Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Around Corners

My sweet sweet girl of my soul was peeking around corners for her grandma.

I was away last week for a few days with Nadalene and Jacquie. Angelique came over with Josephine to pick up her grandpa to go have pizza.

Angelique told me the story, which was really a cute story. As a matter of fact, it is a very sweet story too. But it was also a story that kinda made my heart crack.

Josephine came in the house calling ‘grandma’ and peeked around the stairs to see me (because I usually peek around the stairs to surprise her). I wasn’t there. She then looked all around the house for me and I wasn’t there.

The state I put myself in was the day she comes to peek around corners and I will never again be around those corners for her. I want to be around those corners so badly. I want to be around those corners for her forever.

Josephine never forget that if grandma could have her way, you will never have to be hurt or wondering where I went. You will never ever have to think I disappeared on you.


Anonymous said...

Your presence will always be around a corner, how tough, that is so sweet and so endearing, those that don't understand just don't know how deep that statement is..., You are and will always be around the corner, how could you not be, you are in the middle of each of our hearts and your are a piece of her and she is a piece of you.

I must say that I did smile at the fact that she went looking for you, that is just between you and her and no one can take that away from you, I know..

Love you Renee

angelique said...

Josephine has her grandma around her and with her, through and through, all day long and all night long. She is even emanating her grandma's hairdo.
She is coocoo for gaga.

jacquie said...

josephine is her grandma's precious gem, magical wand and her many magical moments. josephine has alot of your personality in her renee and for that i will be blessed to never have to do without a precious piece of you in my life.
my wish and prayer for you is that you are here for many many years to come for little josephine to find you around the corners.
remember you are dad's daughter and he has been here for many years past the time they gave him.
together strong......

Anonymous said...

You know, Renee...you say I tug at your heartstrings with my singing. Lady, you tug at mine with your articulate beautiful thoughts. You really are amazing.

Josephine is one very lucky little girl to have such a wonderful grandmother in her life. You keep peeking around those stairs at her. She'll always always remember that, so will really never be without her gaga. You'll always be a big part of that little girl, and people will see you in her eyes and smile for all times.

Thank you, for being you. xo

Renee said...

Caroline thank you so much for your comments. I hope you are right.

By the way, this is a love-fest and it is a good thing you aren't here or I would be hanging off your neck while you sing in my ear.

Love Renee

shelly said...

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~Welsh Proverb

Mickey said...

Renee every comment here is so true. Everything I want to say has been said so amen to everyones comment. I seriously don't know anyone more like her gramma than Josephine she is so much you and you are in her forever and we thank God for your Sweet Sweet Josephine as she will always give us you. I pray you are here for many many years. It is just amazing how one little girl can bring so much happiness and joy to all she meets. Angelique and Don are proving to be amazing parents.