Thursday, 17 April 2008

Godness Masquerading As Goodness

When I look at the catastrophe that is the Bush administration, I think of many things.  For my personal situation it is the veto on stem cell research.  For the world situation it is the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the disgrace of Guant√°namo and Abu Ghraib, and the erosion of civil liberties which will have long-lasting effects.  He and his administration have destroyed the U.S. economy.

I really think that President Bush sums it up best.  “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful   . . .   They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”  George W. Bush

Truth is one of the first casualties of war, followed closely by secrecy as its first lieutenant.  When this war in Iraq had been instigated by Bush followed by his lap dog Harper in Afghanistan, my faith completely collapsed.

Canada's role in the invasion of Afghanistan, as an active combatant, has produced the largest number of fatal casualties for any single Canadian military mission since the Korean War.  82 Canadians have died in Afghanistan and numerous Canadians have been wounded.  The U.S. has lost over 4,000 American soldiers and no one knows how many wounded since their invasion of Iraq.  1,197,469 is the estimated death toll of Iraqi citizens, and I can’t even imagine how many wounded.

I have heard that Canada has not sacrificed enough.  We are considered puppets and only 82 of our young soldiers have died.  Well for me, one Canadian dying is one too many.  One Canadian dying may as well be 4,000 dying.  I support our people.  I do not support the war.

Please don’t ignore the fact that the average age of these soldiers is 19 years old.

I cannot stand that we (Canada) have soldiers in Afghanistan.  I cannot stand that we have a Prime Minister that seems to follow President Bush around like a lap dog.  Prime Minister Harper you are way too big to be sitting on that man’s lap.

The American people need a new president and November 4, 2008 cannot come fast enough.  Seven months is too long for these soldiers in these war zones to wait for a new President.  I love the states and more than that I love the American people.  I support their soldiers and I want them back home with their families.

In Canada there will not be an election until October 19, 2009 and than again, Harper may be re-elected.  I for one hope not.  Another year and a half is too long for our soldiers to be in combat.  I love Canada and more than that I love the Canadian people.  I support our soldiers and I want them back home with their families.

“And the dead can’t talk.  So the words about noble deaths and sacred blood and honor and such are all put into dead lips by grave robbers and fakes who have no right to speak for the dead.”  ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ by Dalton Trumbo.

“Excuse me, monsieur, but hereabouts we are plagued by godness masquerading as goodness  . . . .   And every so often our deep spiritualism leads us to massacre one another like wild beasts.  Excuse me, but some of us aren’t falling for it, some of us are trying to break free into the real.”  ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ by Salmon Rushdie.

Wars and conflicts could be resolved if all the weapons that shoot bullets could be replaced with weapons that shoot flowers.  Maybe then all we would have to do is shoot flowers at each other all day long and before you know it, the opposing team may smell our flowers and ask how they too can make them grow.  And before we know it we could have dialogue.  They could give us some of their seeds and we could give them some of our seeds and once again, before you know it we could have understanding.

No more bullets please, only flowers.  Send our boys of all ages home.

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So true sister! Well put!