Monday, 5 May 2008

E Is For

Effie (Mom, new speckled one, in Gaelic Oighrig)
Elsie (aunt, mother’s sister)
Elizabeth (dear one and cousin)
Emily (niece)
Emma (great-niece)

Eggplant (baigan with roti on a Sunday)
Elephant (Angelique semi-collected)
Ear (five operations)
Enchanted (by almost everyone)
Equal (all people)

Earth (home – third planet from the sun)
Europe (Greece and Turkey)
Equator (imaginary circle around the earth)
Elf Land (open a book to find it)
East (don’t know directions, Wahid don’t try to show me again)

Evening (family gathering)
Eighty (nice age to live to)
Eclipse (Lake Superior when I was 16)
Early (accomplish tasks)
Excellent (life)

E-mail (communication)
Eager (to be well)
Exception (hopefully to my cancer’s stats)
Eye-candy (sweet to look at)
Experiment (when approved drugs are no longer available)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Auntie Renee,
You're alphabet is the only "websters dictionary" i want to read... miss you up here in the mountains.