Thursday, 25 September 2008

Baby Rock Star

Josephine is our very own baby Rock Star. She gives us love and with her we find peace, and she brings into our lives her very own touch of baby rock n roll star status.

On Wednesdays now that Angelique is back at work, she makes sure to bring Josephine over to our house so that we get our midweek fix.

So being a Wednesday, I sat on the computer nice and early and got together my line up of baby rock n roll videos from Sesame Street. I practiced singing “one two three four chickens just back from the shore” by Feist because I know it is my baby rock stars’ favourite.

I practiced dancing just as if I had been on the Dick Clark show American Bandstand. While I was dancing and getting very excited to see her (basically hyperventilating), I thought “I’m happy.”

I kept watching out the window to see my rock star pull up in her chauffeur (Mommy) driven limo. My timing had to be perfect so I had the song Mony Mony on standby for when she would arrive at her destination. In this case grandma and grandpa’s house.

Her No. 1 fan (me) had my finger on the play button for when she came out of the limo so that I could blast the music out of the house and be ready to dance on the grass with my Rock N Roll Star.

“Oh my God, she’s here!” I press the button, run out of the house, leave the door open so that the music is loud, and start dancing. I notice that the chauffeur does not have her out of her car seat yet, so run back in the house, rehit the song to the beginning and run back out on the grass and start dancing all over again.

The chauffeur is carrying the baby rock star and she is quite excited to see her No. 1 fan dancing. Mommy the chauffeur puts her down and just as I am waiting to dance with her, she discovers water on the road so repeatedly walks through it and ignores me like yesterday’s news.

After a few minutes of splash, splash, baby rock star takes her Mommy’s hand and her grandma’s hand and decides that, after all, she is in the mood to dance. I choose not to take it personally as I know that rock stars can be very temperamental. So like the groupie I am, I go with the flow.

We dance, we go in the house, and she plays little people. We go outside, she splashes the water in the tray of her bike, I dump it out, her hands are wet and she holds them out for me. I wipe them on my jeans and think I will never wash these again (I wear them to book club secretly thinking about the baby rock star who made them feel magical). We pick up sticks and I show her how she can put them on her wee slide from A.J. She climbs up the slide and goes down backwards. We play with the balls, and I sing out Caillou in my wannabe French accent.

The baby rock star grabs my finger and pulls me in the direction she wants to go (she knows there will be no resistance). We go to the patio furniture and she climbs on the chair and we get ready to blow bubbles. She of course has to be in control and tries to get the lid off first; I quickly twist off the cap. She then proceeds to have the bubble wand and no bubbles come out, but it matters not because she is having fun. I quickly get the wand and blow a few bubbles. She looks at them and then pulls me back into the house.

Josephine walks in the house and says ‘Mama.’ Mama says hi and then my baby rock star and I go upstairs to the computer to listen to Sesame Street Rock N Roll. Did you guess that we listened to Feist, if so, you are right. Check it out.

We check the time and realize grandpa will be home soon, so we go outside and wait till we see him pull on the street and then we quickly hide behind the tree to surprise him. I can tell he has seen us a mile away, but he has become very good at being surprised. It is so funny that he is so much more surprised than when Angelique, Nadalene, or Nathan jumped out at him from behind the tree. But I guess that is what rock star status does. Our rock star baby lets me go and runs quickly to her grandpa so that he can have some of her glamour too.

Her Mommy says it is time to go, so I quickly say “do you want to go see Uncle Nathan?’ She runs to his door and I carry her down the stairs so she can again make someone’s day. She sees Uncle Nathan and he has a big smile when he sees her. She climbs up on him and looks at each of the fish tanks. Nathan is cuddling her and she is cuddling him right back. She gets down, she gets up, she gets down looks at the fish, gets up and I have to drag her out of there. In total baby rock star status she does not want to leave; instead she wants to chill looking at all the fish.

It was probably a good thing that Auntie Nadalene was still at work, as baby rock star adoration would once again be pushed over the limits. Instead of having her bum wiped with wet ones, her baby rock star bum would have been wiped with a wet one that was warmed up with hot water.

I can tell that she accepts that she is a baby rock star because no matter what we do she accepts our adoration. After all, she can rest on her laurels with us and she knows it already.


shelly said...

How sweet life can be, lucky little Josephine to have you and Wahid as grandparents - and I know how wonderful it is for you two to have her ... I want one.

angelique said...

This is ofcourse, my favourite post! You have immortalized the day and it is beautiful. I love the hyperventilating part, especially since you tried to calmly leave a message asking if we were still stopping by, giving the impression that it would be ok if we couldn't make it. Hee Hee.

Pat said...

Josephine is a bright light of joy in your life and you are living and loving every moment.
Love you

flossy-p said...

You've got to be the coolest grandma out there! I would have had a ball (at my age now) hanging out with you on this day!