Tuesday, 27 May 2008

H Is For

Harry (father, brother, nephew)
Heidi (lifelong friend)
Hafeez (nephew)
Hannah (great niece)
Helen (dear friend died of cancer)

Honeydew (prefer the name over the fruit)
Horse (Wahid likes figuring out who is going to win a race)
Hearing (hard of)
Health (wealth)
Hywak (Nadalene’s first doll)

Hansford (haven)
Home (heart is)
Hospital (there too often)
Hammock (Angelique slept in at 6 weeks old in Trinidad)
Howden (Angelique, Nadalene, Nathan and I went to school)

Halloween (wee scary black cat)
Head for the hills (I’d like to)
Happy (often)
Human Rights (speak out)
Honeymoon (July, 1975)

Honest (that is the point)
Homophobes (spiritually challenged)
Hope (never false)
Hate (just let it go)
Holier-than-thou (first sign you are not morally superior)

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