Thursday, 14 August 2008

If I

If I wanted a ‘sweet’ wife I’d marry a chocolate bunny.

~~ Joyce Carol Oates from her book The Falls ~~

I had to stick this test on a 1930’s marital scale with my quote this week. It rates you as a 1930s husband or a 1930s wife. Hope you have fun doing it. My score was 23 which rated me as very poor and it stated that I would have been a failure as a 1930s wife.

Yahoo, all I can say to that is ‘what a relief.’

Here is the site:


Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy, Happy, beat you by a big old 2 points, guess I am a much better wife (really, just lmao) funny, I feel much better now. A Must re-test in six months when I improve my wifely skills...

Love Colette

Deanna said...

I'm ashamed to say that I beat you...I scored 29. I'm glad to say however, that I would be a poor 1930's wife.

I'm actually suprised that you scored as high as you did...hee hee.