Monday, 14 April 2008

B Is For

Ben (my nephew, see brave)
Brianne (my great-niece)
Brett (my great-nephew)
Barons (Auntie Gloria and Uncle Louie)
Bush Jr. (worst President in the history of the U.S.)

Banana (grows upward to the sun, potassium)
Baboon (large monkey; me when I go ape shit)
Baby (my Josephine)
Books (helped shape my psyche)
Brothers (Harry, Dwain, Gerry, and Joey)

Beach (Angelique and Don’s property at Buffalo Point)
Breast (where my cancer started)
Buenintento (street Wahid grew up on)
Butterfly (Compassionate Friends symbol for eternal life)
Bench (we always sit on them at St. Vital Park)

Birthday (celebrate a person’s life)
Between (in the middle of the separation of two worlds)
Breakfast (pancakes or eggs and bacon and tomatoes on Sunday)
Beliveau (Angelique, Nadalene, Nathan and I went for junior high)
Bones (206 bones in an adult body, so far 1 with cancer)

Bully (emotionally weak hurting the physically weak)
Buddhism (philosophy/religion teaching acceptance)
Brave (face danger despite your fear)
Belief (unshakable faith in God)
Back to the Wall (a difficult situation with very little room to maneuver)

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