Monday, 18 August 2008

T Is For

Toni (niece; newly engaged)
Taylor (niece)
Tammy (niece)
Tiffany (god-daughter)
Travis (Darlene’s son; friend)

Tomato (Josephine and her Mommy’s favourite)
Tiger (don’t mess with my children)
Tea (family pastime)
Type (earned my living)
Tears (mostly from sorrow; sometimes from joy)

Trinidad (Wahid’s place of birth)
Tree (Siberian Elms in front yard)
Tibet (oppressed)
Together (we can make it)
Touch (all the time)

Ted (Nathan’s first Christmas present)
Tale (once upon a time)
Teacher (Angelique and Nathan [one more year])
Thirty (Nadalene)
Today (live in the now)

Truth (never boring)
Toilet (personal relationship with it)
Tulip (a favourite flower)
Thrifty (me, Wahid, and Nadalene)
Tolerance (important)


jacquie said...

tea for two madame
(me & you)
together strong
love jacquie

Anonymous said...

"T is For" TUESDAY
Tuesday support group because no one could ride this roller coaster alone!!!!!!!!!!!
Nitey nite