Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wednesday's Women No. 15

With shoulders slumped and head down she started to walk away. If only she would look to the right.


Dreamers Dream said...

this explains.
hope is always there, if you keep looking.


Sarah said...

Good morning hon!! Hope you are doing well! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs, Sarah

Shelly said...

i will keep my eyes, heart and soul open - i need to start looking for those little branches.

Elizabeth said...

Love and blessings.
Thinking of you.

lakeviewer said...

Tell me about the paintings. Who is the artist? They are most intriguing and evocative.

The lessons are not lost on your readers.

Carolyn said...

Renee, I am so heart broken to hear everything that I just read. My friend was actually at stage 4 as well. But it did not completly spread through out her body. But they still diagnosed her at stage 4. I believe with God all things are possible. I will add you to our prayer list at my parish. You and your family. And my family and I will pray for you as well. Please keep your faith.

Debra said...

I hope you entered for my giveaway (you have to comment on the post One World, One Heart "posting")Would you please email me you address, I want to send something your way.

glorv1 said...

Yes there is always hope, we just have to keep faith. Sometimes I find myself with my shoulder's hunched and walking slow as well, but there is hope that keeps me going. Take care Renee. Have a great evening.

Dawn said...

How truly amazing is this... and your blog banner - what can I say it is so beautiful x

First time I have visited your blog but I am going to subscribe to feeds so I can see what you are up to

Big hugs from across the pond from me to you - what an INSPIRATIONAL LADY you are!!! xxxxx

Sarah said...

Oh Renee!!!!! I'm sooo touched!! Thank you for the purchase!! I'm so excited you will have him!!! You made my week!!!
Yes - lol - Fox is his real name!! It suits him. I think Hanna is beautiful too. Thank you!!
How are ya feeling?

jacquie said...

i must learn to look around instead of straight ahead.

together strong

Karen said...

Hello Renee
I thought I'd pop over and say a hello after you left such kind words on my blog :-)
I've been reading your last few posts and realize what a tough time you are having. I'm so sorry about this. I can hardly begin to imagine how you feel.
Those beautiful words by Francis Bacon are so true. We should all have them written somewhere so that we can read them daily, to remind ourselves.
Sending,hope,love,peace,prayers,joy and magic to you! and a big hug!

Julie said...

YES!!! That is me to a tee when I'm depressed. Hell, that cherry blossom could be dipped in chocolate and diamonds and I'd still be lost inside myself.

Are you remembering to turn to the right? I remember you telling me these things are daily decisions.

Tessa said...

She will. She will look to the right. Promise.