Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wednesday's Women No. 13

All this talk of money on every TV channel. What money? I never had any and I’m doing alright. People blaming G.W. saying the economy is going to hell in a hand basket. God provides, don’t fear God provides.

And that is total (excuse my language) bullshit when they say people are not buying houses because there are so many new people buying in my development. If there was no money than why are so many people buying?

When I was a young girl and I could be anything I want because I live in the land of opportunity, instead of being a doctor or something like that my Daddy gave me some great advice. ‘Candy, girl, womens will always need to look purddy if they don’t want to lose their man.’ So I took my exstatics course (I only took three weeks though so I don't have my papers but really I learnt all I needed to know) and we were taught to do nails and hair and make-up and all that.

It makes me so mad when I hear all this here talk about blaming G.W. He was the best president this country ever had. And if his Missus ever wants her hair done by me (I think she would look real glamourous as a platinum blond), well that would just be a privilege. A real privilege (my old man put one of those little hair washing sinks by where we does the dishes).

Speaking of my old man; we was discussing how the TV people try to control peoples minds, like by saying smoking ain’t good for you. If I didn’t smoke I would be so stressed out. Don’t believe all that you hear, take me for example, I still have my girlish figure (with a little help from my exstatics dollars to raise my girls [if you get who I mean by girls]) and it ain’t caused me to have one wrinkle yet (the ones on my forehead are from my kids).

I’ll pass on a beauty secret to you all, cause after all we're neighbours now. You can dye your own eyebrows and it is as easy as pie. When I do dark hair on a person I just stick a little brush in the dye and presto new eyebrows. Also a real beauty secret, secret to get lips like mine and Angelina’s (Brad Pitts’ girl) just suck on those hot cinnamon heart candies and place them on your lips. This will burn your lips and make them swell.

Welcome to the neighbourhood…


Ms Dragonfly said...

i can't even watch the news! pisses me off and depresses me at the same time!

glorv1 said...

I agree with Dragonfly. Every day they say it gets a little worse. If it does then we don't really notice it too much. We have always been frugal. I do complain about the gas prices and the food prices, but all will someday be back to normal. (we can only hope)
Have a great day Renee, nice piece of writing you got there girl.:)

Bev said...

Hi Renee, I so enjoyed reading your post, especially how to get those BIG lips!!! HeeHee
My thoughts and prayers are with you dear, I hear your strength in your writing!!!

Micki said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I sure was in a coffee phase when I won that cappucino maker (maybe thats what started it all off who knows?)
I love this painting and your writing is fantastic.

Micki x

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Great piece. You caught her "voice" just perfectly!
Remember when GB wanted to privatize social security? What a pickle we'd be in if he had! Chills my blood!
In his press conference yesterday he talked about how upbeat his days are and that he wasn't one to say, "woe is me, why did this economic crisis have to happen on my watch?" Wonder how much his family lost in the market... or if they did?

Heather said...

Aint she a looker ;)

Linda Sue said...

Ohh! she's a hottie! Imo go out and git me sum of them cinnymin hearts fo sho!
The news is no news just the same old bullshite it has ever been. It just is what it is - at least we voted correctly this time...
Love your blog!

angelique said...


Anonymous said...

Tv news in the Uk is a downer here also.
Renee, thanks so much for reading my tagged post.
I have six children. My eldest is 22 the youngest 5 years old. 3 boys and 3 girls. Christmas is fun!

Funny post! I will pass on the big lip tip,lol!

Thank you for believing me about the old mister ghost. It is nice to share these little happenings.

Anonymous said...

How about doin her own hair. You made made me laugh, Renee, something I needed so badly today after yesterday.

Renee said...

Barb just to let you know we all wished Kathy a happy birthday in group and it was Noreen's birthday too so we had a birthday cake and as I was thinking of good wishes for Noreen, I was also thinking of good wishes for Kathy.

Glad you were able to laugh today.

Love Renee

Noreen said...

Thank you for your clarity, once again, on the topic. I just caught a caption, on the news today that caused for some mixed reaction. I didn't know if I should scream or get down right angry. People are now wondering when this recession is going to end. I am blown away by that comment. We, Canadians and USA , have for years accepted the powers that be to make decisions that are less than good for us. Because there is some short term benefits we don't question. Now when shit hits the fan we expect the problem to be fixed over night. Come on people. We have chosen, through free will, who we want to govern over our affairs. We have allowed the abuse of this power and now we want a quick fix? I do hope that this is a wake up call to everyone. Not just the people in power who have abused our trust, also we the people who place to much trust in our "trusted servants" without question.

Kathy's spirit, I believe, lives on through the lives of all those who had the honour to have known her. I have been blessed to be one of those people even if it was for such a short time.

Thanks, again for your well wishes. Love, Noreen

Emerald Arts said...

Yep, the panic is really starting to get on my nerves. Here in Australia we have the world's second most stable economy (second only to Canada apparently) but everyone is freaking out because the US is.

Maybe we need to start watching local news instead of cable... might help :P

YayaOrchid said...

Oh, my! This is just so hilarious! Now I get it! You make a post to match the picture. How clever, Renee! Love this one!

Mickey said...

No Kidding Aint she a looker.
HILARIOUS HILARIOUS I was laughing like crazy especially when her Daddy said Candy girl all you have to do is look purrdy. Renee too funny. The picture is perfect. You are the most amazing writer.