Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday's Women No. 24

My name is April and I feel like such a fool.

It was my birthday on Saturday and the celebrations haven’t really stopped.

My son phoned me earlier today to come over for lunch and when I did there were other people there too. I noticed a birthday banner and that the other people in the room were wearing birthday hats. My son slipped a hat on me and they got me to make a wish and blow out the candles.

I was seriously bursting with pride, thinking I am too much; my ego has never been so high. I must be too good and too kind and too great. I almost believe that I am the second coming. Otherwise why would everyone want to celebrate for so long?

I just started to cut the cake when they all yelled ‘April Fools’.

*artwork by Linda Olafsdottir


Lisa said...

beautiful lady !!!!
i laughed when i read your comment about just seeing my address in the sidebar !!!
not to worry, it has only been there about a month i guess.i have posted my ample boobs on my blog- how figgin game am I......??lets hear it for the wide girls xx

Daria said...

What a great joke ... you are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family ... and friends.

I've heard that in life you receive what you send out.

You're an amazing gal and deserve all the best.

kj said...

hey, here i am commenting first again. that rarely happens so it must be divine something-or-other.

renee, this is hilarious! you are too much.

by the way, there is alot of grumping and foot banging now going on at my blog and it seems you are the source of it. please come back and see what you can do.


Aleksandra said...

:O)))))) love Sandra

Tessa said...

Hehehe, Renee! A pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month. And it's no April Fool's prank to say that you ARE good and kind and great.

I've cooked lunch for you over at mine :-)

Sarah said...

Oy...I hate april fools, my father pulled mean heartless jokes and thought they were funny. I'm not one for mean I guess. We have a hard and fast rule - only funny jokes and pranks. Poor April.

pRiyA said...

Hahahaha....that was a good one!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

People love you because you are so lovable! Because you're you!

I'm so glad you're having fun!

studio lolo said...

This gave me a good laugh! And when you said you must be 'the second coming' husband refers to me as 'the second coming of Oprah!' I truly want a quieter life back east when I move. I swear I don't know how Oprah keeps up ;)

Thanks for your sweet offers of help. You're too much!

The new patient: She's a 13 1/2 year old Rottie/Chow mix whose owner asked if I could come over and trim her nails because she can't walk due to partial paralysis. She said she might bite but she'd have a muzzle 'just in case.' Well I filled my pocket with a no fail dog treat and we bonded instantly! I wanted to spend some time with her before trimming her nails so she could 'feel' that I wasn't there to harm her. I didn't like the way she was breathing though. I brought up my concerns to the owner who felt that it was normal breathing 'for her.' I assured her it was nowhere near normal and it was disturbing to me. She didn't have a regular vet seeing as the dog isn't able to walk. She occasionally had this half-assed mobile vet come over. All he does is throw medication at her. The dog has never been xrayed for her back and she's been down for 4 months! Anyway, I have the best vet on the planet so I went home and got in touch with her and explained my findings. She said she'd see her first thing in the morning so off I went to help the owner load Bailey in the car.
To make a long story a bit shorter, Bailey has a huge calcified tumor pressing against her trachea. It's vascular and very aggressive. We're waiting for the cytology from an aspiration she did and the results should be in today. Here's the problem. Even if it's benign it would need to be taken out. It's in a precarious spot and the dog is not a good surgical candidate because she lives a prone life on a blanket.
This poor woman only asked for a nail trim and then I come in and change her life. I told her people come into our lives as we need them, and this tumor needed to be discovered before her dog was gasping her last breath. At the very least we can put an end to her suffering with dignity and grace. She took the rest of the week off to spend time with her and to digest everything. It's very sad, but the dog is literally struggling for air and the woman doesn't want her to suffer one moment. Yes, my job is hard soemtimes but I love being a voice for the animals and a comfort to their owners.
Keep those prayers coming though, thank you ;)

I'll be gone most of the day today. Bailey will be one of my visits just so I can assess her breathing.

That's not the sister that has issues with my thinking were part Native American although she DID bring that up! LOL! Actually she really hurt my feelings because I don't lie and I don't make things up. I've actually been told these things, so whoever gave me the info was lying to me. Buggers! That's why I felt compelled to 'fess up' about Winnipeg!

Love you sister raven. Ah, family. What can you do?!


Anonymous said...

Oh you are too tooo. April and all..that was a bit mean though...but kind of teaching us not to take ourselves too seriously..I guess..
I did see Ilan's last peace post..I always read them..especially these 'deep posts' as he calls them..I commented too on that one..Ilan loves it when adults visit his blogs..he says 'they' understand and give appropriate feedback'..I know..aren't they lovely..oh so lovely..
Thanks Renee..Both Maya and Ilan 'know' you for quite a long time now..but just now decided you 'should' know that..Enjoy your day..

pRiyA said...

Of course I'm going to be fainting sweetie, right after I fix my head back. It rolled off under the table from an excessive bout of laughing.

Did you feed your unicorn that special treat today? They say it makes them fly higher...

Anonymous said...

oooh! a gift! hippity hop!

glorv1 said...

Hi Renee. They all love you. I just saw the "Renee Award" and that is so cool. You deserve it. Have a great day. Take care.

Noreen said...

This is just too funny. Thanks for making my day!

kj said...

ms. renee, i can spell 'lubricious' too. i am very smart even though i get in trouble in school all the time for talking too much. mr. o'hare is mean to me.

when i first heard people say lubricious, they were smiling but i don't know what it means and it if doesn't have to do with candy or having fun, i don't really care.

thank you for visiting my guest blog, ms. renee.
ps do you want some rabbit pellets?

Anonymous said...

shoot! i sent my email on kj's name but it is really from me--emily!

lakeviewer said...

You got me.

Shelly said...

This picture makes me laugh – despite her scowl, you just want to love her up.

So tell me, gone are the days when you would bring people to tears at the mercy of your April fools jokes?? “Shelly, Angelique and Nadalene told me you slapped them last night when you babysat …”

Renee said...

Shelly har har har.

Love it.


Michelle said...


my word verification is 'caring' apt :)

Manon Doyle said...

LOL! I'm still laughing! I hate April fool's jokes! I was always the butt of them!

Ces said...

Forget about the post. I just eavesdropped on Shelly's comment to you and I am shocked. This has to be remedied.

Lola said...

Tee hee, that's darky funny. Ciao lovely lady, supper's ready at the Salon, just drop by my place to see what I've cooked up.

soulbrush said...

hate april fool jokes too. aaaw lo's story touched my heart -as most of her stories do.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Now, THAT is hysterical, Renee!! I see the great sense of humour runs in the family. Don't you hate that when you're walking around as proud as a peacock, then BAM, someone has the nerve to bring you to your senses:)

P.S. I'm thinking of using one of your previous images for a prompt: What do ya think?


Delwyn said...

I didn't think you would fall for an April 1st joke Renee, has all that cake gone to your head?

Meghann said...

Did you at least get to eat the cake? that would have made up for it for me anyway ;-)

Bella Sinclair said...

Teeheeeheee! Ok, yes, that WAS kind of mean. But ya gotta love those who aren't afraid to knock you back into your place every now and then, right?

What a fun, close family you have. It's beautiful to watch. :)

Anonymous said...

I made it through the day with out encountering a single April Fool's joke until now. So you win!

Caroline said...

OH, that must have brought you down to earth with a bump!! Good that you can laugh about it!

Debbie said...

Leave it to family to let us know we are not the second coming after all!

Anonymous said...

Happy April Fool's Day! I'm counting 23 candles on that cake which is a great age to say you'll be when turning 53. :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Aaaaaahhhhh, Renee, you little scamp!

I stand corrected and humbled. I have no doubt that you have always loved so honestly and generously. And I agree, some souls always travel in the same circles. So how did you end up all the way over there?

Dragonesque said...

Love your work ♥

Caroline said...

Ha, Renee! I'm so gullible!!!

Simone de Klerk said...

I really like this ((O:

Draffin Bears said...

What a lovely April Fools Party.

It is truly lovely that your family and friends have given you another birthday cake.


Ascender Rises Above said...

lol - you are the second coming; clever you.

Taylor said...

she reminds me of a "slow moving prankster"