Sunday, 27 April 2008

D Is For

Don (son-in-law, Angelique’s husband)
Daisy (mother and niece)
Dwain (brother and nephew)
Dane (nephew)
Darlene (friend who died too soon)

Dates (matrimonial slice)
Dragon (spits fire – so can I)
Daisy (pretty flower see mother and niece)
Daughters (Angelique and Nadalene)
Doctors (not God)

Disneyworld (honeymoon)
Disco (I will survive)
Dinner (family gathering, grace)
Dream (for my children)
Dance (Wahid and I the first time we met)

December (Angelique’s birthday)
Dark (alone)
Dwell (think of the what-ifs)
Daily (pills)
Downer (me and how people feel after being with me)

Discipline (not good at it when applied to self)
Daft (no clue)
Devotion (eternally for my family)
Doubt (how long I have)
Death of a thousand cuts (slow and painful; cancer)


Anonymous said...

Might I just add D: Dixie.

Anonymous said...

you are no Downer. How dare people feel that way about you. I say spit in their eye. See ya.\

Anonymous said...

How about Dear Friend?
Down..never feel down after being with dare anyone feel that way!!!!!

Bev B said...

I agree with the other comments on Donwer! Spending time with you is more uplifting than anything else dear friend.

jacquie said...

D is for DEAREST (a term of enderment - i have heard for many years now)

Shelly said...

After a visit with you people leave feeling like they have just had a visit with their private Muse, their own little water nymph - any one of Zeus and Mnemosyne's 9 daughters whomever they happened to need at that moment.
Never have I found you a downer or felt down after being with you although the fact that you have cancer is heartbreaking to me.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not know anyone more uplifting than you Renee you are truly an inspiration to me I am in awe of you, and I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!