Tuesday, 13 January 2009

January = 01

Who kissed you on New Years Eve? No one. No kisses for me as I was in bed under the covers fast asleep. I was recovering from the stomach flu. I did, however, kiss Wahid first thing in the morning on New Years Day.

Did you have a New Year’s Resolution this year? Yes, I wrote in my journal that I want to live to see 2010. I am hoping like mad that this resolution sticks as no others before it ever have (I hope I haven’t cursed myself).

Does it snow where you live? Absolutely and we have tons of the white stuff. As a matter of fact, it is snowing right now. I love the snow and to me nothing is prettier than when I see a snow blizzard. For many people (with cancer in the bones or the elderly) walking in the snow can be difficult and scary.

Do you like hot chocolate? Yes I do. I hear they have a little machine now that makes hot chocolate; I keep wanting to see how much those things cost. I usually only have the hot chocolate that you add boiling water too and it isn’t great.

Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? Never, I am such a stick-in-the-mud (a total drag) I don’t know if I would even care too. Just like cancer – I would rather observe it from a distance than have it.


Deanna said...

Well,,here goes...

Who kissed me on New Year's Eve? My hubby, the three kids, and I kissed the dog...does that count?

Did I have a New Year's Resolution? Yes, but I blew it already!

Does it snow where I live? Yes, but it usually melts within a few days. I really don't miss Manitoba winters at all!

Do I like Hot Chocolate? Yes...I haven't heard of those machines though, but I bet they cost way too much. I really like real Whipping Cream on top of my Hot Chocolate!

Been to Times Square? Absolutely NOT...and really have no desire to! Why freeze my ass off when I can stay at home with the family and be warm and toasty?

Happy January Renee!

Love, Deanna

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,I was resting New Year's Eve with granddaughter Livia Kathleen as I sent everyone else out to Teresa's party but said it was too cold for Livia. I like snow, do not like hot chocolate and have no interest in being at Time Square.
Today is Livia Kathleen's Baptismal
Day. (She was baptized on Kathleen's birthday). Kathy would have been 58 today; a day of memories for me.

Daria said...

Love the picture ...

Who kissed me on New Year's Eve? No one ... I was sawing logs very early in the evening.

Did I have a New Year's Resolution? Fear prevents me from making them.

Does it snow where I live? Oh yes ... the hubby is shoveling snow every night.

Do I like Hot Chocolate? Yes I do but come to think about it, I haven't had any for a long time. That sounds like something I need to take care of this week.

Been to Times Square? Nope. Not a big traveler.

This is kind of a fun idea ...

Renee said...

Oh Barb, it is a harder day than normal for you today. I miss Kathy too, but I know it is not even a fraction of how you miss her.

I will tell the girls at group that it is Kathy's birthday today so she will be remembered out loud.

I love sweet little Livia's name.

God bless Barb.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

Oh Renee, Thank you for your kind words and your love. It is a difficult day today. Give my love to all the ladies. I think of them so often.Blessings, Barb

cat hearts holy chocolate said...

♥ Good Morning ♥

Who kissed me on New Year's Eve? no one. no beaux. the men around here are either too young, or too young.

Did I have a New Year's Resolution? nah. i figure i'm gonna do what i'm gonna do...i forget what willpower feels like.

Does it snow where I live? definitely. and there was plenty of the white stuff on the ground new years...it's melting off now, though...we're in the 40s, and it's expected to stay warm for another week.

Do I like Hot Chocolate? god, yes. could drink pots of it. but then i'd be totally roll-around-able. (actually, that's not a bad idea. my butt would feel a lot better if i quit falling on it.)

Been to Times Square?
oh no. and i doubt i ever will. i'm not really a big fan of big cities. i feel much safer with the grizzlies and mountain lions.

Cheryl Cato said...

Who kissed me on New Year's Eve? Gerald, my husband did, we managed to stay awake while in bed to watch the replay of the ball drop in Times Square.
Did you have a New Year's Resolution? I had more of a hope than a resolution in my blog: "Hopefully by 2010 we see significant improvement in the economy, education, health care, and peace in our country and around the world. Peace, love, happiness... I hope we can reach into these areas over the next few months."
Does it snow where you live? Not very often (maybe once every 10 years). It gets chilly here, but most days we are able to play golf with a cool temperature.
Do you like hot chocolate? Yes, but I believe I prefer hot tea.
Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? I have been to Times Square, but not in winter, and not to see the ball drop. I think I prefer a warm cozy fire in my home to the cold & crowds on New Year's Eve in Times Square.
This is kind of fun...

CarolineH said...

Hello my beautiful friend.

Who kissed me on New Years Eve? Nobody..was sound asleep before 10 pm.

No resolutions for me.

It does snow where I live..We keep getting those Alberta Clippers! Due for more tonite, and I LOVE it. I bought a new Jeep on 12/28th and am loving this winter.

I love hot chocolate. We have a hot chocolate machine where I work, and all sorts of yummy flavors..even white chocolate with peppermint and mexican hot chocolate! yummy!

Yes, I have been to times square and watched the ball drop in 2004. It was the warmest New Year since records have been kept! We SAT on our coats while waiting for the New Year to come in. I wouldn't do it again though. Just too many people for me. :)

Now, just a little ps..Love you Renee, and hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I thought of you often, and always will. I'll be praying that you see 2010, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Husband Gary kissed me after he and Dylan had gone out on the front deck and banged pots and pans ,which Gary did with his dad about 60 years ago and which we did with our kids until it was "uncool" Don't know what it means to do it..I just know I had to replace all my wooden spoons every Jan 2 as they bit the dust against those pots!
Resolution busted already!!!!
Snow...Winnipeg ????
I haven't had hot chocolate for years but maybe with whipped cream as someone said...I just might try it.
Never been to Times Square to see the ball drop but it is on my Bucket List to go on one of those 3 day excursions to New York...


Karin said...

Hi Renee,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment, and visits to my blog. I'm glad you chose to leave me a message, and send hopes of wellness to your daughter, as well as your self.

My husband recently found us a real treat in the hot chocolate department. It's found in a tin, and it's called 'sipping chocolate'. You can either add milk or water, and it looks like shaved chocolate in the tin!! Oh yum, is it good - instant and easy, rich and creamy. Not bad sprinkled on ice cream either :)

Your spirit and humor, wit and caring are evident here. May it thrive through 2009 and beyond,

glorv1 said...

Hi Renee, no one. I was sound asleep by 10:30 as was my husband. We go to bed early and rise early. We live the life of reily.:) Kisses, eh...who needs them. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, you have been tagged! Please visit my blog for details. Hope you enjoy what I have written also. Have lots of laughs,lol!
I love hot chocolate also! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...


Who kissed me on New Year's Eve? Kirsten - she pounced on me because she didn't want to get kissed by her ex.

Did I have a New Year's Resolution?
Yes - to try and be more balanced in every aspect of my life.

Does it snow where I live?
Yes lots - Chazz built a quinzy with snow. Over the break, we sat and had leftover champagne and roasted marshmellows by a fire outside - he makes me enjoy winter and I have learned to bundle up.

Do I like Hot Chocolate?
Absotutely. Supposedly there was a contest of the best hot chocolate in Winnipeg and Tim Hortons came in first and Dessert Sinsations came in second. I tried both and the one from Dessert Sinsations was amazing - made with real chocolate and cream. Yummy and worth the trip!

Been to Times Square?
No - I have interest in going but not for new years. Too crazy.


Renee said...

Nadalene I would love for me and Dad to come over for an evening and roast marshamallows and have hot chocolate out by the fire. Lets do it. See if Angelique and Josephine and Don and Nathan want to come. It sounds fun. I want to do it.

Love Mom xoxoxo