Tuesday, 20 May 2008

G Is For

Gerry (brother)
Gemma (sister-in-law)
Gilbert (brother-in-law)
Gord (brother-in-law and nephew)
Grace (great niece)

Grapefruit (interferes with my medication)
Giraffe (tallest land animal – saw some in California)
Ghosts (boo)
Grandparents (Wahid and I)
God (love and comfort)

Garden (at 14 tried to plant one on Elizabeth Road by myself)
Galaxy (we’re not alone – estimated hundreds of billions)
Graveyard (Archibald)
Greece (cruise)
Great Lakes (been to all five)

Grateful (when I’m sick)
Grace (Thank you our Lord)
Grooviest Girl (Grandma’s girl)
Gemini (Josephine)
Gloomy (dress I often wear)

Graceful (Angelique and Nadalene)
Get on my nerves (one left)
Gift of the gab (Ste. Marie)
Go through the motions (no feelings whatsoever)
Grab the bull by the horns (deal head-on with difficulty)

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