Monday, 15 September 2008

X Is For

Xanadu (Kublai Khan residence)
X-factor (terminally ill people experience it)
X-box (Nathan)
X (illiterate person’s signature)
Xi Wang-mu (Goddess of immortality)

Xigua (Chinese for watermelon)
X (last letter in fox)
Xylophone (played with a mallet)
X (one more than 9)
X-rated (for a reason - stop passing to 10 year olds)

X (24th letter in alphabet)
X (upper right corner = close screen)
Xi (two letter word for scrabble)
Xu (only other two letter word starting with x for scrabble)
X (my children mark my spot)

Xmas (Christmas)
XYZ (check the zipper on your pants; eXamine your zipper)
Xenocide (murder of a foreigner)
Xenophobia (fear of a foreigner)
X (at the beginning of a word is silent and takes on the z sound)

XXXX (kisses)
XOXO (always sign cards)
X-ray (no need to change just keep bra off)
X (a real challenge in my alphabet)
Xeloda (oral chemo did not work and got tumor on ovary)


Taylor said...

I have previously really enjoyed 'T' b/c I made a Debut. But X was a real thinker; loved the X (corner screen) and X (one after 10)

I thought I'd send you a few of my own:
Xerox (Felt like I was part of the Photocopier while Student Teaching.)

Xanthodont(What I never want to hear from my Dentist: yellow teeth)

X-Rated (A favorite song my friend Produced.)

Anonymous said...

This is excellent Renee!! I think you are the only one that could have come up with so many words that start with an X. This gives me the evidence for something I have always suspected. I should never ever play scrabble against you for sure. What would be the point because you would win every time.
Love You

Renee said...

Taylor I think xanthodont if said to my children is something that would probably put Angelique, Nadalene and Nathan in to a psych ward.

Angelique was told a few years ago that she has a small cavity on her wisdom tooth (because it can't be reached) and she never talked to that dentist again. ha ha.

Jeannine, if you are on facebook, let us hookup and play scrabble. Believe me, I get beat all the time.


angelique said...

well done on the x's mom!