Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Canada Day No. 2

Shouting out a great Canada Day from my beautiful province of Manitoba where you just raise your arm and you can touch the stars.

I have many reasons to be proud of who I am and where I come from. And today on Canada day I would like to tell you one of the reasons why I am very proud to be a Canadian.

In 2005, Canada passed a law to legalize same-sex marriage and when that happened I was very proud. Canada along with Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, and Norway recognize the rights of all their citizens to marry.

By becoming the fourth country in the world to allow same-sex marriage; I believe it has only enhanced Canada’s image as a decent and tolerant nation. By recognizing the commitment of marriage between same-sex couples, Canada has signaled to the world that there is a secure place for homosexuals in our country.

Welcoming homosexuals into the compact of marriage is the surest sign a society can send that it no longer considers them beyond the pale.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


Lola said...

Well said, Renee. I have a close relative who fights for same sex rights and I am forwarding this post to her.

I apologize for being a little absent from the blog etiquette rituals, but life has sorta taken over my blogging routine!

You're always in my heart, in my prayers and the reason for my smile.
I love you,
Lola xx

Marie S said...

Happy Canada Day Renee!
Love and hugs,

Anonymous me said...

As a Canuck far from home I am always proud to say where I am from ... my accent has faded over the years but not my love for the wide open spaces of home. I was priveleged to witness the civil ceremony of two of my oldest friends last year. England has moved slowly along the path of tolerance and acceptance, but to witness such joy afer 20 years of living on the margins was just wonderful.

Hope you are having a good day today Renee. Happy Canada Day! xxJ

Elizabeth said...

I didn't know that about Canada. Sigh. Another reason to wish I were Canadian. Happy Canada day to you!

Michelle said...

Yes....its interesting, I mean who gets to decide whats right and wrong?
And why is that fair and just?

And all that jazz that makes my head ache.....


Marie said...

Happy Canada Day Renee! I miss it over here. No fireworks, or day off . . . it's just a day like any other. *sniff*

Ces said...

Happy Canada day to you dear Renee. Although I do not want to engage in an argument with you, I declare I do not believe in Same-Sex Marriage on the basis of science and religion. It is unnatural and does not support the propagation of the human species. Maybe someday we will be like the asexual ants, Mycocepurus smithii, which does not need males to propagate but then the world will be full of women and who will be the queen-female who will produce all the eggs, and no men, what fun is that? I do however, believe in economic equality, that people who declare themselves families, should be entitled to the same economic rights and dependent benefits. So, I can live with my sister or my friend (whom I will not have sexual relations with) but who I will consider my family and claim her as a beneficiary since she is my "family". The premise that two females or two males have to be married to claim each other as family is rediculous to me.

Baino said...

G'day lovely. I think Canadians and Australians are very similar in attitude, lifestyle, politeness etc. But . .I'm ashamed to say that my country does not recognise gay marriage yet we're probably one of the most 'tolerant' countries in the world when it comes to 'gay rights'in terms of nti-vilification legislation and de-facto rights and I just don't get it. What's he big deal about stopping people who love each other forming a committed relationship and formalising it with marriage? The gay people I know are all in long-term committed relationships . .some have even been to Canada to marry but it's still not recognised here. There are so many other priorities to get straight, I can't believe this one is so high on the agenda.

Happy Canada Day to you too and now I'm humming "Oh Canadaaaaaaa" . . you will pay chicken . . you will pay!

A Cuban In London said...

And I salute Canada for that, too. In the UK we have had civil partnerships since 2005 (I think), not quite the same, but a step forward. At least they got rid of the awful Section 28, implemented by the Tories in the 80s.

Greetings from London.

Manon Doyle said...

Happy Canada Day my dear friend Renee!
I'm also proud to be a Canadian.... we'll now I'm a dual citizen! Canada is the coolest country! Yay or did I mean eh? LOL

secret agent woman said...

A very Happy Canada Day to you!

ANd that is something to be proud of. SOmething we've not managed, in spite of pulling ourselves together enough to elect a more liberal president. But it wil happen, I believe that.

Carolee said...

Well said, and kudos to Canada! There are reasons I feel proud of my country too, but this issue is definitely not one of them.

Happy Canada Day!

~ Carolee

Chrisy said...

Hell i don't know how you did it...we've only just got equal legal rights here in Australia...I can't imagine how long it'll take for the right to marry...even tho most gays that I know aren't interested in having a 'government accepted marital status' they deserve at least to have the choice....

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Happy Canada Day to you Renee!!! The tolerance of Canadians has long been something I have admired. If I were to pick out the worst thing about the U.S. it would be intolerance. Have you heard the sayings, "its my way or the highway" or "love it or leave it"? Well that signifies the injustice, intolerance, and prejudice of many people from the U.S.
With the election of our new president I am hopeful this is a signal that change is coming, but there are still many radicals who show no tolerance.
This attitude has long made me think living in Canada would fit my own personal lifestyle. Having said all this, there are many reasons to like the U.S. and many things for which I am thankful, but greater tolerance would be wonderful
Ah, I ramble... Have a great day

yoon see said...

Happy Canada Day to you too:)

Angela Recada said...

Happy Canada Day, dear Renee!

Lovely post. I am always so proud to be a German-CANADIAN-American - "Oh Canada! My home and native land . . .da da dada da da da da da da!"

I hope you have a lovely day!


Meghann LittleStudio said...

Happy Canada Day!

studio lolo said...

From one Canadian to another,you're one awesome lady!!
And I love the idea of you reaching up to touch the stars.

FYI, I haven't been able to take many pictures because there's been so much road construction and nowhere to pull over. Let me tell you, it's been gorgeous!! A few times it was very hairy driving. yesterday I thought for sure we were goners! And NO, I'm not being a backseat driver because I'm the driver ;) I'm too nervous to be a passenger, besides my driving is flawless ;)

Happy Canada Day! Miss you and love you!


yoborobo said...

YAY CANADA!! I love you! The voice of reason and tolerence. Thank you!!! Have a great day today, Renee! xox Pam

Sonia ;) said...

Woot Woot Canada...Now if stodgy old America would get with the times...Im ready...ordained for when my Girls want to get married...

Love ya sweetie...You were right I love this post.

S xoxox

Anonymous said...

Darn it! I wanted to wish you a Happy Canada Day before you mentioned it.

Anyway, HAPPY CANADA DAY! And yes, we Americans do love Canadians. Remember, our countries share the largest unprotected border between any two countries in the world.

Except for those pesky border stops. Why can't I bring my bonzai tree into Canada anyway? HA!)

I'm planning a trip to the Middle East next year. I think I'll wear a Canadian flag pin...just in case. Because the world doesn't hate Canadians!

My God, it's good to get our government back from the oppression of the Bushies.

Okay, now I'm digressing. Now, what was I writing about? Oh, Happy Canada Day!

Holly said...

I wish I were Canadian...for the reason you speak of so eloquently and for the BEER!

Sheeanna said...

I will be moving to Canada ASAP! How are you doing lovely lady? Im sorry it has been some time. Work has been icky, still no internet at home but hopefully soon, I hate not being able to keep up with my blog. I have almost finished your present! Yay, Im excited to send it to you. :)

May said...

Hi Renee, I'm from NS ... am in a same sex relationship-- raised 3 children together and have a grandchild.

Am so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer. I have close family members who are survivors. In my pewter comapany, I produce the comfort heart. The heart along with Carol Ann Cole have raised over $1,000,000 for cancer research). It's only a little ray to add to all the other rays... hope that one day there will be a cure.
Best regards, May

Shelly said...

I love Canada and I love my prairie sky!

Marion said...

Well, I, for one, LOVE Canada because YOU are in it!!!

Happy Canada Day, dear Renee! (We'll be waving our own flags soon on July 4).

I used to tease my husband and tell him the only person I'd leave him for is my best friend....and he thinks I'm kidding! LOL! Let's hear it for equal rights!!!! Blessings!

Marie S said...

Isn't Bobbi's work beautiful?
She is such a sweetie.
Have a great day my pretty.
I LOVE canadians! EH?

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind comment Renee, I have a special award for you too.
Pls. drop by when you are free:)

Kate said...

Canada is awesome! Thanks for posting this. Plus a Happy Canada Day to you!


soulbrush said...

yes happy canada day - one of the teaching assistants at our school wa smaking a hat today as it is canada day/night celebrations at trafalgar square in central london today. and boy they are gonna sure have fun in the sun.

Lori ann said...

That is a thing to be proud of. I love Cananda too. Happy Day!

You are so sweet.

love to you dear Renee.

CarolineH said...

Happy Canada Day my dear sweet friend! I know it's been a while since I've been on, but life and work have taken hold in many ways. I am up in Ontario at the moment, visiting Rick and his family. This is my first real trip to Canada, and I'm just loving it here. I'll be back up often! When I get back home, I'll be blogging my thoughts, feelings and adventures, with pictures (if i can figure out how to do that) I love you and miss you so very much! Hugs to you and yours my dear sweet sister of the heart.


rochambeau said...

Happy Canada Day Renee!
Good going to your fine country for passing this important law! NOW! please pass the torch to the US!!! May we follow your lead!

Hope you are happy today, friend!!

Sarah said...

Happy Canada Day! That is a great thing that you talk about too. The UK recognises civil partnerships of same sex couples-I think from about four or five years ago.
Love Sarah xx

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Happy Canada Day Renee! I'm a couple hundred miles short of being Canadian, but I'll celebrate with you! Woohoo!

Pattee said...

Here here Renee!
All peoples should have right to love and marry the ones they love. Yea for Canada!

*my secret wish is to be a Canadian*

There's times I've told people I'm a Canadian because I'm so embarrassed to say I'm an American...


(side note... I went to Costco here and it was packed with Canadians on Canada day LOL)

Deborah said...

Happy Canada Day, Renee! I wonder if people opposed to gay marriage would still feel that way if it were their son or their daughter...funny how it strikes such passion in people either way. Not that I personally consider it a "sin", but I do believe that God cares less about "sexual sin" and more about the damage that people can do to eachother with words. Just my own thought...Sending you all my love, but not in a Broke Back Mountain way...Deborah

Renee said...

May from NS thank you so much for the work you have done for all of us in raising money for cancer research.

It is through people like you who reach out for all of us.

I don't know what the comfort heart is but I appreciate it.

Thank you.

Love Renee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, How are you, In all the busy days, I have thought about you.
Homosexual marriages are allowed in the uk also. Your can count five, yeah!
Hope you're having a great time.
I used some of the sayings in the lovely book you sent me on the hugging angel painting. Such a wonderful read! Your half moon is hanging under and old looking shelf in my dinning/art room. I am waiting for the next painting to dry to place on the wall. Then I am going to take a photo. Your moon looks awesome. Great because I think of you when I see it.

Just wanted to send you my love and a big kiss and hug!

Ingrid Mida said...

Happy Canada Day Renee! I'm proud of Canada too.

jacquie said...

" Welcoming homosexuals into the compact of marriage is the surest sign a society can send that it no longer considers them beyond the pale."
as you have stated above ....
i think it also sends a message to people that being gay is nothing to fear.......that homosexuals are as normal as you and i.
happy canada everyone
together strong

Aleksa said...

Happy Canada because it has you,my dearest Canadian girl,Im proud of you! Love and peace,Sandra

Jen said...

Cheers to that, Renee!

dutchbaby said...

It is so hard to believe that we Californians did not manage to retain this right. Good for Canada!

glorv1 said...

Happy Canada Day to you. Hope you are well. Have a great day tomorrow.(hugs)

Stepping off the edge said...

Happy Canada Day!
Wahooo! I have property on the shore of Lake Ontario (at the mouth of the St.) a short (lol) boat ride to Wolfe Island or ferry to Quebec. I must admit- it is the highlight of my summer taking that ferry acrossed. What a lovely place indeed!

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Canada Day to you and your Family Renee.

Carolyn xo

Sue said...

I would not want to live anywhere else I don't think - although Canada is all I have ever known.

I love Canada for its peacefullness, diversity and tolerance....and more.

Wishing you a fabulous Canada Day my dear friend!


Woman in a Window said...

Here here! Let's hope we keep going forward! (Some crazy butt conservative politicians have scared the bejezaz outta me thinking we might go back!)

Happy Canada Day. The fireworks are sounding off right now!

Anonymous said...

I must agree. I take a different stand than most folks I know of the deep bible teaching. I think same sex couples might be here to not defy the heavens as much as test the christian. They may not be able to propagate child rearing but maybe they could help ease the over burden system of children waiting on adoption. I have so many feelings about this topic and I find most are unwilling to expand their thinking to allow for change.

I for one, don't care what color, sex, class etc you come from. just love one another... please.

Happy Canada Day!!! May you waive both flags proudly.

studio lolo said...

I love Jacquie!
She really is eloquent and loving.

I got us to the other side of Wyoming today.
The next 3 days we'll be in Colorado seeing my sister.

You know, being Canadian has always made me feel proud even though I've been away for a long time.

hugs and smooches, Raven sister!

Pattee said...

LOL Renee I don't want you to choke on your tea before I see you... : )

I don't know if "Americans" will chastise me ... but I've never been "patriotic"... I think there are many countries in the world that are as good as America.

I could live in many countries and be happy .... Canada being one...

We had a condo in Vancouver (since sold) and I loved saying I was from Vancouver B.C....

Please let me in!!!!! I'll be a model Canadian citizen!!! I promise!

Love Pattee

Caroline said...

I'm sorry to be a bit late to wish you a Happy Canada Day Renee - anyway I hope it was a good one for you!

Ribbon said...

Yes yes... something to be very proud of.

Great post as always Renee

best wishes
Ribbon x

Bailey said...

Now c'mon Australia! Get with it!

Tessa said...

Happy Canada Day! It is a country I've not visited yet, but one that I've long been fascinating by. Oh, and the amazing stream of literary talent that has poured into the world from that far-northern country. And you, of course! I stand up and salute both.

Karin Bartimole said...

Hi Renee,
I have really enjoyed my several trips to Canada, the country. From the modern aspects of Toronto- the galleries, the restaurants; to the historic aspects of Quebec and Montreal - the architecture and cobblestone roads; but it's been through blogging that I have fallen in love with the people. Especially one :)
Bravo to the open acceptance of all, in legalizing same sex marriage country wide. Why it's even an issue is beyond me, but here we are, state by state, in the U.S. warring over love. crazy...
xox Karin

Dawn said...

Happy Canada day - and hey the UK has come into the fold of tolerant countries too xxx

BT said...

Sorry I'm a day late Renee, but happy Canada Day for yesterday anyway. My daughter is 'married' to 2 other ladies!! Not in a civil ceremony but in a pagan one. Very lovely ceremonies they were too.