Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Center Of My Circle

When Yvette and I were both working at Tax we would listen to Harry Potter on tape.  We shared our tapes and our love of the story.  We also shared our dislike of the Dementors in the series and would describe to each other how similar so many people in our office were.  (I know  that was Dementor behaviour on our part.)

Dementors are beings that suck the life out of a person.  Literally they would put their mouth on yours and give you the kiss of death.  Where they were there was no joy, everyone in their vicinity was left with a feeling of utter despair.  We all know the refrain from the Dementors theme song; gloom and doom and doom and gloom, life is shitty and so are the people in it, mope, mope and more mope, gloom and doom and doom and gloom.

See how they can suck you in.  I am totally getting away from myself because I am not here to talk about Harry Potter or Dementors.  I am here to talk about the opposite of Dementors.

I am here to talk about Life-Lifters, which Yvette is one of and Jill was the master of.

My concept of a Life-Lifter is very simple.  It is a person that chooses to uplift everyone around them.  They are the type of people that after talking to them you always feel better, even if you can't remember what they said.  They are the people who seem to have it altogether even if they swear that they don’t.  People like to be around them because they are really interested in you as a person, as another human being on this planet.  They care about your well-being and they want you to be happy.  They themselves are happy.

I try to foster acceptance and understanding by living life as a Life-Lifter by:

Doing the small things that make life special.
Giving freely, without expectations.
Smiling at people.
Being grateful.
Looking people in the eyes when talking to them.
Thinking of others.
Wishing upon a star.
Being sincere.
Delighting in delighting others.
Laughing at myself.
Staying calm.
Knowing that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Living by my word and meaning what I say.
Being friendly.
Learning consistently.
Giving others a feeling of safety and understanding.
Seeing things in a positive manner.
Sharing hope and joy.
Understanding that everyone is special.
Being patient and kind.
Quietly doing things for others.
Not being a martyr.
Having a global conscience.
Making life better for those around me.
Being forgiving.
Giving people the benefit of the doubt.
Trusting in God.
Being honest.
Loving life.
Believing that dragons sing within the rocky mountains.
Talking to young children, especially teens.
Not feeling sorry for myself which is not the same as sometimes feeling sad for myself.

We need less Dementors in this world and more Life-Lifters.  What do you say, do you want to hop on board?

Lets you and I choose to be the Life-Lifters within our circle.  Pass on a kindness today even if it is just a little smile.  Some soul out there needs it.  And if it is you that needs it, then I am sending it to you.  If you look you will find it in a child’s face.

So from the center of my circle I am sending all of you positive thoughts to your circle and beyond.


Anonymous said...

I am on board for sure and sending positive thoughts right back at you. For me, you are the best life lifter of all. Through your blog you inspire me every day to be a better person and to enjoy all the people that I have around me to the fullest each and every moment of the day. Love You Jeannine XOXO

Anonymous said...

There you go... You have been able to take me out of myself, that dam dixie was creeping in...

Love you all the way to the moon and back

Keeping the circle STRONG

shelly said...

Well, I was living the vita Dementor today, but your blog has reminded me that life is full of choices and this is one I as a human being can certainly make…I don’t know about hopping, but I will drag my fat ass aboard.

Mickey said...

What could be better than being a Life Lifter. I am so on board. I think there is nothing better than to give someone even a stranger a smile and a if we could all strive to be kinder to everyone how nice would that be. Beautiful blog entry, give a wakeup call Thanks and I Love You.

natalie said...

Auntie Renee,
Next to my mom of course, you have always been my number one Life Lifter. My soft spot when I fall, and my life lifter when I need it. I love you.
Natalie Renee

natalie said...

ps. i'm totally on board.

Anonymous said...

You made me and my heart smile with wonderful memories of you and I sharing our thoughts about Harry Potter and the Dementors.
You have given me the highest compliment..I thank you and I give it right back to you. In my eyes, you are the Queen of Life Lifters.
You inspired me when we worked at tax, and you continue inspire me now and others with your blog.
I feel so blessed to call you my friend.
Positive thoughts right back at ya!
What a beautiful Life Lifter List!
Love you Renee,

Anonymous said...

Renee you are definetly a life-lifter , count me in, I only hope that I can be as good as you, you are my HERO!!! Thank You I love you

Steph said...

Okay, this is day 3 reading your blogs, and this particular one really changed my mood. Ive been in a funk lately. Got layed off from my job, live in the desert where its 115 degrees (I hate it) my 2 sons are on summer break and bored out of there minds, etc. So I somehow stumbled upon your blog and let me just tell you, you are such an inspirational lady. You have really made me think about my situation and see all the things that I DO have.
I want so bad to be a "life-lifter" again, and pull myself together. Thank You!!!! Blessings,
Stephanie Anderson