Tuesday, 14 April 2009

April = 04

Do you like the rain? Yes I like the rain. I like rain in any form that it comes down. I like a drizzle. I like a downpour. I like a steady flow. My earliest memory of getting caught in a rainstorm was when I was about 13 and I was riding a bike home (whose I don’t know because I never had my own). I remember pedaling like mad down Elizabeth Road. I remember the first time I saw rain in Trinidad and I seriously thought it might be the end of the world because it came down in sheets and was not like when it rained at home. I remember Angelique and Nadalene walking down our street with water up to their waist when it had flooded in the 80s and on the other side of Hansford someone was in their canoe. I remember when I went to pick Nathan up at work and it was raining so hard I kept pulling over to the side of the road because I couldn’t see – I imagined that someone was going to hit me from behind.

Did you play an April Fools joke on anyone this year? Only on my blog, on my Wednesday’s Women post. My sister Shelly things I mellowed because I didn’t bring anyone to tears. Shelly always babysat Angelique and Nadalene when they were little before Nathan was born and I asked her one April 1st day why she had slapped the kids? She was ‘what, I never, etc.’ I was “well, why would they lie?” She was ‘what, etc. etc.’ and tears came and then I said “April Fools.”

Do you buy or get tons of candy for Easter? I use to buy lots of candy for the kids and now I just buy mini eggs. I buy a big package for Nathan and another package just to have in the house. Josephine was too small for chocolate this year. I don’t get any candy for Easter except the candy that I bring into the house and eat myself.

Do you love the month of April? I absolutely love the month of April because that is the month my son Nathan was born. Nathan is my only son and I love him to bits and pieces.


Yoli said...

It always makes my day to read your posts. I also LOVE the rain. I thought I was alone.

Shelly said...

I've always been prone to spring fever; more energy, a certain something in the air, having the feeling that a really good thing is on the verge of happening - what? I don't know - maybe I am just over excited that the snow has finally gone?

And yes, poor me, I was devastated at the time but in the end, since you could do no wrong and since I always got your humor and since I always loved you so much I came to the conclusion that it is one of the best April Fool’s jokes ever pulled - I fell for it hook-line + sinker...always the devout student, I have been trying to make people cry on April 1st ever since.

Angela Recada said...

Good morning, dear Renee! I also love April and rain of any kind and my only son (to bits and pieces, too!). April is so full of hope and new beginnings in nature. And rain always washes away something, no matter how hard or gentle it is, also providing the opportunity for something new. And sons, they hold a special place in a mother's heart, don't they. Happy birthday to your Nathan! xoxoxoxox Angela

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It rained here yesterday afternoon- the first time for many months. It was lovely - we just curled up on the couch and watched dvd's, which was a relaxing end to the day (we had had 18 people for lunch!). We did an Easter raffle this year - each person bought an egg and then we did a draw - it was a fun way to celebrate without overdoing the chocolate.

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Poor Shelley, you meaney you! LOL :D You and I sound like we share the same sense of humour, as thats exactly like something I would do!

I completely forgot about April Fools this year and thankfully so did my husband (Phew!)

I enjoyed reading your post Renee

Anonymous said...

Oh Renee,what a great post! I love the rain as well and as I was reading your memories my mind was racing to similar experiences I have had over the years. I lived for many years in Vancouver. People from "the east" (in Vancouver, EVERYONE is from the east!) used to ask me how I could stand living with all of the grey. First of all, it ISN'T greay all of the time, but even if it was, the rain and the green that results from it...nothing can compare.

Poor Shelly - she must have been devestated!
Love audrey

Caroline said...

I do like rain - tropical rain, that is! Don't like it so much when it's cold and windy. It rains everyday here in KL - with a rainforest on the doorstep it has to! However, it's currently raining inside too! Our bathroom ceiling has sprung a leak after a couple of huge downpours over the weekend! No chocolate this year for me - no children at home :( and trying to reduce my waistline!
Caroline X

Noreen said...

I love the rain. I love walking in the rain even more! What a wonderful topic to write about after such a challenging winter.

Sounds like you are on top of your game today! I hope to see you this afternoon at group!

Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Renee,
Oh yes! I love rain...when I am not at the beach...and no lightning...heavy heavy tropical rain...like in my beautiful Nicaragua...
I love April too...spring is here...vacation time...
No April's fool jokes this year...I do not know why...I was not in the mood I guess...
Say Happy Birthday to Nathan and eat a piece of cake in my name...mmmm

lakeviewer said...

We get a lot of rain in the Northwest; by January, we begin to get cabin fever. I too love the rain; but I miss the sun too. As you know I grew up in Italy and moved in my teens to Souther California, also a sunny place. I had no idea the sky could remain grey for months.

Here on the coast, the winds are the major problem, not the rain. When we get hurricane like winds, we can't get out at all; and we pray that the trees have good roots.

Are you getting signs of spring yet?

Sarah said...

Good morning Renee,
I love, love, love the rain. I lived in Arizona for about 14 years - VERY little rain and soooooo much sunshine. It could rain everyday and I would be very happy with that!!! Love thunderstorms!
Easter candy here has all munched and crunched - mianly by everyone else - am trying to drop a few pounds. Halloween kills me- I eat alot more then!!
I do love the flowery beginning of spring in April - am not much of a summer person!! Love ya, Sarah

Strawberry Girl said...

I love the rain as well!!

Sonia ;) said...

I Love the sound Rain hits on the roof, puddles, and windowsills. I really love a good rain storm with thunder and lightening...My son hates them(watched to many Tornado movies lol).

I didnt play any joke this year...wow how sad...hmmmmmmm mellowing I quess.

Didnt buy any candy this year...Bought fruit...but ate some that others gave me....5lb gainage I tell ya.

I love April...My hubby has his Birthday..Spring and warm weather happens....always warm here but its a newness to it all. More energy and such also..and baby birds...

Yes I Like April...

Sonia ;)

CAPow said...

I don't buy candy for any occassion because my mom buys enough candy for 5 years worth of holidays and then makes me take it home. It really doesn't help my diet whatsoever, because she knows I can't resist Reese's Peanutbutter Eggs or Cadbury Creme Eggs...

Anonymous said...

I, too, love the rain - and I wrote about it in similar ways to you (http://gypsyexpress.com/?p=576) The Fog's secret. We had a lot of rain here in Dubai - very unusal for this Arabian Gulf state.

Hope you are well.

Ces said...

I love April because it is SPRING.
April is STRESS AWARENESS MONTH. Do you know that the highest incidence of suicides occur in April? Yes, in the Spring because even though it is a season for renewal, it is very threatening for depressed people and they find themselves more hopeless.
April is NATIONAL HUMOR MONTH. Naturally one of the easiest way to relieve stress is to have humor, be surrounded by humor and be filled with humor. Some people have nothing except their great sense of humor and they feel richer than say, someone who has also nothing and has no sense of humor.
April 1st is April Fool’s Day but one of the wisest men I know was born on April 1st – my Father-in-law. April 30th is a blessed day. My Father was born on April 30th.
April is CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH. Child abusers are losers. They are worse than pirates. The third week of April is WEEK OF THE YOUNG CHILD, I am young and I am someone’s child.
April is KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL MONTH and you can do this by gardening in April because it is NATIONAL GARDEN MONTH and leave the frogs alone because April is NATIONAL FROG MONTH.
Above all I love April because of April 7th. You see April 7th was made for me. A lot of people may have been born on April 7th, or may celebrate WORLD HEALTH DAY but for me April 7th is special because the goddess HESTIA gave me a reprieve – April 7th is NO HOUSEKEEPING DAY, that’s right NO HOUSEKEEPING DAY and because I am grateful for the gift I declared April 7th – BLOG SISTER DAY! Check out my April 7th post.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Love the rain. Especially love lounging around in bed while it's raining. And, rain is very sexy.

Love April. The freshness of it. The hope it brings. Hate the 15th, though. Bad for procrastinators like moi:) Nathan must be very special!

Enjoy your day. Hope it's raining.

Love Nancy

Michelle said...

I love April too. My Tahni was born in April and it is autumn, not freezing cold and not stinking hot :)

How are you feeling lovely one??

Mum's bone scan was clear! Thank god for small bloody mercies. Love to you xxx

Manon Doyle said...

You'd love Ohio right now Renee! We've had three days of downpours! It reminds me of the years that I lived in B.C.
I do love April! I love hearing the birds chirp and seeing everything come to life again!

CarolineH said...

Yes my sweet friend..I love the rain. I remember as a kid, playing in the rain and even taking the bar of soap out in heavy rains!

I also love April as my own beloved sister was born April 4th, me, April 6th and my brother William on April 13th. :) Mom's birthday is on July 13th so I guess we can all figure out how she celebrated!

This year, I got a nice basket of chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered jellies, turtles and a solid easter bunny! Being a diabetic, it will most likely be eaten by the kids, but eh..thats ok.

I also forgot April Fools day this year. Have no idea what kind of jokes i could have pulled!

Love you, my sister of the heart, and loved this post.

Caroline xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Your merciless, nevertheless that is quite the April Fools joke.

Delwyn said...

I love the rain on our tin roof. April is our rainy month and over the last couple of weeks we have had more than a foot of it. Yesterday we had 6inches in a few hours, so heavy you can't hear...

Many rural towns have been flooded twice! Thats the thing about Australia drought in the Murray area, floods up here, bushfires in Melbourne...It's nature's country this one...

Its always the same at Easter when the town fills with tourists...alas...

but today the sun is out and its going to be a hot 30* (92*) autumn day..and HUMID....

happy days

studio lolo said...

I love rain. I love how things look after the rain, all bright and fresher! I have to admit I don't like rain day after day after day. I'm a Leo and I need sun even if it's cold outside.
I love a good downpour. I miss thunderstorms but will experience them again this year.
I'm with Caroline...I don't like cold rain. Ugh.

I don't eat candy very often. Hardly ever. I love cookies though. Go figure. But I'm more of a chip girl. Mmmmmmm.

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. Maybe he could share a slice of cake with Nathan ;)

To answer your questions from yesterday. The reporter I met for drinks isn't the one who'll be interviewing me. She's the one who wants to get me all this attention.

The Corgi went to the vet today for a progress checkup. We'll get blood results tomorrow. The hardest day will be when I tell my clients I'm leaving. I really do so much for them..more than dog care. Oh, he has kidney disease. There's no cure but we can manage his treatment and try to slow the progress of the disease. He was on death's door 10 months ago and he has had a fabulous new lease on life. They just needed someone to listen to them and not dismiss them because they're elderly. We have a wonderful relationship. I just got off the phone with them to make sure they understood our visit today.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'letting go of the cards.'
My Soulcollage cards? I have all of them in a box. I hope to keep adding to them here and there so I can do my own reading one day. I think that's the point of making them. I'll give you copies of any and all of them, just say the word ;)

How was your day, sister raven?
Super, I hope. Please let me know when you get results. I think of you every day.

But hey...that was mean mean mean what you did to Shelley! Good thing she loves you and understands your warped sense of humor! That's another reason I love you too.

Goodnight my dear. Sleep tight, sweet dreams.


kj said...

moon sister, you write in this stream-of-consciousness style that is so easy and delightful to read. you are a good writer.

april is my favorite month. i love the rain, i love that the earth cracks open and new growth breaks through, and most of all i like the way the trees and sky look when the leaves are just starting and there is that hazy and translucid feel to it all.

did the package arrive, renee? i hope you find it to be as you hope. if disturbing in any way, please don't push through it for my sake. okay?

kj said...

ps. i never thought of making people cry on april fool's day. i will remember that next year. please tell shelly i like her.
xo ditto

Anonymous said...

I adore April because it's my birthday month, and I always enjoy Easter.

Although I've never been big on candy or sweets (I'm more of a cheese/salty person), I always enjoy Easter. It reminds me of a time when I was a kid growing up without two nickles to rub together, but knowing that Easter would bring me a new outfit to wear to church.

Easter made this poor kid feel rich.

Summer used to be my favorite time of year, but since I moved to a warm all-year climate, I seem to veer toward spring and autumn. As my personal seasons change, so does my affection for particular environmental seasons.

As an aside, I did my taxes on Easter Sunday...and I found out I'm getting a big refund. Thank goodness, I'm so tired of paying for that disruptive war in Iraq we were tricked in to.

kj said...

beloved wild moon sister, hmmmm. should have arrived by now. if not in a few more days, i'll investigate.

i'm seeing mr. drew and mr. ryan tomorrow. what love, as you well know.

hey, i'm surprised you didn't see me in the sky tonight because i sent up two special stars--one for you and one for laurel--whispering to the universe to keep you both safe and silly.

fa,fa,fa,fa,fa,fa, (the beginning of all good f-word pronounciations. i'm just practicing) love you.

MuseSwings said...

Lovely ramblings! Only bought half a ton of candy this year. It's just me n' the mister.

Lisa said...

april rain- another reason i chose RAIHN- also becasue of my birthday- YES, i love april xx

Bella Sinclair said...

Whew, well it's a good thing you like the rain, girl. I only like the rain if I know I don't have to go out in it. Then, I LOVE a good downpour, lightshows and all. It's like going through a humongous carwash. I would get all excited whenever my dad took us through a drive through carwash.

Did I play any April Fools jokes? No, but I had to endure playing the chump over and over again as Emma practiced her finesse.

Did I get a ton of candy? I bought two tubes of Smarties and a small bag of chocolate eggs for the girls. Wanna know how much that cost me? Do ya? Nearly $20.

Do I love April? No, because April stole the heart of the boy I had a crush on in high school.

Hmmm, wonder how Ces feels about the month of April. Kind of hard to tell there.

Hope you are doing well, darling. xoxo

Tessa said...

I'm not one for gentle grey drizzle. No, no - I love the sudden surprise of a forking lightening flash, the sharp crack of thunder that follows, the rain that falls like a million tiny assegais onto the dry red earth and cracks it open to release the smell of ozone into the crackling air. I love the clamour on the tin roof and how vibrant flowers raise their heads to drink and the steam that rises from a land

Oh, and I love you as well Renee - you are quite thundery and lightenish sometimes...as well as funny and provocative and generous and warm.

Woman in a Window said...

I like your questions. Like a friend sprouting questions during a conversation.

Yes, I like the rain. I love the rain, very much. Chocolate? Are you kidding. Overindulgence is my middle name. April Fool's jokes? Not so much. But I think that was my first post here. April. I'd rather June.

Lola said...

"Aprile, dolce dormire" is the Italian adage. April is a sweet slumber.
I love spring, I love you and your humor, your warmth, your cheeky provocations, your depth and your wit. I love how you love your son to bits and I love your quirky posts and dark April Fools jokes. But I DO. NOT. LIKE. RAIN.
Hate it in the city. Perhaps if I were living in Africa, it would all be different.
Made something good for the salon...

Anonymous said...

I so love the rain...I yearn and long for rain..but it's not coming to our area very often...it's dry and beige around here..I want to go to the country where my husban comes from, Guatemala, where the earth gets a shower every day in the wet season..everything is green and lush and gives you the feeling that the world is new.

BT said...

I love the rain too, Renee, although last Summer here in Ireland we did have just a teensy weensy bit too much!! A real good downpour is wonderful though. I'd hate to live somewhere where it's always sunny and dry.