Saturday, 16 August 2008

Soundless Saturday No. 3


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thought. Thank you Renee. I needed a boast today. DPG

Deanna said...

I really like certainly touched me today after a long weekend of what must seem like (to you at least) hopeful Irish Dancing Competitions....I love my girls, and only hope that they can understand the ideas that some of your messages try to send out....
PS. hi from my little Kelly. (she's right here beside me as we check your site...)

Renee said...

Hey little Kelly:

I hope you had a good competition. By the way, I went to the Irish Pavillion and saw the girls with their curly wigs and I thought of you and your sister.

Hope to receive a new picture of you girls soon.

Give your Mom a big kiss for me, because my arms aren't long enough to reach her from here.

Love Renee

jacquie said...

never a truer's hoping.

Anonymous said...

We can never lose HOPE my dear friend.