Friday, 16 May 2008

Enjoy The Trip

At the second-last meeting of the Stress Reduction Group I asked if everyone would bring in some words or quotes that inspire and help them deal with their cancer.  I remember that Angie brought in some psalms, but I don’t recall what anyone else brought.

These are the words that comfort me.  They are written by Pema Chodron who is a Buddhist nun.  She is describing life:

It’s like getting into a boat that is just about to sail out to sea and sink.
There are no life rafts, no floats and no one gets out alive.
Rather than try to ward off the inevitable,
Why not accept it and enjoy the trip?

For me it was comforting knowing that I was not doing anything out of the ordinary.  I was going to die and so was everyone else.

Once again we were all in the same boat and the fact that death was inevitable and that we can still enjoy our life helped me.

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Deborah said...

Powerful words, Renee. Having the privilege of knowing you has made me appreciate every single day and every little thing. Oh how I love you.