Friday, 10 July 2009

Fantasy Friday BLD No.22


Anonymous said...

Head in a cloud, Monkey on my back, Caged? BREAK OUT, Time for an escapade, I am in!..

Love Colette

Coastal Sisters said...

These images are amazing.

Angela Recada said...

Masks, masks everywhere. YOU are the real deal!

This is incredible art, once again. I hope you have a terrific weekend, dear Renee.


Sarah said...

Hmmmm I think I like the first one best! Even thought there are plenty of dark symbols in it, it looks cozy and inviting, childlike and sweet to me.
The second one..yikes that monkey gives me the creeps.
The third one somehow reminds me of one of those bad dreams about carnivals, spinning and bright colored lights..ackkkk!
Wonderful choices again this morning!!
Hope you are well hon!
Love & hugs, Sarah

Angela Recada said...

I think many people hide behind masks because, deep inside, they are unsure and afraid. Being yourself opens you up to ridicule. It's easier to hide behind a mask that looks like so many other masks.

But those masks can be such an emotional and physical burden. Sometimes, some of us don't find the courage until later in life to drop the mask, be ourselves, and uncover the light that's been hidden beneath the mask. It's so much easier to breathe once the mask is lifted. It reminds me of the first breath a newborn takes. It's the breath of LIFE.

(Hahaha! The word verification for this comment is "krammo". Don't krammo your life into a box. Take off the mask, breathe, and celebrate your uniqueness!)


Tessa said...

Masks are scary - even if it is intended to be benign or comical. The Venice Carnival was terrifying - I had nightmares for months afterwards!

Angela Recada said...

You are open to people as they are, and accept them, but many people aren't.

In my case, it started when I was very young, when I had to pretend to be a certain way so my own father would criticize me less. Later, because I moved so many times as a child, I had to learn to mimic others because I wanted to avoid being called names and having my hair pulled. It became a habit to wear a mask to avoid any kind of negative attention. But I eventually decided I didn't give a shit anymore. I wish I had had even a small bit of support early in life, so I could have felt that way sooner.

We now live in a very conservative suburb (I have hated it for 20 years and can't wait to leave. . .), where I have seen the pressure that's been placed on my own children to fit in to some local "norm". But I gave them what I never had - permission and encouragement to always be themselves. This hasn't been easy, but now they are on their way to being incredible individuals.

I think many people don't feel free to be truly themselves for many reasons - family, church, school, cliques, society, etc. Many don't even realize they have an option - they don't even notice the masks they wear. I have friends who are literally afraid to think for themselves. It's very sad.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love your fantasy friday posts Renee! I don't know how you find such wonderful artwork, but it's great!!!

Have a super weekend sweetcheeks!

A Cuban In London said...

On of the reasons why I like your Fantasy Friday is because I open my mind and all kinds of ideas stroll in. Some are printable, some are not. The second image is... well, that's an unprintable one.

Many thanks. Marvellous post.

Greetings from London.

Marie S said...

masks, facades, false impressions.
The happy mask I wear to cover and hide the conflict, pain, and grief I am really wearing.

Diana Evans said...

holy smokes Renee!!! you always find the collest art!!! lovely!!!

Have a wonderful weekend....I am going to get a mask now!!

The15YearOldNaive said...

the masks reminds me of the movie
"the iron mask"
for no reason..
have a great day Renee!

Manon Doyle said...

I just love these works ! I think I like the last one the best!!
Heading to my studio soon girlfriend! What are you up to today?

rochambeau said...

All nice, but I see myself in # 3 It that you with me? Did we just run away from the circus? ;-)

Interesting, how some do not like masks since I absolutely ADORE them!!


rochambeau said...

Monkey on BACK ~
No Good!
Tell him to GO AWAY!


Javajune said...

For some reason I like the last one the best. I love them all though. I sort of feel like the girl in the cage right about now but I'm getting ready to bust loose and take off my mask. Watch out! I always enjoy my visits with you!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, i'm with Tessa. Though I love the art, the creativity and the colors, they scare me too. But then~I don't like clowns either. Not sure what caused it but they freek me out!

I hope your day will be full & blessed.

Linda Sue said...

Agree Tessa- Masks give me the creeps!
Renee, re: your comment on my bloggish foolishness- Indeed you do know about "nuts", I am quite sure that you could write volumes!
Nothing that might fit into a mache walnut,perhaps, but I think you must know everything...nuts included...because you are smart that way.

K said...

i always look so forward to your friday the first one Dali?
I wrote something in my journal about masks about one year ago - i still reflect upon it. I think through out many facets of our life we hide behind masks... whether it be to protect our children from our own sadness and pain or protect ourselves from others seeing our vulnerability. I know I have been guilty of putting a mask on now and again. Happy Friday Renee!

yoborobo said...

Wow - amazing art (again!). I love the first one A LOT. I'm ready for an escape - monkeys, masks, mayhem. I am there. :) Have a fabulous weekend!! xox Pam

Coreopsis said...

Actually, they ALL give me the creeps, as beautiful as they are, especially the first one. THe child is so prim and proper, dressed up and sitting on a formal red chair. He is yearning for that open, light world out there, but even as he leans toward it, his head is covered with the mask. He is surrounded by creepy things. I don't think that's the way childhood should be (or even adulthood). The whole world should be light, and filled with wonder, but open wonder, there for the taking or looking or experiencing, without the layers of suppression, or inhibitions.

I had a childhood filled with wonder, and I don't remember ever pretending to be someone I wasn't (that came later when I was married), and my kids, I think, had a similar childhood (they claim to have had a terrible childhood because we "deprived" them of mass media--i.e. we had no TV or video games, so they had instead. Oh heavens! If they didn't have a good childhood, there's no such thing as a good childhood).

Angela's story very much saddened me. I'm so glad she "found" herself. I think about that a lot--supporting children (or teenagers in my case, since that's who I teach) in being themselves. Someone's got to do it.

Thanks for posting these. They prompted a very worthy piece of thinking time.

Snowbrush said...

Great illustrations as always.

Caio Fernandes said...

what beaultiful images . my favorite is the top one

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Very neat and whimsical :)

Deborah said...

I'll take Fantasy #3 please. What is your fantasy, love? Oh, I think I know. You have been heavy on my heart this week. All my love, Deb

Strawberry Girl said...

I was just going to say these are really sureal and freaky, but I see Colette completely gets it. ;D

Amazing pictures Renee!! Love you, hope your doing well (at the moment).


Anonymous said...

Fabulous Fantasies, and very inspiring

Ces said...

I do not like masks. I do not like people who wear masks. I'm with Tessa. Masks are scary. The city where I was born has a MassKara Festival. It is supposed to be the City of Smiles and instead of just smiling which people really do in real life without the masks, they have this humungous festival where everyone wears costumes and dons a smiling mask. Whatever for? At least they are not as scary as the other masks I have seen elsewhere. Still I won't talk to anyone who wears a mask, not even on Halloween after the age of 12 - no candy for you masked tricker!

Ces said...

HEY! You were visiting me and I was visiting you! Great vibes!!!

Ces said...

Ah yes indeed. I miss her even if I talk to her everyday. It is not the same without the blogs. So sometimes I feel very lonely in my blog without her. Isn't that strange? I am so glad you visit me. I thank you very much and I am also having fun with my new friends but I always miss her there. I know you miss her too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee, I cannot "mask" how I feel about Fantasy Friday - Love it! And love you!

Ha ha about the yellow! It has become a bit of a game for me, waiting to see how long it takes for my fellow shooters to realize that I am doing the yellow for Renee every Friday! As I figure out where in my photo line-up to put it, I am giggling like a crazy woman! Glad you like it!

Sonia ;) said...

Feeling blocked, down, and mind caged in thoughts not so happy?

I like the monkey and the way he kind of looks like maybe he really deep down inside whats to do something unexpected and dangerous..

Live a lil maybe..

S xoxox

Jaliya said...

Good lord ... The first image looks like a dream / nightmare I had this aft. while sleeping ...

Renee, you amaze me ... your will to beauty -- your insistence on beauty ... (hard to put to words; I just woke up and tea hasn't hit the brain yet!) ...

Bless xoxo

Daria said...

The first one is cute in a weird kind of way.

Jeanne said...

Every time I come here, I find myself thinking, "Thank God I don't smoke weed anymore...."

lakeviewer said...


Woman in a Window said...

Those women in that last picture are very very naughty, if not entirely bad.

yoborobo said...

You, too, my friend. :) xo Pam

BT said...

wow, such philosophising in the comments. I love the last one, so colourful and masks can be such fun.

Ribbon said...

never disappointed here
thank you :-)
xx Ribbon

YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Renee! Me again. I'm glad you liked the fish photo. It is true that it looks like it has writing on the scales. It's a very unusual type of scale formation. I ♥ it! There are even some with scales which glimmer like diamonds! That is why I absolutely ♥ koi, they're so bright and colorful, and they always cheer me up when I'm down. don't know why, but it's true.

Lori ann said...

Dear Renee,

Now I'm a little scared :) Not a fan of masks, except maybe carved wooden african ones...

Happy Friday, well,now this is so late so Happy Saturday!


Sue said...

Renee, all these images are fabulous. Masks, masks and more masks. We all wear different masks through life I illustrated here.

My favorite is the top pic as (for me) it evokes a real mixture of emotions.

Hope you have an absolutely fabulous weekend.


kj said...

that dinner painting is from 'heavenly hussies'? that made me laugh.

no masks for me, renee. sometimes i wish i could, i would, but more often i know it's best to just be who i am.

angela recada's comments are so heartfelt i can understand both her past pain and her wonderful freedom.

tell me you'll never run out of all these incredible illustrations and paintings. i don't like some of them, but they always make me think.

love you, moon sister.

ps our laurel has arrived home...

joanne May said...

Oh wonderful images Renee. Very inspiring. Have a lovely weekend

P.S. I have put you on my blog Roll. I hope that is ok.:)

soulbrush said...

you know what? they all give me the creeps, but then so do people sometimes. we all wear masks and that is a good thing, no one wants to see the real us!