Monday, 12 May 2008

F Is For

Fluffy (alias for dear one)
Flo (friend)
Fernand (father’s middle name)
Father (positive)
Family (soul travelers)

Fig (fried plantain)
Flamingo (pink bird on stilts = magic)
Falling Star (is not a star)
Friend (heart travelers)
Fairy (clap your hands)

Facebook (entertainment)
Fishbowl (going in circles with an audience)
Florida (honeymoon)
Freezer (not CSI, I will not be put in one when I die)
France (ancestors)

Fall (beautiful time of year)
February (parents anniversary)
Forty-nine (diagnosed with cancer)
Fifty-two (age)
Full-moon (Josephine was born)

Frightened (some times)
Forget-me-not (don’t forget me)
For the love of Pete (for shit sake)
Famine (grain up 88%, wheat up 181%, rice up 50% since 2007)
Fight an uphill battle (struggle against unfavourable circumstances)


Shelly said...

Fabulous - My big sister.

Anonymous said...

Forever - I will never forget my little sister, Forever!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
Can't forget
'F' for F-ing Cancer (Breast Cancer)
I love you Renee, thank you for sharing with us, blessings to you.