Thursday, 23 December 2010

Welcome Home

Our dearest Aunty Jacquie, Mother, Wife, Sister, Grandmother and Friend has passed from this life.
Your were a true luxury for us to behold this long and you will be so deeply missed.
Our memories of you will be treasured and our hearts will always feel a little empty without you.
How you loved us all with all the love one heart could hold, and then some.
Your strength and determination, your laugh, wit, generosity and support will always be remembered.
You were such a comfort to me AJ. I will look for you in the beauty all around and I will forever cherish all the memories and tea parties I had with you.
I am forever grateful for your love.
May you find peace and all the love you have left here, waiting for you on the other side.
Well, there is no doubt that you have already.
*Artwork by our dear Bella Sinclair. It is titled Sheldon's Strength. It was so thoughtfully done and it has been a real focal point of strength and hope for my Aunt and all of us in her last month. It has become a real treasured piece for our family, thanks Bella.


Unknown said...

no words,
just prayers.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My deepest sympathies to Jacquie's family, both immediate and extended. Like that lovely drawing depicts, imagine the joyous reunion on the other side! And their love travels across the veil to you too.

Marion said...

Oh, Angelique! I am so sorry for your loss. I know, though, that there is a celebration in heaven right now with the reunion of your beloved Aunt Jacquie and her favorite sister, Renee. May God comfort you and hold you up in the days to come. Sending you much love, prayers and blessings,


Robin said...

Dearest Angelique, although I feared to read this post - I knew it was coming. The one overwhelming emotion I have is joy...... yes, JOY. Because Jacquie's suffering is over....and like Bella's beautiful drawing shows....Renee, her Mum and Sheldon WERE THERE to welcome Jacquie. I believe it. You believe it too.

I know 2010 goes down as a year of unbearable sadness..... and yours have risen up from this - your children grow and flourish....and you, sweet Angelique, have become the amazing woman your Mum knew would be!

It's Christmas..... yet, I know you feel overwhelming sadness....but....look up into the Winter sky....and see the twinkling stars.... your loved ones are there....looking down and looking after you all.... they are.....

My candle that I burned for Renee at this time last year - and all through those first three months of 2010 - still burns.. for her, for Sheldon, for your Grandmum, for many others I know who are suffering - and now for Jacquie.

I think of you, Wahid and all your children... as I have told you before....I am an example of the love and strength Renee embodied.....and Jacquie too., dear Angelique....

It is quite an extraordinary family you are a member of..... all of you exemplify LOVE, LIFE and HOPE.

I send all my love to every one of you. Know that you are not alone....your "blogging family" is here with you...we embrace you and send you love and strength for a new year....


♥ Robin ♥

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Jacquie! And rejoice in the warm embrace of your sister and your son.

prutsels said...

Sorry you have lost a loved one again. One day we to will know what is next. On that day I hope to leave as much love and memories behind as your Mom and Aunt did. Peace and strength.

GlorV1 said...

I will pray too.

Sarah said...

I am thinking of you and your family. x

Jos said...

Oh Angelique, I am so sorry to read this post. You are all very much in my prayers in this saddest of times.

I would speak of hope ... of Renee & Sheldon, Dorothy and all the other beloved friends and family who are now holding Jacquie and welcoming her into the everlasting realm beyond.

Such pitifully scant comfort are these thoughts to an aching heart and I know it.

Warmest hugs to you xx Jos

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

So sad. My condolences.

Gberger said...

Tears, yet hope and joy in their reunion. Can you imagine it? Your blessed mother and Sheldon awaiting her with open arms, as in the picture.
May God bring each and every member of your family peace, comfort and abundance of love to fill your hearts. As your mother always said, "Together Strong." xoxoxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Angelique & Family,
I am so sorry for your tremendous loss, so soon after losing your beautiful Mom. My sympathy to all your family. Now she can be with her precious Sheldon, your Mom and your grandparents. They are together now watching over all of you. I'm sending my prayers to all of you.

Baino said...

So sorry Angelique. I almost dread seeing this blog come up in my reader. She is at peace finally. Here's hoping the new year brings more light into your lives. Much love on this sad occasion.

A.Smith said...

I have already told you what is my heart. Closing my arms around all of you with love.

aimee said...

i am so sorry, angelique. the suffering your family has had to endure this year is mind-boggling. i still think about your mom so much - she made a big impact on my life in the short time that i knew her. it was unfair enough for you to lose her, but to lose your aunty jacquie in the same year is just unimaginable. wishing you all much love and comfort. xoxo aimee

studio lolo said...

Another deep sadness~
I know Renee and Sheldon will meet her. And your Grandmother, her mom.

I apologize in the last post when I mentioned Nathan and I meant Sheldon.

Blessings and love to all who miss that beautiful soul.

Jacquie certainly earned her wings before she ever left♥

Heidi said...

I know how special Jacquie was in everyone's life. She was a true warrior and she gave so much, straight from her heart.

I think of her and Renee and how happy they must be to be reunited in heaven. Sheldon too will be with his mom again.

Although those who were blessed to be part of Jacquie's life will no doubt feel yet another missing piece, the wonderful memories she left for her family and friends will live on forever.

I am so sorry for everyone.

Much Love, Heidi

Deb L. said...

Sending prayers of peace and comfort to you and your family ~ Deb

Pretty Things said...

Oh honey. I'm sorry. Lots of hugs and support from me.

Mim said...

gosh. I'm with Deb - there are no words...just prayers and thoughts for you and your family. Thank you for letting us know.

Annie said...

I am beyond sorry for yet another loss in your family. May love and time be healing. Sending love and
prayers. xoxo

Poetic Artist said...

Prayers for you..Bella and her beautiful art.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, Angelique.

With tears in my eyes, I am reaching out to embrace you all. This news has hit me with such a great and sad force. I'm deeply sorry. I pray her passing was gentle and swift and with peace.

With great love,

kj said...

i am so sorry for the loss of aunt jacquie. but too angelique i have great comfort knowing she will be greeted and cared for by sheldon and your mom and her mom and dad. i know that must comfort you too.

the treasure chest arrived one year ago today. i am so glad of that.

and bella's illustration. she gets the care and emotion right every time. what a gift to you and your family.

with love always angelique

Ces Adorio said...

I am so sorry to hear of the sad news. May love and peace reign in your family.

Marie S said...

OMG! I am so sorry for all of your hurting hearts dear ones.
This life has been a trial for you all and yet the love that has flowed has been so clean, so pure, and so very very strong and will be stronger yet.
Bless you all in this hour of grief and may angels hold your hearts in their healing arms.
Bye bye Jacquie, say Hi to Renee for me.

Woman in a Window said...

love to you all~


Laura said...

yet another difficult crossroads for you sweet much suffering...and SO MUCH LOVE. May you be buoyed by the love you have been blessed to experience always and continue to share that with your own children. Brightest Blessings to you and your family especially at this dark time.

yoborobo said...

I don't know what to say. So much loss. Angelique, please tell your family that I hold you all in my heart. I have thought about your AJ since hearing the news, and all I keep thinking is how warm and loving she was. I am so sorry. xox Pam

Marion said...

I have few words to offer comfort. Please know that you and your family continue to be in my heart and in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Ang. I am praying that your family has peace. Take care my friend.

Anonymous said...

Blessings and prayers to you and yours as we all try to accept this sad news even though we were prepared and warned it still comes as a shock and yet I can see Angel Aunty Jacquie watching over you tenderly with Renee and Sheldon at her side. Stories will keep them alive and you are a master wordscraftsman just as your mother was.

La Donna Welter said...

Sending prayers.
My wish:
Abundant good wishes for happiness and joy this season.

Shaista said...

Thinking of you at Christmastime dear ones. Will think of you all when we light the candles x

Julie said...

Angelique, deepest sympathies to you and your family. Please keep each other close during the holidays.

But I too feel a little bit comforted knowing your mom and your aunt are whooping it up in heaven as we speak!

Yoli said...

Angelique may next year bring you the laughter and love your sweet mother would want you to have. For your aunt, I offer my prayers. May her love give you strength.

kj said...

pam and i were talking today. renee and jacquie were never apart, all their lives, there for one another every christmas.

so it shall be this christmas. they are together.

love again and always to you angelique and your family.


Silke Powers said...

Oh, sweet Angelique, such great sadness for your family again! I am sure that your Aunt Jacquie was taken away on the wings of angels and is already with her loved ones who were waiting for her with open arms! My heart and love goes out to all of you! Love, Silke

Pattee said...

She will be so missed...

There are no words...

Much love and prayers to you and your family.

Caroline said...

What an unbelievably sad year for your family. My deepest sympathies. Keep strong Angelique. Caroline

Lisa said...

Much love to your family.

Anonymous said...

Death leaves a heartache No one can heal; Love leaves a memory No one can steal.


The Strawberry Mallard said...

There truly is rejoicing in Heaven tonight.....for the reunion of your AJ and Mom.....know that they are surrounded by light.....and if you close your eyes..and will feel it too.
I am so very sorry, and continuing to pray.

Lori ann said...

God Bless all your hearts, rest in peace Aunt Jacquie.
much love,

rebecca said...

i have just placed a "card of love" for allegra and barry on my blog.
everyone is welcome to come and post a link to their post for allegra.

a way to bring us all together in one place....with all our care.


Mary Ellen said...

What a sad year it has been for you. I hope the next year brings rest and renewal to all of your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Angelique,
So very sad. Our heartfelt sympathy. We have been thinking of your family constantly.
Truly we are at a loss for words.
Much love,
Sally & Ken

xxx said...

So very sorry to read this news.
I wish you all Peace.
much love
Robyn x

turquoise cro said...

((((Angelique)))) always praying for YOU and Your family,loving Renee even more and more as time goes by!

Jacinta said...

Dear Angelique
So sorry to hear this news, another tragic loss of someone you love so dearly.
When I lost my brother to cancer in December 2008, Renee was an amazing support with her words of wisdom and comfort. I still have last years Christmas card from her on my board above my desk as a reminder of her friendship, wisdom and love.
Please please please I hope 2011 will bring joy, health and love to you and your families.

Art by Darla Kay said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, and I'm sorry I missed it when it was posted!
I'm happy that she can be with her wonderful Sheldon again and your mother too! It's so unfair that they all left so close together in time, but now I feel a sense of peace knowing they are all together again! Bless you and your whole family!!

Jaqi said...

Oh Angelique, Im so sorry im late with my condolences......
what can i say? My heart goes out to you I am so sorry for your loss. Im sure Renee and Jacquie have been reunited and who could want for more.

My heart is very sad for you all, youre beautiful family seem to have had more than their fair share of heartache.

Im sure at times it will be very hard to carry on, but you have some of the most wonderful angels looking out for you and that must keep you going till you are all together once again.

RIP Jacquie , her suffering is over and she has gone home. May God provide you with what you need to get through this and once again thank you for keeping up this blog, it must be hard for you but it keeps Renee and Jacquie and all of youre family still within our hearts. Take care Angelique and stay strong xx