Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Sweet Heidi

My longest time friend Heidi was in town and it was such a pleasure to see her. There have only been 10 years of our lifes’ where we haven’t known each other.

Our other longest time friend Shirley was not in town and so we missed out on her company.

Those two always say they are best friends, which gets on my last nerve, ha ha. Good thing my ego won’t let me buy that for a minute.

I know you believe in me Heidi, and remember that I also believe in you.


jacquie said...

it was great to spend time with you heidi ..... you truly are a good friend to renee and have really been there for her whenever she has needed a friend...and you are right renee heidi is very sweet...loved seeing you

Anonymous said...

I love bestest friends. In fact I love all my friends...that means you too. I am glad you are blessed with so many.
your friend,

Heidi said...

What is a best friend? For me that has always been a tough one, because at differing points in my life, one friend can be the best. Then as life circumstances change, so do the friends in our lives.

Friends come and go in our lives - I believe for a reason.

I've read a saying that goes something like this "friends are angels who hold us up when our wings forget how to fly"

Just as you are there for me when I forget how, may I in some way do the same for you whenever you need me.

You are an amazingly loving and true friend and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Thank you for the time we spent together this past weekend. Don't tell Shirley you read my cards. ha ha !!!!

Renee said...

Heidi, what you wrote is so beautiful. And more to the point, it is so true.

I have to say though that I am mad at myself for forgetting to make the best use of the card reading (as in, I should have mentioned that I saw a person with the letter S and that it was a female, and that she should be your BFF after me).

Love you.