Monday, 12 July 2010

Happy Birthday Little Lover and A. J.

Today is Little Lover's (otherwise known as Mr. Mischief or Domenicky) birthday. He turned one years old today. Woohoo! He is amazing and he is more like his Grandma than I thought he would be. She would be nibbling on his toes and kissing him all over if she could and I bet she would be telling us how much he looks like her.

It is also my Auntie Jacquie's birthday today. I hope it was as good as it could be without her son, mother and sister there to give her lots of hugs and kisses. She is also truly amazing. I don't know if I will ever again see such strength, love and determination from one individual. You are unbelievable A. J. and we love you to the moon and back.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Anniversary

Here is a picture of my parents at their wedding social. Today would have marked their 35th wedding anniversary. I have been slightly dreading this day and I wasn't really sure how hard it would be on my Dad. I asked him a few days ago what he was going to do and he said he was going to go to his 'Dearest's' graveside.

After all the lead up of anticipation, I completely forgot about it. I blame it on the fact that I haven't looked at a calendar in a while but I feel terrible that I didn't call my Dad sooner. I called around 9:30 pm. and Nathan said he was sleeping on the couch. He had made his special fried chicken (my Mom's favourite) and Nathan had bought a cake for the two of them (without even knowing it was their anniversary...I assume my Dad didn't want to make it a big deal). But it is, and I hope his day was ok. I still feel terrible and I can't help but think that if my Mom was alive and he was sleeping on the couch on their anniversary it wouldn't have been such a big deal. Now, it's different.

I have attached a link of the post that my Mom had written about her wedding day. I hope you are all doing wonderful.

Much love and thanks,