Monday, 4 August 2008

R Is For

Renee (me, aunt, grandmother)
Rochelle (sister -- Shelly)
Rick (nephew, brother-in-law)
Robinson (Robbie)
Ryan (Nathan’s best friend)

Raspberry (prefer over strawberry)
Rabbit (holding a tray)
Rum (Old Oak)
Responsibility (Wahid hates the word)
Riot act (Mom was a pro)

Rainbow (somewhere a promise is being kept)
Rain (danced with Luke)
Ruins (Greece and Turkey)
Redwood (drove through the middle of the tree in California)
Radar (60 in construction zones even if no workers or big fines)

Read (always)
Realistic (with a hopeful spin)
Reverence (Wahid)
Rob Peter to pay Paul (way to stretch money)
Rasputin (Nadalene’s current gobble)

Rosary (Hail Mary)
Respect (each other)
Rich (family)
Russian roulette (seeing doctor after scans)
Real or strong (Liz asked)

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