesting and never quit learning. You will all shape your own lives. Don’t wait to be told to start something, start it whenever you like.

Being an adult means taking responsibility for your own life, don’t care about unimportant things or what other people think of you. And by other people I mean random people. Be selective about the people you choose to have in your life. Be selective about the people you choose to have as friends. Choosing friends or partners should be done based on your respect for them and on your respect of their judgment.

To all of you, dear hearts, dear Angelique, Nadalene, and Nathan we want you to remember that if you ever get lost just look to the sky and we will be there directing you back home. The stars will find you and show you where you need to be. We hope that all your dreams take you to your highest hopes made real, to all the doors of new opportunity, and to the homes of each others hearts.

Nathan you have such amazing potential. How do I describe the range of feelings I have today? I am proud of course, immensely proud. So, what are my feelings? I am proud, I am relieved, and I feel fortunate that you are my son, I am a touch sad, and I am happy that you have the whole world ahead of you.

Mr. Khan is something you will hear a million times a day now and I believe that the children that are fortunate enough to have you as their teacher will be calling Mr. Khan with affection and respect.


*artwork by Kelly Vivanco


Meghann said...

Wow, what a great family you have! I am impressed with the togetherness, love and encouragement. I am impressed at the education in your family - we should all be so fortunate. Congratulations to your son, daughters, and to you, for raising such great human beings.
Prayers and hugs,
Meg xoxo

Aleksandra said...

Congratulations to you all,this is grand,brilliant news and I hope you will have a wonderful party.Love from Sandra

Natalie said...

How proud you must be of your children, Renee. From what you have written, there is love abounding in your family. Congratulations Mr Khan. :D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nathan! I know, from what your Mom writes about you that you will be one of those teachers who makes a difference in the lives of so many students! You have chosen a noble profession. You will help shape future generations. One of your students may one day be Prime Minister of our country. One may find a cure for cancer. One may discover the secret to world peace! Wear your cap and gown with pride Nathan. And give your Mom a huge hug for me.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Congratulations Nathan!! What a wonderful achievement - the world needs more teachers like you. It is a wonderful career to inspire the love of learning in the young - well done.
Renee you must be so very proud of all your talented children. No doubt you raised them in a fabulous environment that encouraged them to reach for the stars.

Deborah said...

Yes! Congratulations Mr Khan! Congratulations Renee!! What an accomplished life you have. This is such a beautiful tribute. How blessed your children are to be yours. How blessed you are to have them. Sending you all my love, Deborah

Baino said...

You're right to be proud of them all Renee. It's a difficult thing to encourage children especially in their teen years to focus on their education. I think it's the greatest gift a parent can give our kids besides safety and love. Once educated, they're on their own and what they do with it is their decision. Congratulations to Nathan . . I'm betting you're both proud as punch today. I know I was when both of mine achieved their degrees. Cheers :)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

That was a beautiful post Renee! Your kids sound so wonderful and I'm sure they are just as proud of you.
What a gift you have, to write to them so beautifully. Such wise advice for them!
Have a great graduation day!

Marion said...

Renee, such a great picture to illustrate this loving, WISE post to your amazing children. I know you are so proud of their accomplishments. There's no feeling like knowing your kids are educated and successfully employed!

When I had my two girls, my main concern was drilling into their heads the need for a college degree (like you did!) I share your happiniess today when I think of my two girls who are both school teachers. One is an artist and teaches Art and the other teached 4th grade. They both graduated with honors.

I'm sending you a pat on the back for this wonderful success. It is no small thing and I salute you!! Blessings and Love---

Sherry Byrum said...

Congratulations to you and your son! What an incredible accomplishment! We hear so much bad news in this world, that is wonderful to hear about the young ones who are achieving their goals!

Tammy said...

Congratulations Nathan..
Have a Wonderful Day Renee...

Sonia ;) said...


That was pure love. Congratulations on Nathans graduation. You have raised intelligent and loved children. Enjoy this day....and what an accomplishment for your husband and yourself.


Sonia ;)

Angela Recada said...

Congratulations to all of you, for being such fine examples of the human race, and for exemplifying what incredible things a family can achieve when working together with love and mutual respect.

Congraulations, Mr. Nathan Kahn, on your graduation! Well done!

Congratulation, dear Renee. This post was filled with such love and pride and wonder! You've done an incredible job raising these fine young people. You have every right to beam with pride, today and every day!
Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nathan and all the Khan family. Wishing you an enriching career in education.
Have a great day.
Blessings on all of you. Barb

Daria said...

Congratulations to you and your family for a job well done.

You've all done an amazing job!

Deanna said...

The success of your kids speaks so highly of their parents...nicely done Mum and Dad!!

Björnik said...

Renee, this is the most heartwarming message one can get from his/her parents. And as I went through each line, I saw how my parents struggled and sacrificed their dreams to build my own. In fact, they've made it their dream to "make" me. Now you, on the other hand, makes me want to rush back home. Thank you very much for this, you're truly wonderful!

And congratulations to Mr. Khan. I'm sure he learned a lot from his greatest teacher, of course that's you, which will automatically make him as wonderful.


Great-Granny Grandma said...

Congratulations to Nathan, and to you and Wahid for raising such an awesome family. You have much to be proud about, and I'm sure your children will trasure this beautiful post you have written to them.

Anonymous said...

Oh Renee, I have tears in my eyes. You must be soooo proud of your beautiful children! You have a special family full of love. Congrats to Nathan (Mr. Khan)and enjoy your day as a proud Mama!
Love you. Shirley xo

jacquie said...

congratulations nathan

i also am so proud of you...
it has not been easy but you endured and now you have found your calling.
as a teacher you will help form and guide the kids you will teach.
remember it takes one teacher who is able to make their student's believe in themselves and give the confidence to try their best and become their best person.
i have seen your enthusiasam and excitement for the projects you have planned out for your class.
nathan you will be a powerful role model for generations to come.
let your dreams lead you and always be true to yourself.
i love you and i am so proud to be your auntie....

glorv1 said...

Congratulations to Mr. Khan on his graduation. You have quite a family Renee and did a great job. I hope you are feeling well and I wish you a happy day. Take care.

pRiyA said...

wow! what a beautiful tribute. what a beautiful portrait!

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Wow, so many wonderful accomplishments your kids have made-smart cookies. Do you have a shirt that says "I'm Mr. Khan's mom"? :) Your son must be on top of the world-congrats to him!
And to you. You won the star weaver doll!
If you will please send me your address when the party is over she will be journeying on her way to you.

A Cuban In London said...

And congrats from this side of the pond, Nath, mate! And you know what? It's great also to have a mother who is so proud of you. Fantastic post. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

karengberger said...

What a beautiful letter, a gift to cherish all of their lives.
Congratulations to Nathan!
And to you and YOUR Mr. Khan, Renee, well done! You sound like the kind of parents that children dream of having. Love, thoughtfulness, education, caring, help, letting go, and respect. So many lasting gifts and values that you have given to your children, and through them, to the world. Thank you!

Marie S said...

What a beautiful post and congratulations to you and your whole family.
What a momentous day!!

“What I think about in my secret heart is how the rest of the world will be able to benefit and enjoy all of you.

Don’t get demoralized and don’t think you can’t do what can be done. Don’t underestimate your potential. Take intellectual responsibility for yourselves. Make life interesting and never quit learning. You will all shape your own lives. Don’t wait to be told to start something, start it whenever you like.”
What you have done has given us all hope for the future in your children and the children that they have and touch.
Thank you all for working so hard.
I am not so worried about the world now.

Yoli said...

Girl be proud!!!! Congratulations Nathan, you are an exceptional young man with an amazing Mom!

Manon Doyle said...

Congratulations to Nathan and congratulations to you Renee! You have raised a fine family! You must be so proud!

Sarah said...

Well Mr. Kahn - you have my huge and impressed congrtulations!! May your walk s a teacher be fun and fullfiling and full of amazing moments you will treasure.
Woot woot!! Huge Congratultions!

Renee - what a wonderful post!! How seriously lucky those kids are to have you both!!!! Huge hugs and love, Sarah

deepazartz said...

You seem to be One Big Happy Family!! It sounds great Renee. Very nicely said! I am reminded of my that I am distant from my home country...who always tells me such wonderful stuff. She's a great inspiration! Whatever little I acheived today is only because of her. She's a bundle house of energy, love, compassion and tolerance. I want to be like her to my daughter.

You made me emotional...I love it though:)

Remember you asked me about my writing...I posted a haiku today with an illo I did sometime bac. Do chk it out.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Kudos Mr. Khan!!!
Renee, you are a wonderful Mother...

Linda Sue said...

Oh Renee- You are so awesome- every day! Every situation! You are grace and beauty and courage and all of it! You are LOVE- If you weren't already married would you marry me- I would massage your feet...I would bring you little chewy grubs to eat from the bush- the BEST! Congrats on a job well done, my beauty! LOVE YOU

Shelly said...

Congratulations - Renee and Wahid have achieved every parents dream! I am super proud of Nathan and all that he has accomplished, he will never have to step into a classroom again – oops, I take that back!

I love when your heart takes over your writing - sometimes I don’t think I have ever read anything more beautiful or eloquent as your words about Ang, Nad and Nathan.

studio lolo said...

What an amazing family you all are!! Wow. Just wow.

Congrats to Nathan on his special day, and congrats to you and Wahid for raising such fine children.

Love, love, love.

TheChicGeek said...

You have much to be proud of, Renee :) You did a good job and so have your kids!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Khan:

What a beautiful and exciting title, that has always been your title, but you have now earned that title of responsibility, the credit that comes with days, evening, hours, weeks and minutes of your life energy, TIME REALLY WELL SPENT... We are so proud of you Nathan! To your mom and dad, yes, I have the fortune to know and love you, and they did such as great job with all of you.


Love you to bits.
Aunty Colette

PS: Renee, you know I have the same feeling right now for Nathan as I did that many years ago for you, what an absolute beautiful tribute to your you

Michelle said...

Congratulations Mr Khan! And to his mum and dad, well done!

Wow Renee, must feel a little bittersweet I imagine, the last baby all grown up.....not that they ever grow up in our heart of hearts :)


Noreen said...

Very touching Renee.

Congratulations Mr.Khan!

taylor said...

What a great photo; smart man and a wise owl.. perfect.

Auntie Renee,
Your value of education is always so evident and I love how you hold each of their accomplishments with the high regard it deserves.

Congrats again Nathan,
and thank you for all of your help in my Educational process.


Mickey said...

Way to go Nathan. We are also so very proud of you and know that the children you will teach throughout your teaching years will leave with something you can give them, respect for each other and not to judge each other on what there academic ability is, size, clothes ets.. I have heard you talk about the classroom you were in this last year for your practicum and I can easily hear the pride you have at the end of your day. I truly think this is right where you should be after all I don't know to many practicing teacher who got a thank you card from almost all the kids in the class. I was especially proud of when you stuck up for a young girl that was being teased by other students for a particular reason and how you turned the table to them to see how they would not like it. Always be fair to the kids. If I had children starting school right now I would want them to have Mr. Khan for there teacher. [and besides he is so cute].

With great love and pride. Have I told you lately that I love you Nathan? I DO.....

I will see you tonight at your graduation party and if your Mom looks too happy I know just what to do {ha ha]

Love Auntie Mickey

Anonymous said...

How proud you both are!
It is wonderful news!

yoborobo said...

Please tell Mr. Kahn congratulations from me, down south here in Maryland. And Renee, I can only say that by reading what you have written, you have confirmed what I've already known in my heart about you.

Enjoy this time - and many, many happy returns of the day to all in your lovely family! xox Pam

Anonymous said...

Wow So much to be proud of sweet Renee...but as I learned from you, you must have been and are an exceptioal exraordinarry and phenomenal parent throughout these years till today. I wish to feel the same sense of accomplishment as you do today when my kids are 'out' of school...I know I'll always be proud..and I'm proud of you. You started by giving your children such beautiful could anything go wrong after that? (:

kj said...

renee, like so many of your posts, i am at a loss to say what touches me the most. your children will honor these words the rest of their lives. it's so obvious how much they are loved, how their mother and father will always follow them in the night sky. i've always told my jessica that too: just find the brightest star in the sky and it will be me watching over you...

renee, i've told you this before but i want to say it with great conviction. you are a compelling top notch writer. i would LOVE to write with you. i'm going to start putting this intention out there with laurel. you never know, renee....

i read your words here and i feel pride that i know you.


lakeviewer said...

Congratulations to Nathan; with a family like yours, he'll be a great example for his students. Wonderful send off message, Renee, sweet and poignant, full of pride, hope and support.

Mim said...

Wonderful loving post - your pride shines thru - you have lucky loved children

Anonymous said...

Just a lovely post and you have more than ample reason to be very very proud.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Khan family!!!
How proud all of you must be!
Love Yvette

Sue said...

Congrats to your son Renee! It sounds like a lot of hard work has paid off for him. It also sounds like you have wonderful, successful children. Be proud mom!


BT said...

What a wonderful post Renee. The love and pride you have in your children shines like a beacon. And rightly so. Well done for being such fantastic parents and encouraging them every step of the way. You have done a brilliant job. I'm sure your 3 know that and are grateful. Fabulous. I wish Mr Khan all the luck in the world for his career.

Elizabeth said...

This post is so damn refreshing. Really. It makes me look forward to when my children are grown -- there's more good coming. Thank you Renee and congratulations to your whole family.

Saylivijayan said...

Congratulations to Nathan and to you too renee..
how glad i am that i found ur blog. thanks for the comments on my blog. u r the first one to do so and u have inspired me a lot.
have a gr8 time with ur must be a party time!!
take care..

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations to Mr Khan and you must be feeling so incredibly proud Renee, of your beautiful boy.
What a fabulous family you have and you have raised them into wonderful adults.
Enjoy the celebrations!


Bella Sinclair said...

Congratulations, every one of you. You have every reason to be bursting with pride. Heck, I'M bursting with pride. Renee and Wahid, job well done.

Strawberry Girl said...

Congratulations!! What a terrific achievment. It does my heart good to hear the praise and love that you have for your children. :D

I am very, very grateful for today. CES Stopped by my blog and gave me the Renee award!! I was so touched, and feel so blessed to have your friendship. The award fits the person I think, and I hope that it will spread the same kind of joy to everyone that you do. :D

Ces said...

Congratulations to Nathan. A fine young man with a vision.

It seems tha apples did not fall far from the tree!

What a great son. What great daughters. What a great mother and father!

And then there's Josephine - the living tree keeps giving!

Dawn said...

Well Renee as parents you both have the right to feel so proud. And your kids should feel proud to have you for parents. it is obvious the LOVE and guidance you have given your children, they took up the baton and ran with it and the road they are each travelling on is due to the decisions you made at the starting point.
Congratulations Nathan on your Graduation day if you give the children you teach as much wisdom as your mum has given you they will be truly blessed

What a wonderful family you are all a part of BLESS YOU ALL XXXX

Diana Evans said... is the greatest gift in the world!!!!

Bless you all Renee!!!

I also love the art piece...when I was growing up we found an owl that was hurt on the side of the road...and we had it at home and fed it livers till it was all better....I loved the stuff we did together as a family....


Karin said...

big time congrats to Mr Khan and the whole Khan family. You're right Renee, so many layers to the celebrating through these years for you and your husband to be so very proud and thrilled about!! Bravo to each and every one of you :)
xox K

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Congratulations, Nathan!!

What great news, Renee. And, no, I don't think anyone can be as proud as you are right now.

You are a wonderful mother for showing your children how much you love them!!

Love Nancy

mansuetude said...


i love the advice you give to your children. we can all use it.

Big scoops of hope and giggles to you.

Mandi said...

Congratulations Nathan! That is exciting..

kj said...

okay ms renee: consider this an email or a phonecall or a knock on the door: are you okay moon sister?

please let me know if i need to plant some more fucks in the garden.


Anonymous said...


This was very thoughtful and as Dad said we have you to thank!


yoon see said...

You are a dedicate mother Renee.
I am so proud that you all are so close as a family.
Ll the best to your children current and future understakings, same to you too Renee.
You are a wonderful friend with beautiful thoughts and humble soul.
You write to share and encourage us. Thanks for the touching stories.

Happy Friday, Saturday, Sunday and all days.
Bye! I am sure you have many reasons to come on and celebrate!

Angela Recada said...

Hey, dear Renee, :0)
YOU must bring out the best in me!
Love, YOUR pal,

Vania said...

Oh Renne, such beautiful words to your children you have written here - I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes the further I read this post.

So fortunate you whole family is to have each other - and yes, well done with raising your three children, they all sound like they will be beautiful possitive additions to this society we live in.

Congrats Mr Khan!!!

Wshing you all the very very best, lost of hugz Val xxxooo

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Wonderful family you have Renee! You have so much of which to be proud. Three wonderful children that are intelligent and sensitive and I know from where this intelligence & sensitivity comes. You & your husband have done a wonderful job & reared 3 great children! Bravo!!!

Caroline said...

Lovely post. Family is everything, isn't it? Congratulations to Nathan too!

Chrisy said...

Congrats to you all as a family on this wonderful know that old saying 'it takes a whole village to raise a child' well I truly think 'it takes a whole family to raise a graduate!'...

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Lovely post. Congratulations Mr. Khan. Congratulations Renee!What a lovely family!


Carol Lawecki said...

Congratulations to all of you! I can tell you are a very proud mother to three beautiful children. Your love shines through on your post.


Woman in a Window said...

He graduates into a mister. That says so much of this transition. And your children's success says so much about your mothering. Congratulations to you both!

Jenniwren said...

Congratulations on not only raising 3 wonderful children, but appreciating and putting into words, the love and pride you feel for them.
As a mother myself, I know how the love we have for our children continues to grow as they grow, and no matter what my children decided to do, as long as they were happy, I was happy. With this freedom that was given to them, to choose whatever career path they liked, I am proud to say that they have all done well for themselves.
I have a very creative bubbly daughter who chose business college and a career in recruitment, and two sons with university degrees, one in I.T. and one as a policeman.
I am proud of them all, but after reading your blog, I am not sure I have ever actually told them how proud they have made their Mum.
I think I might have to do it!
Thank you!
Have a happy day.

nollyposh said...

Such beautiful words <3