Monday, 28 September 2009

D = Angels And Goddesses

Djin is the helper of the Archangel Gabriel. He is an elemental king and holds the sphere of fire.

In the Koran the Djin (Jinn) are a race of beings created by Allah to serve Him. They are not his children nor are they deities. Djins were created from fire before humans were created from clay. Since the Koran states that Angels were created from fire too, it is safe to assume that Djins and Angels are the same kind of beings.

Like the Angels, there are good and bad Djins. Also like the Angels, Djin have been known to consort with humans to the detriment of both.

Djin are found mostly in Islamic or Arabian mythology. Some believe that Djin were created over 2,000 years before Adam and were possessors of a lofty place in paradise, they were considered equal to angels.

Many other people feel that the Djin (Jinn) are nothing more than the jenie in the lamp.

Dolya is the Slavic Goddess of luck. Dolya is said to live behind the stove in all homes. When she is happy she appears as a beautiful maiden and bestows good luck on all in the house. When she is unhappy, however, she appears as Nedolya, a withered old woman who brings bad luck to all who live in the house.

Dolya is also known to be present at any home birth. She takes her responsibility of delivering fates to newborns very seriously.

In the tarot deck Dolya and Nedolya are associated with the great mother Goddess Makosh and they assist in the spinning of the threads of life.


Sassy Scribbles said...

i like this post, very interesting I never knew about Djins and Dolya before, I appreciate that you shared! Thanks.


Salamat (thank you) for praying for Manila, we truly believe that only prayers could heal our broken hearts.

Silver said...

The good always begets good. So will the forces around you.


Caio Fernandes said...

you choose exellent images .
it is always nice to read about this .
thanks Dear Renee !!
have a great week !!

Manon Doyle said...

Great post Renee!
Thanks for teaching me something today. The images are fantastic as always!!


Sarah said...

Fascinating stories as always. Do you think Dolya makes your over the cooker top light and fan blow all at the same time if she is unhappy? I hope it wasn't her.
Have you seen the film 'Knowing'? There are angel type beings at the end of that and your description of the Djinns reminded me of those.
Love Sarah xx

lakeviewer said...

You learn something new everyday from all cultures.

secret agent woman said...

I like the idea of a goddess behind the stove, watching over my cooking. A parallel to Hestia?

Lori ann said...

I am glad to learn something new also. I'd never read about Djins or Dolya's before.

How are you feeling today Renee?

sending love to you ♥

Allegra Smith said...

Angels among us, as well as devils.
It may sound really incredible but I believe they are. And naïve as it may sound, I know with fierce conviction that angels always, always triumph over the evil deeds.
Why? because I know that the power of love is greater than any other.

BTW if you want to make Nedolya (this is her name when she is angry) happy leave a glass of beer and a slice of homemade bread by the stove, I was told many years ago. When she is happy she is Dolya and always presides over births. And I love you for having brought back sweet memories of an old angel who is no longer among us and who taught me about her.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I've never heard of Djins and the Doyla...who must be played by the dust bunnies behind my stove. Such an interesting post...thanks!

Deborah said...

OOps, I may have a little of Dolya the Slavic Goddess in me! We seem to have the same personality split. All my love to you, Beloved Renee and Jacquie. **blows kisses** Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey Renee - I am impressed by your knowledge of these elements of Islam! :-) Djin are actually mentioned several times in the Koran (in this region there is nothing called Arabian mythology) and are not regarded as mythology but a reality. They may correspond to the various good and evil spirits in western beliefs.
Hugs to you.

Yoli said...

Beautiful post. I am sure no one lives behind my stove, it is spotless. When you can't cook you clean.

Annie said...

Love and hugs. xoxo

clairedulalune said...

Wow, Renee, i had never heard of this mythology!I am fascinated! Guess who is going to be up all night researching more? Hugs to you always Renee!

Ces said...

I need them right now. How do I summon them?

Baino said...

Well I can tell you what's behind my stove and it aint no angel! These are interesting. It's said that the word genie is derived from Djin .. makes sense I guess.

Karin Bartimole said...

I'm so glad I get your posts delivered to me email box so that I have them to reference again and again - they are just so inspiring!!
THinking of you, and sending love Renee,
xox Karin

TheChicGeek said...

Very interesting, Renee :D I enjoyed this. I like the goddess Dolya...she is welcome behind my stove any day! LOL!

Hugs and Love, Renee :D


Holy day, we best keep beside us all the lovely ladies who may guide us.

Sonia ;) said...

I love mythology...Hugs Lovey


Allegra Smith said...

Hi love, bad day today. Very dizzy and woozy and fighting with the doctors which is never good. I refuse to have the swine flu vaccine because I believe it is premature not to give natural immunity a chance at this stage of the game. I am home and going nowhere, mostly in bed and now wearing a mask because you know how this thing gets and the cell count and all that jazz. So why to risk side effects when I already have every one I can deal with and then some?

Tell Jacquie I love her, she should use Sheldon's dragon as a bookmarker and I am truly happy she likes her trinket. It was, like yours, made with nothing but love so it just fit her right. I love you too, but you already know that.

Sonia ;) said...

Mind? Oh never....We are good family wise. Im doing good, getting meds regulated again..BUt this past weekend was grand...How is Jacquie? How are u LOvey?

I love Halloween...


Chrisy said...

Good to know that Dolya is at the back of the stove...I'm sure I feed her often...might send her a note to see if she could move into the oven for a while...and do a little bit of tidyin while she's to you darlin

Sue said...

Very interesting Renee and the pics that you chose are wonderful. I had heard of the Djins before, however never Dolya. I love to learn new info like this!

Thinking of you lots in the last couple of days.

Hugs to you.

kj said...

"a race of beings created by Allah to serve Him." i'll pass on that one.

but i'd like a happy dolya. i don't want the unhappy one. i have enough problems behind my stove already.

how are you and jacquie doing renee? it amazes me how you manage to keep this blog vibrant and uplifting. i wish you were engaged to me instead of cs. oh fate!


~Babs said...

If Dolya is behind the stove,,,and she delivers babies too,,,,now that's some kinda crazy multi-tasking!

Fascinating; different cultures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, sending my love to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and heart daily. Bless you all so much!

yoborobo said...

Just about anything could be living behind my stove, or my refrigerator for that matter. :) I love these stories. Did you ever read the Bartimaeus Trilogy (children's books)? The Djin in that book has a very interesting personality. I am thinking of you and Jacquie all the time, and sending you my love. xoxox Pam

Clarity said...

Fascinating Renee.

I asked a friend who mentioned that Djinn are also another word for devils and that Satan was one of them in heavan (creature of elemental fire/shape shifter) before "he refused to bow before Adam and was then along with the other Djinn banished to earth" where he tries with his Djinn to turn humans to evil, some call him "the evil whisperer" - capable of stoking anger/desire, other things. I have heard some things were not all Djinns are evil.

Nevertheless, brilliant post and I learn more from you every day. I wonder what your Wahid thinks of this?

A Cuban In London said...

A most interesting post because I have been listening to an album by a singer called Angelique Kidjo and the record's name is 'Djin Djin'. Many thanks for such a helpful explanation.

Greetings from London.

BT said...

Such an interesting post Renee. I have heard of the name 'Djin' before. It is in the Sorcerer by Gilbert and Sullivan and is supposed to be a wizard in that song. I love the top painting too.

secret agent woman said...

We raptors have to stick together. :)

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