Saturday, 30 May 2009

Soundless Saturday No. 38

*artwork by Natalie Dee


Sydney said...

Oh so perfect, isn't it R?

I've been gone for a week where there is no internet... I have much to read back on to catch up...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Renee,

So true ... we are all going to die one day.

I hope that you are having a great weekend and feeling well.


pRiyA said...

Well said blue girl!!

Anairam said...

I had to laugh! Very very true. Like we used to tell our mom: Don't make me eat carrots! People who eat carrots all die!!

Delwyn said...

Funny Renee, my daughter in Tokyo just posted a pic of a face mask...
I believe they don't work to stop the virus entering unless they are a special gauze density but they do stop coughs and sneezes escaping.

What else can we worry about... Aus #s have been doubling over the last few days with the release of travellers from a cruise ship!

Keep healthy.

Happy Days

Mim said...

Yup! That's the truth...

Anonymous said...

So true. And, actually, an importantt hing to keep inour awareness.

Anonymous said...

How true! There is that old saying, "no one gets out of this life alive!"
Have a great weekend dear Renee!
Love audrey

lakeviewer said...

Oh how precious!
Regarding your question on my post: each of our three schools has less than 100 students. Each classroom may have as many as twenty students, as few as four. By combining two elementary schools we actually eliminated combination classes, say fourth graders with fifth and sixth graders. Each class will still be under twenty in elementary. The high school is just too complex for simple solutions. WE still have shop classes! Imagine how exciting that is. The biggest class in high school is fifteen students. We have a few classes with three students each. We have to consolidate all under one roof in a couple of years because our population is in continuous decline.

Those are the stats. Imagine how it feels to have a graduating class of 21, as it was at last night's ceremony, and an auditorium full to the ceiling, and scholarships for every one of the students going to college. All but two students are continuing their education. Our poverty level is 68%. The community has a history of providing close to half-a-million of scholarships. Every business and organization is represented, and students are encouraged and assisted to apply to outside sources as well.

In my own experience, I never had classes less than 33; and out of a graduating class of 300, less than a quarter went to college.

This is an unusual community, indeed.

Do give Nathan my warmest congratulations on his graduation, and his pursuit of teaching as a career. I encouraged my children to follow in my footsteps. Two of three heeded my call; love their jobs; are frustrated by all the issues with financing; but, they are committed to helping children.

It's a blessing.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

And, thank goodness!! Life is a beautiful thing, but I certainly don't want to live forever. Not unless I'm guaranteed my (somewhat) youthful appearance, my energy, AND a maid and a cook for eternity:)

But, there are no guarantees, ever. Even if we don't have a "disease" we could walk out the door and (fill in the blank)________.

(Therefore, to waste precious time focusing and worrying about our death is a sin.)

And, we should all do what you are doing, Renee. And, that is to celebrate those we love. What else matters.

That and some mind-blowing sex:)

Love Nancy

*I'm not being preachy with this comment because it's a reminder for me as well! That's what's so great about writing.

Ces said...

Oh what a pessimist Ms. Blue is. Of course we are all going to die but people like her zaps the life out of anyone. What a rag...and Mr. Red, he is too emo. I hope they are not married to each other. Imagine what ornery children they are going to have. I think Ms. Blue does not have sex either. Why make babies if they are just going to die anyway? Right? Please. Have a life and enjoy it! Go for a walk and have a cuppa at the sidewalk cafe or doodle. Talk about something else, like the benefits of eating Brussel Sprouts or "Why Do People Fart?"

Pattee said...

Oh thank you Renee... what really gave me a smile...
Isn't it the truth like Jim Morrison said in a song long ago..."No one gets out here alive..."

Have a beautiful Week-end with your family.

kj said...

i have something to say about this but i have to think about it some more. meanwhile, i'm sending three soft pinkish clouds up to winnipeg and they are going to shower you with silliness today.

love love

Ces said...

Either way, I don't want to be near them. There is too much to life. Unless Mr. red is a scientist caught up in the frenzy of creating a vaccine but most scientists are logical, not emotional. But Ms. Ble she reminds me of someone I work with who always has something negative to say. She actually says things like that. One day we were discussing some microbes and the signs and symptoms of their infectious process and all of a sudden she says something like that! "We're all going to die anyway." Yeah genius, we are but right now we are discussing Helicobacter pylori.

Ces said...

BTW, did something make you gasp lately? Something stopped me dead on my tracks yesterday and actually made my heart skip a beat. Anyway Darlin' I want to spend sometime with you today but I need to go and paint for I promised dear someone I will paint today.

Meghann said...

LOL, yes, I agree completely :)

karengberger said...

Isn't that the truth? And it's kind of liberating, to face it; saves a lot of needless running. Carpe Diem!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Angela Recada said...

Hello, dear Renee!
Yup, everyone who is lucky enough to be born has a 100% guarantee of dying. That's why we have to try to remember to live every day that we're alive to the fullest we are able. I often forget this.

It's not a bad thing to be reminded of this fact. Maybe people would behave with more love and decency toward each other if they took this universal fact of our shared mortality to heart.

I hope you are having a good weekend and are feeling well.

Hugs and lots of love, my friend,
(P.S. You bring out the "sweet" in me, dear Renee. I can be quite ornery, when necessary!)

Hahaha - my word verification is "flabagra" - it sounds like the name of a new weight loss pill for men - "viagra and flabagra - the perfect combination for men who want to recapture the get-up-and-go that got-up-and-went"! Too funny!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

One way or another...
Death & taxes ... the sure things!

Ces said...

Totally get your point and I am back. I tried to prep Scarlet and screwed up my signature. I am very upset but I saved it. I must not to touch her anymore. Hahah. So instead I am drawing.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

We all need to remember this! Sending big hugs up to you!!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Angela Recada said...

Hi there! Me again.

If by this: "But suddenly I am seeing a picture of a lady with short gray hair and the lady is stunning. Is that you?" you meant the stunning gray aquirrel with the artsy red-rimmed glasses and colorful clothes (hahaha!) in my post, yup that's me! Seriously, though, I don't think there are any pictures of the "human" me left on my blog - all photos of me seem to show me with my nose up in the air (to stretch out my double chin!).
XOXOXOXOX (big, loud hugs and kisses!)

deepazartz said...

Very True! Simple yet so deep...

Deborah said...

Stopping by to say hello...just got back from having bleach applied to my hair, so I won't be able to form complete sentences for a week... Sending you blue skies.

Coreopsis said...

So true! I think something along this lines periodically, whenever I start to get worked up about something or another. What matters is what we do WHILE we're here.

Sonia ;) said...


So fucking true........Love it..

xoxoxo Sonia

Lola said...

Ciao my darling doll.

This made me smile, a bittersweet smile nevertheless.

How are you doing my precious warrior? My lovely heroine? My muse?

Ciao Renee my dear, have a relaxing, pampering, gluttonous weekend. Make love and listen to sexy blues tunes. Open the window and let the sunshine in.

Your friend Lola loves you.

rochambeau said...

Yes indeedie. Ain't it the truth? I think about it every day.

Well, I have a sneaky suspension that the best is yet to come, but it will be a MAJOR BIG surprise, WAY BIG, so big that no one alive could even fathom.

Hi Renee,
Thanks for simple but to the point, post, just great.

Baino said...

Reminds me of this incredibly overblown reaction to swine flu! There have been fewer deaths than with normal flu but all of a sudden we're in a flap. They even quarantined a cruise ship off Sydney harbour for a week! GAH! Yeh, it'll get us all in the end! I'm with Ces, life's too short, stop and smell the roses!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, Thank you so much for your warm comments, really beautiful to hear from you. So excited about this painting. Love it the most when it is something new and I don't know the finish. Love the mother-to-be, I just want to pick her up and give her a cuddle.
Your cartoon picture is well said.
We all go to another realm. To learn, to share, to stay and wait?
Did I tell you about a vision I had once when I was sat in bed, talking to Mark, feeling down( I shouldn't of been) I said to Mark.
Sometimes I don't know why I a here.
We all think this way at times.
I had a vision showing me what or where I was before I came here.
I was part of the universe sleeping.
I felt no pain, no upset and knew all but no worries either, just there sleeping being apart of.
God came to me and I opened my eyes(I just felt my eyes and didn't see God, just knew he was there)
God didn't even need to say what, I knew at an instant. It was to look after my children. I came to earth as fast as I knew why and that was the end of the vision.
I always know my reason now, a mum!
Painting this painting as helped me remember this. Really amazing how you have placed this cartoon to say about death.
Think about all the mums on earth, who was given this special Job by God including you. So special!
Your so special Renee, your a true star! Maybe this is what you may of been before you came here! You are a star on earth!

I don't know if I will be back in the same place when I go from here?
I have a first promise to my little one's.
The journey goes on............

Luv and hugs Renee!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, so lovely to know your on-line! It is 12 midnight here and will be going to bed shortly.
Sending a goodnight kiss and bless You!

luv and hugs!

Jeanne said...

I keep hearing how we're overdue for a major epidemic and wonder who decided what the timeline was for the next bout, and why they consider it not subject to change.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, I sound a bit wierd at times, I know, My hubby says we are a family of witches, laughing like, in a kind way. We all experience little things. I think other famalies do too. Like the day before yesterday, I shut the outside door (the outhouse is joined to the house)
Soon as I shut it, I heard three load straight knocks on the door.
I just thought OK! No-one was there. Until my mum phoned later and was concerned about a family member on my sisters side. I told her I had a strang thing happened today. When I told her she said the same thing happened while she was growing up at nana solly's house. Three knocks apparently means, either trouble is coming or I am going to get a surprize visit. So we will wait and see.
I didn't sleep last night until 5.30 am. Maybe why I am up still,lol!
Know how can you sleep soundly telling you this? Just think I am a mad women and laugh. This will be the best way,lol!

love and hugs!

nollyposh said...

Reminds me of a comment a friend once made when i told her that another friend of mine (that she had just met) was dying (She has a very, very rare lung disease)... Instead of being shocked by my words (Because my friend actually looks amazingly fabulous) she paused and looked at me in the eyes and said "But Vicki, technically, we are all dying!" X:-/

Debbie said...

So many of us don't want to admit that!

Angela Recada said...

You're absolutely right Renee. That is a picture of me! I didn't know that was even there anymore. Thanks so very much for your sweet words and the compliment.

You are so, so special!

Love you,

Sue said...

Live Life. Love.

Hugs, my friend.

(P.S., our man Julian came in 3rd in the finals - whoooo hooooo!)

Woman in a Window said...

Ahhh, more perspective. But crap, I thought I was good for now. (Be careful what you think, foolish girl, and by girl, I mean me...the fool part, too.)

Bella Sinclair said...

WHAT?! WHAT?! Holy CRAP, we're all dying?! CRAP!

Love this one, Renee. And I would let out such a squeal if I came home to find you cuddled on the corner of the couch! The key's under the mat, honey. :)

glorv1 said...

We are born to die. Simple as that. Inbetween though, we must remember to pay our taxes. :D
Have a great Sunday Renee.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hey, hot mama. No, I think the teachers get the book on June 10. I'll let you know the reaction. wooo boy. Have a good sleep and sweet dreams, love.


Ces said...

You done for the day? We havent' partied yet!

Ces said...

Goodnight then Sweetheart! God bless you!

Sayli said...

so very true!
live every moment of the day as if there is no tommorow ....make each day special and memorable.... i believe in this completely.
have a lovely weekend!

Ribbon said...

Cute & Clever

x best wishes

Strawberry Girl said...

Snicker, yes we are. Kinda reminds me of people freaking out over "Swine Flu" which has killed less people in the time that it's been out as the flu usually does.

studio lolo said...

true. But it's the living in-between that really matters ;)

How did I miss this yesterday?
We had a very productive day of packing and tossing. It felt great!

Yes, I wrote the words about my ancestors. I love that collage and I'm glad she fit for the theme.

Along with KJ's pink clouds, I'll send a rainbow over your house.

love you!

kj said...

good morning renee. is the sun shining for you today? or is the rain warming your already warm heart?


Karin said...

I love it Renee! Thanks for giving me a giggle of truth :) sending love xox K

Noreen said...

thank you

kendalee said...

Indeed! xo

Ces said...

I just want to say something about the Swine Flu. The reason why it is such a concern is because the human body has not encountered this strain of virus before. Therefore if one is exposed to it, one will definitely be infected. The deaths from swine flu are most likely to occur among those who are already immunocompromized. However, since one who is exposed will likely have flu symptoms, imagine if one health care giver is infected with the virus and decides that she/he is not sick enough to call in sick and then spreads the disease to those she/he touches. That is why there is such a major concern.

kj said...

two years old. our grandchildren will grow up together, moon sister. i like that. as for the rain, you are unique and intriguing whether you're hot or cold. but i have a feeling the day will unfold nicely for you. i hope so. as for me, i'll be pulling slot machines at the mohegan sun casino. :)

Jen said...

I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded your blog the 'One Lovely Blog' award!

Stop by my blog to pick up your award!!

Manon Doyle said...

Yup! When you think about it we're really all in the same boat!

Marie S said...

You mean I am worrying for nothing, the other shoe is going to drop???
Have a magical week,
I will miss you!! Be well Mother Superior!!
Love and huge hugs,
as soon as I can I will check the blogs.

Ces said...

Proud Grandmother! How's your favorite gemini's birthday party today?! Did she have a blast? Did she look at herself in the mirror and was extremely pleased? Haha! Happy Birthday to my favorite little twin Josephine!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

So very true! That fits with my motto on exercise - although it may extend your life - think of all that time you wasted :)

We have a long weekend here this weekend - more time to relax and smell the roses. Have a great week, Lisa

Marie S said...

But I will miss you!!!

Marie S said...

Oh and I almost forgot! Happy Birthday Josephine!!!

Stepping off the edge said...

well said. and how perfectly true. if only we could get more people to realize this and not take everything so damned seriously!
Bright Blessings to you!
:o) Tracey

Marie S said...

I already posted her a happy b-day because I will be gone!!
I feel so organized. LOL!!! Not!!!

Marie S said...

Goodnight Renee and god bless you too.
I was re-reading the posts from yesterday because I have missed so much getting ready for this.

I had a really uncomfortable (afternoon in to the evening,the 30th)day yesterday also. I thought it was because of something that had happened early in the day but maybe it was something in air.
I felt like everything I have done to handle and just observe those situations that are uncomfortable was worthless and I went to bed. I was really weepy, more like waterfally.
I love you,

A Cuban In London said...

That was just so serious and yet humorous at the same time. Noboy is talking about swine fu in GB anymore. It goes to show, doesn't it?

Greetings from London.

yoon see said...

Soundless but still an opinion.
Be positive is the word:)