Tuesday, 22 April 2008

C Is For

Charlton (son-in-law, Nadalene’s husband)
Camille (sister and grandfather)
Colette (sister and firecracker)
Corinna (niece)
Curtis (nephew)

Cantaloupe (always rotten by time I get to it)
Camel (with one hump or two – also name I call Camille)
Cancer (trying to kill me)
Camera (memory catcher)
Cavity (what I had fixed but for some reason is still killing me)

Canada (best country in the world)
Caribbean (where Trinidad is)
Castle (my home)
California (Suzie, Gerry, Moe and I were terrified of Hell's Angels)
Canyon (Grand, where Mom was having a shit fit because Dad wanted her to look down) 

Calendar (appointment tracker)
Century (I lived from one century to another) 
Charity (begins at home, family more important than anyone else)
Camping (teen years traveling Canada and the U.S. with family)
Catch-22 (conflicting rules usually in serious times, also a great book)

Crawl (Josephine does it Quasimodo style)
Cry (more in the past two years than ever, indulge it feels good)
Cautious (treading the waters of life)
Come to grips (you face up to a problem or issue and deal with it)
Courage (face danger or pain without showing excessive fear – my people) 

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