Thursday, 21 January 2010


Do you touch wood for reassurance, just to be on the safe side? I did for a long time. I would say knock on wood or touch wood and then proceed to do it. At one point Robbie’s wife Eva even made me a wooden ring. It broke from wear. I don’t know how that has fallen to the wayside, maybe I realized wood wasn’t going to save me.

Do you make sure not to place your newly bought shoes on a table? Absolutely, new shoes, old shoes, baby shoes, slippers, anything worn on your feet. That is the one superstition I was raised on ‘Never put shoes on the table it is bad luck.’ If I even see shoes on a table that someone else has put on there I will take them off.

Do you cover mirrors in a thunderstorm? Now this one I don’t do and actually have never heard of it.

Do you let the other person come down the stairs first before you go up, so that you don’t cross on the stairs? No, and I never knew this was a superstition either. Funny how this one seems weird and yet shoes on a table are almost criminal.

Do you open the front and back doors on December 31st to let the New Year in and the old one out? No but I somehow remember my Mom talking about this. Also that it was good luck to bring a lump of coal to someone’s home on New Year’s Eve so they would be warm. We also heard that it was lucky to have someone with black hair or dark skin come to your house (I guess they were to symbolize coal and that you would stay warm.)

Do you say if this happens than that will happen? Yes, before Christmas when feeling like a total bag of shit I was rolling around in bed. I kept moving the covers and said if I happen to break the angel that Jacquie gave me on my side table then I will be dead in six months. I flip the blanket and move my walrus body and sure enough I hear the angel fall. I decide not to look and just assume it broke and that I will be dead soon. Get up in the morning and the angel has lost her head and half of a wing. Josephine is over and sees the angel and tells me ‘Grandma don’t worry, Grandpa will fix it.’ So she brought it to Grandpa who fixed it as good as new. If only I could be fixed as easily.


secret agent woman said...

You are a remarkable woman, Renee, but you don't have the power to make those "If this happens, then that will happen" predictions. It was just something that fell. That's all. And you are right, a spot of glue isn't enough, but I also know you'll just keep fighting. And maybe a once-broken-but-now repaired angel is an even better omen?

I'm not a superstitious person, but I look for good omens and do some superstitious things for the fun of it - pick up pennies and four-leafed clovers, knock on wood, eat greens and black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for prosperity, wish on shooting stars. I've never heard of no shoes on the table or no crossing on the stairs, though, but since they fall in the negative superstition category I'll probably keep ignoring those rules!

clairedulalune said...

Hello Renee, I have a real thing about shoes on the table. Any type of shoe, it was drilled in to me from my grandmother. I didnt think it effected me that bad until one day in work, all the children took their shes off and somebody lined them all nice and neatly up, where, on the table! I walked into the room saw 25 sets of wee children shoes and flew at that them, throwing them everywhere, screaming "are you mad?" The look on the staff faces said, "nope, but you are!" It seemsthey had not heard of our wee superstition Renee! ((hugs!!))

Cat said...

I do the 'shoes' thing too. Here's a weird one too, 'never rock an empty rocking chair' it's bad luck. The 'good luck' one I really like is 'find a penny pick it up all day long you'll have good luck' oh and you have to put it in your shoe while you're wearing it. Think that was one of my Grandmother's...not sure, but it's been around my family forever. Not sure if it works though..but do any of them? All just to make us feel like we're doing something, I guess.

I love visiting your blog. I'm glad that I met you, even if it is in blogland, you're a strong woman. An inspiration to many women, whether you know it or not. I keep you in my thoughts, prayers and wishes for good luck. I know... if it were just that easy. Since it's not, maybe just knowing that people care gives some comfort and are thankful for sharing this journey with you in some tiny fashion.

Big engulfing hugs to you~

nollyposh said...

Dearest Renee <3 What does one say about that sighhh, i have always felt superstition is simply self fulfilling prophecy but in saying so i guess that i am also saying that i believe there is a strength within us that most of us don't deep down believe that we have... i have also popped over just to let you know that my last post (that you commented on) was a repeat post from 2008 (before i had my mastectomy)& so i come to ~Thankyou~ dear bloggy friend for caring so much, you have such a wonderfully big & beautiful heart... If i were to be given just one magical wish it would be to rise you above your woes to show you what a beautiful & wise spirit you are so that we could all see that these trials have been the making of you in ways that we will only ~one day~ understand (Ps) i luv you more, Vicki <3

Silke said...

I've always been very selective about my superstitions. Since my birthday is on the 13th, and sometimes on Friday, the 13th, I decided early on I'd only believe the good-luck superstitions! ;) My favorite is the belief in Germany that seeing a chimney sweep brings good luck. Still now, when I'm on vacation there I look around for them and love it when I see one on his bicycle. I believe in lucky marzipan pigs for new years and lucky four-leafed clover. I also love seeing signs that there's more to life than what we see, which started the day of my mother's funeral when I had the most amazing experience with butterflies that still has me smiling every time I see one even now, 23 years later! Sending you much love and all the good luck I've collected over the years! Silke

P.S. I also think that turning into brussels sprouts is a good sign...;-)
P.P.S. I do knock on wood occasionally...

Karin Bartimole said...

Oh Renee, my heart breaks for the pain you are in...

I haven't heard of most of these superstitions (including your shoe one, which just makes good sense, if the shoes have been worn!), and don't have any of my own, that I can think of. I understand the deal making sort though -if this, then that and have played that game with myself in the past.
If you receive this, then you know how much i love you,

yoborobo said...

Amazingly, I grew up without any family superstitions that I can recall. I do knock on wood, but I'm pretty half-hearted about it, plastic that looks like wood is fine. We did play the "step on a crack, break your mother's back" game when walking to school, but I always thought those words were so horrible! I wish upon a star, does that count? By the way, I have it on very good authority that wishing on a star cancels out broken beside angels. I will wish on a dozen or so tonight, just to make double sure. love you - xoxox Pam

Arija said...

Superstition is just that, don't buy into it.

yoborobo said...

PS The shoes on the table make perfect sense to me from a hygiene point of view. You walk in all sorts of awful things, then plunk your shoes where you might eat? Yeah, I'm all for the 'no shoes on the table' thing. :)

Mundo Mundaca said...

Superstitions.. " I don't believe in witches.. but that exist exist".. to beat in the wood.. not for shoes in the table.. not to pass for of bass of stairways etc.. to believe doesn't believe.. but I avoid to do those things for precaution.... hahahaha!
Big Hugz,

Arija said...

Are you kidding, it was 41C today and I speny the day between my bed and the couch...boring.

miruspeg said...

Renee the only superstitious thing I do is say 'touch wood'. I have no idea when I started saying this, probably from a very young age, so I feel it is just habit.
Very interesting post as always.
Peggy xxx

Arija said...

We had it on at 29C, if the difference between inside and out is too great the risk of brochitis is too great.
In the heat the water pills don't work so I'm bloated including brain. Bugga.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I've never heard of most of those! The shoes on the table...well that's just gross anyway, who knows what they've stepped in :)
I'm sorry the angel broke, but don't worry. I think you'll be around for quite awhile yet, I just know it!
I try to believe in the power of positive thinking but honestly, I told myself I'd die when I turned 44. Since my mother did and HER mother did, I assumed I was destined to follow their lead.
God had different plans for me I guess......or else I'm just a muck up that doesn't deserve to go home yet ♥ :)
Hang in there and know how much you are loved and adored!!!
Love, Darla

Sarah said...

Oh oh oh Renee..hugs...I do understand this...I do. It is amazing what fear does to the process!! Ackkkkk!
I have never been superstitious...really not at all. My parents never did anything about shoes or ladders or anything like that. Broken mirrors were mentioned..but honestly I never paid much attention to it all. I guess a broken mirror is just a broken mirror to me. The shoe thing is funny...never heard that one. Although as a never ever set your hat opening down or hang a horseshoe pointing down...LOL ...there ya go.. I do have a few..ROFLMAO.
Now that I think abut it...I am not really very healy feely with the crystals..but understand that the electrical energy in different types of magnetite has a magnetic property. That said...I purchased a green jade single crystal to wear..because I like the color. What happened...I am more creative when it is on...the flow is better. I bought a pink mental fog. I didn't notice it at first...but I took the pink one off Rose quartz and the green back on and ...instant clarity. So was that in my head..or is it science..does the one stone effect me in a good way or does my mind just say so! Renee I have been wearing this for a year having watched my creative process..what do you think?? Superstition...or science here??
Facinating post...always get my mind going hon!
Just a last thought in my rambling comment here! have so many angels out here and there wrapping their lovely swan wings around china one will make no difference at all..just think of the little angel that fixed it!! Love you hon, Sarah

LDWatkins said...

Very few if any. Never heard of the shoe one, but purses are just as nasty. Think where you set your purses. Yuck! Wish it were that simple! I still believe in miracles. You are one of God's miracles and will continue to be. Love and hugs, Lynda

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm with you, Renee -- knock on wood, no shoes on table, don't spill salt, no open umbrellas indoors, no crossed knives . . . etc. But I don't believe in "if this, then that." Who knows why one superstition "makes sense" and another doesn't?

karen gerstenberger said...

Dear Renee, How interesting - I have not heard of many of these beliefs (or superstitions). Touch wood was always "knock on wood" here.
The "no shoes on the table" one makes me laugh - it was probably invented by a tired & irritated mother, who said something like, "If I see any more shoes on that table, SOMEONE's going to have a very bad day!" (That reminds me of something that my former brother-in-law did with his socks on my kitchen counter, but I won't go into that - ancient history).
I join you in your wish that your health could be fixed so easily as your little angel statue could. I pray and hope for all good - and only good - for you and your family, dear Renee. Sending much love to you. XOXO

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Shoes on the table? Yuck. I'm not superstitious, but that would totally gross me out.

How are you feeling, sweet friend? Have the bats calmed down with the poison you've been giving them?

I'm with secret agent woman. If I were superstitious, I would believe that a once broken but now repaired angel is a very good omen.

Anonymous said...

I'm not overly superstitious but I know the Scottish tradition is to have a dark haired person first through the door in a new year to bring good luck. And yes, no shoes on the table. Lots of prayers coming your way. love, Barb

Dave King said...

Seems to me that superstition is one of those things that you can believe and not believe in at the same time. Thought-provoking.

Michelle said...



You haven't actually said how you really are....or have you?

Love you


cinner said...

I pick up pennies and make a wish, or sometimes I cross my fingers for good luck. don't know where that one came from. Friday the 13, don't like it, and black cats at Halloween...I will be making wishes for you when I find pennies, I do seem to find alot.I also agree to just think about the angel that fixed your angel. Sending much love your way.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee!!!

I always knock on wood...and never ever put shoes on the table...I never did hear about the mirrors...and the doors open on New Years....can you imagine being at a house party and everyone is getting their champaigne ready and you're like...hold on....(open front back door) plus in Canada it would be way too cold to do this on New Years Eve...

It is amazing how we can think about stuff...our minds can tell us not to be superstitious and my brother always says...don't think like is against our beliefs...but I always do stuff just in case....pretty silly isn't it....

and I am sorry you broke that angel....but I know it will be fixed like Josephine said....

I wish I could take everything your suffering through away ...I really wish I could.....


Together We Save said...

Shoes on the table?? Never heard of this one, sometimes there are shoes on the coffee table... so I bet that is why I don't have the bast of luck.

Deborah said...

Being Catholic, there is no need for superstitions...we have enough of our own wacky traditions, don't you think? Relics of saints...that's a good one! I actually have a rosary with a teeny tiny piece of cloth from The Little Flower! But I do believe in the power of prayer, the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, and the truth in the statement that nothing can come between us and God's love for us. The purpose in suffering I do not understand. I love you, Renee. What a blessing you are to this world. **blows kisses** Deb

Marion said...

The angel was mended with the greatest of love, Renee. That really counts! A little imperfection makes for great character...your angel will be all the more powerful now in giving comfort.

I remember the shoes on the table mother told us all manner of dire things would happen if we attempted that. I don't think any of us, even now, would place shoes on tables!

Vicki Holdwick said...

I am not at all superstitious, but I do think a broken angel when repaired would have to be a good thing.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.


angelique said...

hardly a walrus.

Javajune said...

I don't really have any superstitions and some of the ones you mentioned I have never heard of. Beliefs you are taught as a child are hard to break free of. I find them facinating.
The cat image is gorgeous. A few years ago I saw a little girl with one eye honey brown and the other a bright violet, it was shocking and I must have stared because her mother explained she was born like that. Her eyes were beautiful but very strange.
Happy Thursday.

studio lolo said...

I have one sister that becomes unglued if you put shoes on the table. Even new ones still in the box.
I love hearing about new superstitions. I love the opening of both doors on New Years. That makes sense.
What about if you have itchy palms in means you're coming into money?
I think it just means you have to wash your hands!

Do you open an umbrella in the house? That's bad luck but I forget why.
Do you throw salt over your shoulder after spilling it?

And never, ever put the new calandar up until Jan 1st!

I'm glad the angel will be (or has been) repaired. Jacquie wouldn't give you an angel that would betray you should she fall and break. Perhaps she broke to make you both stronger ;)

I love you.

Catherine said...

I love this post. I started giggling when you talked about shoes on a table. Since we have a black lab who loves chewing shoes, I often put my shoes on the table and have some there now. I never knew that was a superstition.

I love you dearest, Catherine

Catherine said...

ps. I always use antibacterial cleaner on the table before I eat on it or use it for anything else... ;)

Lori ann said...

i'm sorry your angel broke and i too wish you could be fixed that easily. i'll keep wishing and praying though, i'm not really superstitious, just eternally optomistic, anything can happen.

i didn't draw the ducks, but i'm thinking maybe i'll start drawing again, seeing as how everywhere i turn in blogland i am inspired to the utmost. (except now the puppy is taking every spare minute! :)

Annie said...

I never heard the one about shoes, I do it all the time, could be the problem :-). I never heard of most of these and it fosmeone brought me a lump of coal I would hate it :-).
I wish I could fix you like new, I know we all wish that, but we can pray and hope and never give up hope.
Love you. xoxo ♥

Lilacrobin said...

Good Morning dear Renee. Your blog (as usual) was full of thought-provoking ideas.... coming from an Irish/Croatian background - I grew up hearing many superstitions. (Too numerous to add here..) Isn't it funny though how our minds can "make" us believe superstitions?

I agree with Secret Agent Woman though...a once-broken-but-now repaired Angel IS a good and true omen....

Sending you more hugs and love and strength,


Renee said...

Robin okay, I need you to have a blog already.

And can't you tell my mother is from Scotland and with her came all the superstitions.

Love Renee


Björnik said...

Dear Renee.*hugs* You may be feeling pain right now but you're not shattered. You're a strong woman, with or without superstitions.:)

When it's raining hard and the thunders are deafening, I would rush to cover all mirrors with towels. When I think about it, the reason behind this may lie on the brightness of the reflected lightning that may cause glare or temporary blindness.:)

Yoli said...

We just don't know Renee. That is the mystery of life and no amount of superstition can change or alter a course. It is the tragedy and beauty of being human. I for one place my cards on attitude and hope. I am not superstitiou, I have broken way to many mirrors, walked under too many stairs and loved too many black cats to know.

Marion said...

Renee, I've heard a lot of superstitions (being from Louisiana and all) but never the one about the shoes for some reason. I toss salt over my shoulder if I spill it, knock on wood, glue myself to the weather report during hurricanes and tornadoes (both of my sisters have had their homes destroyed by tornadoes...and I'm the only sister left so I lay low...just in case), eat black-eyed peas and cabbage every New Year's Day for luck and wealth and never walk under ladders. I always pick up pennies: "Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you'll have good luck."

I think we all fall for these harmless little things. Mine were passed down from my mother and probably from hers. My great, great, great grandfather on my Mama's side was a full-blooded Hopi Indian Chief. At least, that's what Aunt Mace always told us (which may be pure bullshit). All of Mama's brothers and sisters were short, dark skinned and then came Mama, six feet tall with auburn hair and green eyes. Aunt Mace said she was the milkman's daughter.

I say poo-poo about the broken angel. Every damned thing in my house has been broken, then super-glued back together (me included). Leonard Cohen said, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

You, my precious friend, will live every single day of life that you are meant to live, as will we all. And (as Mama says, God love her) when your number's up, your number's up. I love you and want you to live forever. (Well, you WILL live forever through your children and grandchildren...)

And you can fucking write this down and take it to the damned bank and cash it: when you do leave this world for the next, a part of me will die with you and go with you. Wherever you go, I'm going, too, so you won't have to go alone. I love you and will never leave you. Your forever friend, Marion, who's leaking on the keyboard once again. (Ray walked by and said, "Renee?") xoxoxoxoxoxo

Pattee said...

It's called "magical thinking" when you think if I think or I do this ~ this will happen (like your angel) I was (still have the tendency) always a "magical thinker" I grew up with it and still struggle with it.

Just because your angel broke means, your angel broke....

I do knock on wood when I say "knock on wood" : )

Also I'd rather avoid a black cat or walk under ladders...

One thing we used to do was when we went under a bridge we would all hold out hands up to the top of the car to make sure the bridge wouldn't collapse.... LOL!
So far that has worked!

I love you so much Renee....

Inner Toddler said...

you know renee, now that you mention it, I used to do the whole, if this happens then this will happen thing all the time, when I was a KID. Grow up renee! I'm coming over to knock your head off and your wing myself.

My mom still remind us not to walk over a child on the ground or they will stop growing. whatever. send me your address. I have something for you to ward off evil spirits. And headless angels.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I've known people who cover mirrors when someone has died. I always found this strange, but now I sort of see this as more of a ritual than a superstition. Maybe they didn't want to see their own grieving faces. I don't know.

God bless you and your honest posts.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh gracious me. I didn't know any of these. Do the spirits give us a pass for ignorance??? I think that I'm not superstitious, but I do have one little niggle that I cannot seem to shake. I love calendars and always look forward to seeing the next picture when I turn the page at the start of a new month. However, I simply cannot bring myself to turn that page before midnight on the first day. It's a homemade superstition, I know, and I don't know what I think would happen if I broke my own rule. Sigh.

Shelly said...

I think superstitions can be kinda fun and kinda scary – Although I wouldn't dream of walking under a ladder or putting a pair of shoes on the table for the most part I am not a superstitious person and think Swami Vivekananda says it best;
"...Mystery mongering and superstition are always signs of weakness. These are always signs of degradation and of death. Therefore beware of them; be strong, and stand on your own feet."
Don't forget, some superstitions can only be undone by tiny little girls who know that when going out for a special lunch you must wear a dress and a necklace, oh and that Grandpas can fix anything.

Björnik said...

You've got mail sweetheart.:)

deb said...

Nothing here.
But I feel or see things sometimes in that uncanny sixth sense way.
Not wacky just strong intuition maybe. And sometimes if I visualize something, it seems to happen.
I told my kids I'm psychic. They said I'm psycho.
But it is weird sometimes. Or beautiful.

I think of you everyday now. Maybe that's weird.
But it's also beautiful. As are you.

sinnlighet said...

Dear dear friend, we all have our ticks ... in one or another way....

By the way, the cat is soooo amazing!

Lots lots of love

Agneta, the swe... one o;)

lakeviewer said...

You never fail to entertain too.
Mother was most superstitious. I've tried to show that in my memoir pieces.

Visit my blog for a special award for you today.

soulbrush said...

mmm i remember shoes on the table and touching wood from my mom, but not the others.i am not superstitious, yet i am in some ways. odd isn't it? how you doing 'super' girl?

Anonymous said...

Well, helllloooooooo, my dear! Having a tough time of it, are we. We need to fix that, don't we?

Repeat after me:
"I am kickass!"

(Well, go ahead...SAY IT!)


Now say this:
"Cancer, I'm gonna bitch-slap you around until Hell won't have you anymore!"

(This is the part where you're supposed to giggle. Feel a little better?)

Okay, how 'bout a hug?


Chat soon!

Gloria said...

Hi Renee. My step-mom always used to tell me to step on a spoon, fork, or knife. Why? She told me that if a spoon drops, a woman will visit. If a fork drops, a man will visit, and if a knife drops, it's someone you really don't want to see. hehehe. So every time I would drop any of these, I'd quickly step on it.I guess she didn't want company. lol. Guess what? I still do that. lololol
Take care Rene.

Renee said...

Shelly I burst out laughing at the Swami. har har

Oh and little girls and necklaces are to die for.


Laura Hegfield said...

Renee, this is so heart-breakingly beautiful (the "grandpa will fix it" and he did part)...I wish it was as simple to fix broken bodies too. I try to remember when I'm feeling down about being sick that I am far more than my body...this body is only a vessel for my soul. I'm not trying to be polyanna, and you are much, much sicker than me...just sharing what grounds me ...hoping my words will help you to breathe a bit easier too.

May you find ease and healing rest as you sleep tonight sweet angel woman.

ps love the kitty.

Heidi Alamanda said...

I do knock on the wood:) I don't do other things you mentioned, though. But I'm a bit superstitious. For example, I always change and wash my clothing right away after the funeral. My mom told me once that it would bring bad luck if I didn't wash it instantly:)

Manon Doyle said...

I do knock on wood.... all the time! I've never heard of the shoe deal or the covering of glass during a storm. I do throw salt over my shoulder and I don't open umbrellas up inside!!

love you Renee,

one little acorn said...

I don't believe in superstitions, however I still follow some of them regardless... I don't put shoes on the table, would always wish on a falling star, and I also flick salt over my shoulder if ever it is spilt!
As for your angel Renee, I do this 'bargaining' with the universe too. Sometimes things happen, sometimes they don't. Let's hope this time it merely means the angel stands as strong as ever, despite it's scars. I am crossing everything for you (fingers and toes). xxx

Sue said...

hmmmm, superstitions - it is amazing how many are out there, just waiting to "get us" LOL.

I don't think of myself as overly superstitious, but more open to 'signs'. That said, I do avoid walking under ladders, breaking mirrors (if I can help it), I say
"Bless you" if someone sneezes and I also say "knock on wood" while rapping my knuckles.

Just as your angel was put back together Renee, I pray that God, the goddess, all the powers of the universe, make you whole again.


A Cuban In London said...

What a post. It never ceases to amaze me your ability to create humorous pieces with a sad undertone. Or is it the other way around? Whichever way it is, I never tire of reading you. There I was, preparing my comment in my head: yes to the wood-touching, never heard of the new-shoes-on-the-table malarkey, yes to the crossing on the stairs... and then suddenly your final sentence left me speechless. Many thanks, that's all I can say, many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Ingrid Mida said...

Dearest Renee,
I'm not superstitious but I respect people that are! My mother was and is. But I do believe in synchronicity.
I'm just sending you my love. You are often in my thoughts, especially today when I met another sweet person from Winnipeg! It must be all that cold weather and the Jeannie cakes that make you all so adorable.

Poetic Artist said...

Sometimes I know It is easier for me to say because I am not in your shoes..LOL on the table so to speak...We have to break sometimes to make us whole. Does that make sense? You are in my thoughts.

Pierro said...

Mom and I just found you on Teri the cornish rex lady's bloggie so we came to visit.
I am so sorry you have IBC.
I am going to pray for you every day. I KNOW prayers beat superstitions every time.
You are loved very much.
Be very good to yourself.
Mom read something years ago about superstitions having some relationship with self maltreatment or punishment. Humans tend to do this.
I am a kitty. I live for the day and enjoy and drink in every minute.
None of us, kitties or humans, really know when our last mortal minute will be.


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hello Dear Renee~
Funny how if you have never heard of those superstitions, they just don't bother you, and just seem silly. But if you have been told over and over something is true it has power over you. Until you decide it does not.

So did you always wish to be a great teacher during your life?
I suspect you yearned to make a difference, and that what you are doing now.

Hugs, Donna

secret agent woman said...

Your comment completely made my day. xox

Mim said...

Salt - over the shoulder.

Spit if you say certain things - it shouldn't happen!

Ladders - yikes

open an umbrella in the house...nope.

eat black eyed peas on new years

knock on wood,knock on fake wood, knock on anything handy.

Stairs - yup.

The list is endless. What I do not believe in or fear is the "if I do this, then that". For some lucky reason, this obsession has not taken hold. thank goodness.

becky at abbeystyle said...

Love your blog, too. I'm so sorry for your suffering but am glad you find ways to keep your sunny side up. Thanks for stopping by...come by again. I'll revisit your blog to see how things are going...

Barbara said...

I'm not very superstitious, but will occasionally knock wood. But the shoes on the table totally makes sense in a cleanliness kind of way. Maybe that's where a lot of superstitions originated, out of results. (shoes on table, desease in food..?) Anyway, thought provoking post. I'm hoping you're doing okay, Renee, and feeling a little better. Hugs to you, my dear!

Leticia said...

Hi Renee, thanks for coming by and for the nice words that you left. I've just started reading through some of your posts - I want to send you a big hug and let you know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

tattytiara said...

I'm okay with shoes, but I know better than to put a brand new shoe box on the table. If you do, a cat will move in to it and you will have a shoe box on your table for the rest of that cat's natural life. True fact.

suzanne said...

Most superstitions I think are just plain funny. I have to admit though that at desperate times I have thought "if this happens then such and such will be the end result " very similiar to your angel breaking fear. Fear can drive us into crazy thinking. You are a very strong woman. Don't let fear take one pecious second of your life Renee. You nor any of us have time for that.Love You! Suzanne

Beth said...

I'd like to think I'm not superstitious - but I rely on my Magic 8 Ball too much to be able to make that claim.

Keep your superstitions that work for you. Get rid of the ones that don't. And in time, you'll be fixed. Without superstition, I believe that.

By the way, I came here from Lakeviewer's blog. Nice to find you!

suzanne said...

I just remembered another superstition that I was TOTALLY fearful of. Those damn chain letters that use to go around. When I was much younger, I would occasionally receive one in the mail. They would always end with some kind of horrifing warning that these letters must be continued to be sent out. I really thought that if I did not sit down and copy this letter and send it to other poor souls I would either be in a fatal accident or a family member would be injured.One day I finally realized that someone that actually loved or even cared about me would never send this type of garbage out.

Pattee said...

Hi Renee go to my blog the traveling gypsy caravan has begun!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! As a follow up to my previous message. The frame that I have been searching for high and low (and finally designed myself) arrived today.

You'll be happy to know Tessa's wonderful piece of artwork that you and Nadalene picked for me is now framed and hanging in a beautiful space.

(By the way, I'm not superstitious, but I knew that no good would come of me unless I put that artwork in a special frame and set in the right spot).

Please share my news with Tessa!


kj said...


i've read this post early this morning and have been thinking about it all day.

i don't walk under ladders. and i don't court bad karma: i try to do unto others hoping that will protect me well enough.

but the HAHAHAHA is because i think i do the OPPOSITE of superstitions. i'm probably on the magical thinking side: i tend to believe in abundance. i believe the power of so many people who love and care for you is shielding you.

i believe things happen as they should. i believe that love works miracles. i believe that--that counts as a supersition, doesn't it?

and i believe that your broken angel in the hands of a good man will be healed and cured and fixed and rehabilitated. that angel is blessing you and jacquie, renee. THAT's what i believe.

oh and i believe loving you is a way of loving myself. i thank you for that.


Elizabeth said...

What a lovely little snippet of a post. I am deeply superstitious but mindful of it, so I can check it sometimes and try to act normal. I blame it on the southern Italian peasant ancestry!

Pattee said...

Yes we are on our way Renee~ finally!
You, Sonia and KJ and I are all on this fantastic journey...

Fantasy? I'm not sure that we can't all put our minds here...

I love you~
your personal chef~

Angie Muresan said...

No, I do not believe in any of those superstitions. I believe we all have intuition about certain things, but not that things will happen if so and so. My grandmother was born in Transylvania on a Friday, the 13th day of October. She was the sweetest, most gentle woman, raising her children and her grandchildren, and bestowing hope and good cheer to all. I don't know what that all has to do with superstition, I just feel I had to say it.
Love you! Please don't dwell on that broken angel. Please?

Dede said...

Renee I am so sorry that you are feeling so shitty. I wish I could carry your pain for you, I really do. Please do not refer to my friend who I love very much as a walrus. She is beautiful and she is my hero! I love you Renee...


kj said...

btw, i love you more than shoes and chocolate

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, darling. I've been sidetracked today, but I couldn't sleep without stopping by to see you. Hope you get answers to your bat problem soon.

Love you.

kj said...

moon sister, what has it come to? i'm leaving multiple multiple comments on your blog. :)

i just wrote a love letter to you and lori on my blog. i couldn't help it. come back when you can so i can tell you i love you face to face.

Ruth said...

Oh Renee. Dear woman. I just love you.

No, I don't think about any of those superstitions, and I never heard of any of them!

Sydney said...

GIrl, now PLEASE stop saying little (BIG) things like that to the Universe!!!

You have your true, blessed and beautiful purpose here on earth and a bit of a toss and turn of your blankets can not affect it!!!!

Long, love-filled, healthy life to you. If only the love you have coming at you here and at home could take away all the pain.

jingle said...

very unique way of thinking and living, loved the cute kitten,
fresh my mind a big deal ;)

take good care,

Coreopsis said...

I hadn't heard of a lot of these, and I DO put shoes on the table (new ones that I don't want the puppy to chew) mostly, though the boys are not allowed to put their feet on the table.

But I don't do any of those other things. I don't knock on wood, I do look in mirrors during storms (and at night), walk under ladders (as long as nobody's on it painting or doing work), etc.

As far as the thinking "if this happens, then that will happen," I think it's easy to get into that mode, but it's SO not true. But I wanted to cry about the angel. Bless your granddaughter. If only everything could be fixed like that.

Take care.

The last one about the angel made

Kate said...


I hadn't heard of most of those superstitions, so I found this post really interesting. As to the angel you can see it just as a broken angel or even better the next time say if that thing breaks I will be alive in 6 years and many more. Th angel can also be symbolic of you, broken but repaired now and ready for many more years.


Julia said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I just spent a long time on yours.

And what can I say, its a tough time you're going through !
Hugs and all my positive energy goes to you Renee and believe me , people spirits can not die . Never!!

xxx Julia from Holland

Marie S said...

As with all of your posts, this one too got me to thinking.
If you asked I would say no I am not superstitious, but on reflection, OMG! I totally am.
My grandparents owned a carnival midway in the 30" and 40's and poo-pooed anything like this.
But it is funny Grandma always crossed herself at certain times. This too is a meme, isn't it?
I do throw salt, touch wood and avoid cracks, I figure why push it. I need all the help I can get.

I also find that if I do "this will happen then that will happen" I am usually always proved wrong.
God does have a wicked sense of humor.
I have never heard the shoes one though, I will have to add that to my stash.
Did you eat your blackeyed peas on New Years eve???

Marie S said...

Oh Renee what a wonderful idea. I made cute litle boxes for my nieces for Christmas that had a little necklace in it. I will have to make one for Josephine and Madi.
I have a project right now I am diligently working on and I will get to it as soon as I get this under my belt.

The black eyed pea thing, I think I goggled superstitions. I am amazed by them and ritual. But I have a black cat... I will have to tell you sometime about how lucky he is.

I want to be scottish! I have a little. I read the "outlander" series by Diana Gabaldon and wanted to be scottish, aye! Oh what a wonderful series of books.
I love you Renee.

BT said...

I don't know how to answer your post Renee. If only I had some magic glue to fix you with. If only. Love you dearest friend.

linda cardina said...

hey renee! thanks sweetie! i will denitely tell mer that. u won't believe what she did last night .....she printed up bella's last post and was drawing butts and bellies ALL night!!! i could not believe it!!! too funny! SHE LOOOOVES BELLA!

Rick said...

Renee- I don't have any good superstions; only the bad ones. Like death coming in threes. Shit. could you fix me up with some? ~rick

Woman in a Window said...

we've glue
we've glue enough
spittle of us all
sisters and brothers
spittle as thick as thunderstorms
glue heartier than oatmeal
it might not make for pretty
but we all give to you our glue
we glue you
we glue you to our lives
to our hearts
to our tomorrows and yesterdays
we glue you

don't look
just know

much much love

The Dutchess said...

Superstition ain't the way....mary knows..a very nice song from Stevie Wonder....Question here is...What is the opposite of superstition...believe?..Well you can't touch have to believe in it..May the force be with you dearest..Angels are watching over you..even without heads and wings!

Hug T.D

Draffin Bears said...

Oh dear sweet Renee.
I touch wood and throw a pinch of salt over my shoulder, don't walk in under a ladder, but do not pay too much heed.
I have heard about the shoes and do not like any type of footware on a table.
I hope that you are feeling better and know that there are many people around the world that love you very much.


Chrisy said...

Oh darlin yes if only super glue and love could fix superstitions, my Grandmother was very keen on them...the shoes on the table only count as bad luck if they're brand new....never ever open an umbrella in the house....never talk about death / dying or somebody will die. Being a bit of a rebel I try to deliberately do these things...obviously that's my problem! Have I mentioned how dear you are to me Renee...

ToM KiDDo said...

i love superstition, but sometimes it pissed me off...

my mom always says that we cannot buy book on New Year because, in chinese, it means "loss"...

haha :D

MBNAD woman said...

Putting new shoes on the table. My mother standing over me, glaring, "take those off the table NOW young lady".
Still wouldn't risk it and she's been gone 7 years.
Mad x

Mad Rain said...

To this day, I hear your sweet voice (or rather, the voice I always imagined from your blog, comments and such) every time I see shoes on the table or go to put mine down. I smile and for a moment, you're right here with me. You continue to fill my heart with warmth. Knowing you has been a great privilege. xoxox