Monday, 11 August 2008

S Is For

Suzie (sister)
Shelly (sister)
Stacey (nephew)
Sheldon (nephew)
Shirley (friend – graduation together)

Strawberries (Wahid picked four pails)
Skunk (shares the same perfume as me when on chemo)
Scotch (not a person; a drink)
Shower (difficult)
Sally (dear friend from group)

Sun (star which brings us hope each day)
Scotland (birthplace of my mother and brother)
Skeleton in the closet (large family = large closet)
St. Boniface Hospital (hospital of choice)
Spain (Angelique honeymoon/Nadalene school)

Self-esteem (too much)
Self-discipline (too little)
Scans (every four months)
Ste. Marie (maiden name)
Sad (does not mean you are depressed)

Son (Nathan)
Soccer (Nathan gave us 15 years of entertainment)
Spirituality (it counts, not religious dogma)
Scared (rarely)
Snug as a bug in a rug (Josephine very comfortable indeed)


Anonymous said...

Any chance that I can curl up with Josephine???...

I am... said...

I think I would of had to put Slurpee on my list! But this is why this is your list and not mine...he he he.