Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Times Three No. 9

Sheldon, Gilbert and I were talking about how Jacquie’s hair was starting to fall out in clumps and how it needed to be shaved.

Phone rings and I answer “Hi. Speak of the devil. Sheldon it is the devil on the phone.” ‘Mom you should shave your head. Auntie Renee is coming down with the shaver now.’

I walk in Jacquie’s room with the shaver in hand and ask if she is ready. I go ask the aide to get me scissors and I start chopping away. Jacquie keeps screaming for me to not go near her stitches. I tell her they are long fallen out and she is in good hands.

Gilbert comes down because Sheldon has gone for radiation and Gilbert takes the shaver and he starts shaving. Gil and I take turns and in the end; Jacquie looks beautiful. She is happy to have gotten rid of it.

Jacquie is moved to a new floor and has a run-in with an aide. I tell the aide “That she needs patience as Jacquie is going through a lot.” She tells me ‘She knows.’ I say “You know about her son?” She says ‘Yes, but that is not my fault.’ I say “Pardon me.” She says ‘I’m sorry to hear it but she doesn’t need to be so angry.’ I take a very long look at her and tell her “I have nothing further to say to you, we will be talking to the charge nurse.”

The charge nurse asks Jacquie why she can’t go for radiation alone without an aide since a family member goes with her anyway. Jacquie tells her that none of us can help her as she cannot move on the left side. This goes on for ten minutes. I pipe in “Would you be sending an aide with her if a family member was not going?” She says ‘Yes.’ I tell her “Than for all intents and purposes she is now to consider that Jacquie goes alone and therefore needs an aide.” An aide will be provided. And yes Jacquie of course we will still be going with you.

The aide comes in later and tells Jacquie that she is sorry about the way she acted.

Jacquie and Ben keep sneaking away from the hospital. Ben pushes her in the wheelchair to Angelique’s house where they sit and have tea.

Jacquie tells me that the doctor at the hospital that she has never met before prances in her room and asks if she knows her prognosis. She says no and then he tells her. ‘You have the most serious kind of brain cancer. You have what Ted Kennedy has. You will never get motion back on your left side.’ She tells him that she already has some motion and can move her fingers and is starting to move her foot. He tells her ‘The tumor will grow again and you will lose any motion you have gained. You have one year.’ She is shocked and tells him to leave the room and not to come back.

Things Jacquie and I talk about besides the obvious ‘Sheldon.’ Things I try to remember to say so that I can be here for her in her own fight with cancer like she was there for me. Things that can help us walk through the fire together.

Face the truth head on. Know that you have a life threatening disease so that you can fight it. Don’t deny it; that will only get in your way. Never look back, you need to apply all your energy to getting as well as you can so you can spend more time with Sheldon.

Commit to fighting even though you see no point anymore. If something can help you, than you need to do it. If it is unpleasant but can make you better than again, you need to do it.

This is your life and if you have questions than ask them, you are entitled to answers and if you disagree with those answers or they don’t make sense at the moment you have the right to ask again until you are clear. You are knowledgeable Jacquie and that is your greatest asset.

Like Nadalene always said to me ‘Save your fight for the cancer.’ We need to write down all of your medical support team. Know who they are and ask the questions again.

Believe in your treatment and in yourself. Don’t worry about what that doctor told you. You are unique and no one else is like you. You will live until you die no matter what timeframe that you are given.

Ask for and be willing to accept support that is given to you. This is a time in your life where you can be selfish. Let others who want to help you; help. You have limited life energy and you need it for Sheldon, Jennifer, Ben, and Gil as well as all of your grandchildren.

Everything about cancer is depressing, nothing more so than our dear Sheldon having it. The diagnosis, both yours and Sheldon’s, the treatments, and the disease itself are enough to make a person want to end it. But you are stronger than anyone and definitely stronger than you think.

Jacquie you must not lose your desire to live. Life is beautiful and you have many reasons for living.

Together strong.


Annie said...

Renee, you are so brave and wise. I come here with petty problems and they all go away when I read about what you are all going through. My heart hurts for you and opens wide. Sending love and prayers and hugs to your whole family. xoxo

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...


What a loving, strong advocate you are for your dear sister.

Your painful, on-going experience with cancer has put you in this unique position to be a person who knows all the ropes, what battles are worth fighting, and what not. It seems strange to say this, but in her situation - she is one very lucky woman to have you for her sister.

Don't forget to take care of yourself too dear one.

Coastal Sisters said...

Dearest Renee~
Oh how I wish I could come and sit with you all and give you comfort. Please tell Jacquie that I was told I had 3 months and 18 years later, I am still here. I showed them. I was stubborn as a mule and refused to give up. You are right, the desire to live has to be strong and life IS beautiful.

I shaved my head the day before I started my chemo and I tell you, it was very "freeing" and to this day, I still keep my hair pixie short and love it, almost as much as I loved being bald. I felt very beautiful, even with no hair.

Love to you all,

Deborah said...

Good morning Lovee. I have always longed for a sister...reading about your family proves my desire correct. The childhood fights, the throwing of coffee tables, it all has bound you together as one when life got hard, as if your own heart is living in another body. My heart has adopted you and all of your sisters...oops, there they go, fallen into the big emptiness of the section of my heart reserved for my sisters. All my love always, Deb

Angela Recada said...

Dear, dear Renee,

I am often speechless at the callous attitude of some health care "professionals." I am so sorry that your family needs to deal with these idiots in the midst of all of this.

You are incredible, dear heart. Your strength humbles me daily.

Stay strong. Treasure each day. And please do be selfish, all of you. Together.

Love you, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes Renee, they do not know who they are dealing with as Jacquie is a unique wonderful and loving person with a very strong will to fight this" FUCKING CANCER"!!!

As for the stupid doctor and aid and head nurse (maybe they should take a course in sensitivity and compassion!!! they make me sick

I went up to see Jacquie last night and she looks great in fact I did not know how much she looked like you, lover, both such beautiful woman who I admire and respect and love you both so much.

My heart breaks for Sheldon Jacquie and you and please remember to take time to take care of youself.

Love you to the moon and back Suzie xoxoxo

Diana Evans said...

Hi Renee.....the key is to be strong are always so strong and an inspiration for many people who are going through the same stuff....


Sara Williams said...

Look up the song "Fight Back" by the Alarm - listen to the words and get Jacquie to listen too. The man singing has faught leukemia twice and despite having a dreadful prognosis, 3 years on he has rocked Snowdon 3 times, Everest and is set to go up Kilamanjaro.

Take care Renee xx

karengberger said...

Your wisdom and advice is truly valuable, especially because you know what you are saying from experience. Very few people can speak with that kind of knowledge, and it is powerful.
I would want to request that that doctor and that aide never enter my room again. I cannot imagine their behavior being tolerated in their field. Unimaginably rude and presumptuous! Judgment, blind pronouncements and fear is what I hear from them. I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up, it's so ridiculous to hear it from "professionals." I'm so sorry that you all had to go through this farce.
Our team told us what you said, which is that NO ONE knows how long anyone has to live...and I cannot imagine what that doctor's motive was. Awfulness upon awfulness. Your daughter was right, though: save the fight for the cancer.
I'm thanking God that you are all so loving, strong & feisty in your family, "together strong," and that you have one another. Many hugs to you. XOXO

lakeviewer said...

Renee, I see why God has blessed you; you are the angel Jackie and Sheldon need by their sides. You will guide them; you will show thenm what strength they possess.

Bless you all.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a treasure she has in you. And what a gift to the rest of us that you are willing to share the story and write it so beautifully--and honestly.

Arija said...

I don't often get really angry and I am anything but a bloodthirsty person, but I could cheerfully strangle that doctor and any others lie him! No one, NO ONE, especially a health professional has the right to play God and give anyone a life sentence. So often we subconsciusly live up to another's expectation. I was told I may make it to 65, at most 68 years ago. When I reached 68 my body shut downand all my vital organs failed and at the last minyte my guardian angel stepped in and put me in the way of a physician who took me in hand and organised a complicated heart valve prothesis and pulled me through. I may not enjoy the quality of life I once had, but I have had the joy of seeing threee of my g-childrenturn into loving and responsible young adults in the extra 4 years I have enjoyed.
A doctor can think you have 10 years and you die that afternoon, or he gives yu a week for your goodbyes and ten years later you are still laughing! Just live each day and trust in the wisdom of the higher power and do whatever makes you happy.

yoborobo said...

Renee - I want to wring that aide's neck for being so insensitive!! ACK! That just makes me crazy. Thank God you were there! I had to laugh at your logic for having an aide go with Jacquie to her radiation. Good for you, Renee. There has never been a better sister. Please tell Jacquie that I am praying for her, and Sheldon, too. I know it must be so hard to keep fighting. I often think about the old AA saying, "Take it one day at a time". Fight the battle that is right in front of you. Love to you all, and strength. xoxoxoxox Pam

Linda Sue said...

"You will live until you die" Yup!
Sorry that the staff are such nincompoops- I think that it is a prerequisite for hospital work- they loose sensitivity out of self preservation I think.

Julie said...

Hi Renee--

I really want to send you guys a care package (I still have your address)...please let me know if they need anything specific, i.e. warm socks, books on CD, etc....or any dietary restrictions they are on as well as you...I don't want to send a bunch of chocolate, for example, if they can't eat chocolate. Email me!

Noreen said...

Renee, you continuely inspire me.

Sarah said...

Your positivity and fight must do good Renee. It is so good that you all have each other and are strong together. If anything about any of it is good. I hope there many more really good and caring medical staff than insensitive and crap ones. I send you my love as always.xx

Sarah said...

Thanks! I was sure he was. We must have been writing our comments simultaneously! x

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I just can't imagine what you are all going through. It must be so very difficult. I know doctors and nurses are around illness on a regular basis but I wish they'd understand that we are not and there are ways to talk to us that aren't so 'matter of fact'. Geeeesh!
I bet Jacquie looks fabulous and feels free getting her hair cut. It's great that you are there for support, for them both!
Love, Darla

mermaid said...

You offer so much support. May Jacquie hear you and believe in the power of faith.

Michelle said...

God, you are so beautiful. All of you.
Yes Renee, you would be right in thinking that :)


Daria said...

I wish I had something better to say than ... my thoughts are with you and your family.

It's difficult to read the words you write ... how brave you all are.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Renee,

Makes one wonder how these health professionals? can even be in their jobs. That made me so angry that this Doctor and aid could be so callous to Jacquie, in all she is going through at this time.

You three are incredible and I pray for strength, that you will be able to prove these unfeeling and insensitive health people wrong.
Stay strong and take each day as it comes.


kj said...

renee, is this is greg anderson's book: never ever let a physician give you an exact timeframe. it's totally not possible to know, and honestly renee, i've never met a doc who would do that. i'm appalled. and as far as i know, 12 months is not even right.

this is permission to say FUCK. right, renee? may i? i'll say it ten times with the slightest encouragement.

i'm praying for jacquie to get out of the hospital. first things first.

look up, renee!! look high? can you read the sign?!!!

Baino said...

I cannot believe the callousness of both the aide and the doctor. I'm sure staff become desensitized to some degree but I've never encountered anything but compassion and cheerfulness in Oncology wards, they should be ashamed, no they should be removed. Thank goodness you're there to give some schtick and 'ground' them in reality. And frankly, if either wants an outing for fuck's sake they should have one! You are amazing possum. And your support must mean the world to them both. Forever in my thoughts.

Manon Doyle said...

Hi Renee,
You are incredible for sharing all this with us! I'm with you ... you can never give up! Strength, courage and love can go a long way. Your family possesses all these qualities!
We support you and your family Renee! We pray for you and with you!! Stay strong sisterfriend!!


soulbrush said...

i am seething with anger at the thoughtlessness and ineptitude (a kind word) for those people. ^$%^^&^&&&*%£E%^& and that's polite!!!!
ihave sent a little card for you asnd sheldon, but forgot all about jacqui, could kick myself, she will get the next one. hope you like them, as i like and love

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh my beloved Renee, my heart hurts for you, but you are a fighter. I know it doesn't feel like that right now, but you are!!! I agree with Coastal Sisters. Be stubborn as a mule. You have so many of us out here pulling for you! I will keep saying positive things concerning you! Because I believe in healing! It's for everyone! What a great picture. I love it! It's not me, but I wish it was he he he he! So cute and adorable! Please know that you are in my thoughts an prayers. Sometimes you just got to take care of you!!! You are most important girly. Do you hear me?? YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON. We can be no help to others until we start caring for ourselves so please rest and laugh as much as you can baby girl. Sending you many, many hugs and kisses!

Sue said...

"You are unique and no one else is like you. You will live until you die no matter what timeframe that you are given."

Very wise and enpowering words.

I am glad that Jacqui and Sheldon have you by their side Renee. I see all three of you with a glowing protective aura
surrounding all. You are blessed, they are blessed.


Sophia said...

You are ONE amazing woman. You know that? Simply amazing (and totally inspiring)


Julie-ann said...

Keep strong and stubborn, you are so very special!
Jacquie had every right to tell the doctor to go away.
What a load to take in.
My dearest Renee and your beautiful family.
I bet Jacquie looks even more beautiful, just like sinaed o'conner when she shaved her head.

Julie-ann said...

Yes I agree these doctors and aides need to be kinder, sounds like they had a bit of the NHS attitude.
Many doctors over here have the GOD syndrome and not nice ones.

Bella Sinclair said...

You, alone, are a formidable force. But all of you out. Those doctors and nurses do not know who they are dealing with. I can hear the strength and conviction in your advice to Jacquie. They are empowering words.

All my love.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Good grief! What kind of a sadistic doctor is that? I thought they were supposed to be compassionate and encouraging. Besides, only God knows the actual outcome and prognosis. Ultimately, He is the one in control. Can Jacquie get a different doctor with a better bedside manner? After all she's going through right now she surely doesn't need someone who seems to take pleasure in dashing people's hopes and dragging them down. Sounds like he has some serious problems of his own.

secret agent woman said...

My God, who does the hiring at that hospital WHen a health care professionalloses compassion, they need to moveo n to anothr line of work. The day I stop tearing up when I hear a particularly sa d story is the day I retire.

And of course, you are not geting out of this engagement.

Brighid said...

"Angels are amoung us, we call them friends"
Auh ha, you've been found out, I won't let on, so you can carry on.

Sarah said...

Ackkkkkk what F***ing idiots. They have the sensitivity of a dead horse OMFG!!!! Sorry but this stuff really pisses me off! I wish I was closer..the aid and the DR. would have gotten an ear full and an ass chewing from me!!! Grrrrrrr!
You my dear Renee are amazing!! You are a force to be reconned with! What a blessing you are to them and hon what a blessing you are to me. Thank you for being there through all of my petty little stuff. Love you so much...remember all of those things yourself hon!! Love, Sarah

It would seem that Jim will be released due to his hearing at the end of also seems the unit is being deployed and very soon. I am hugely you know, feeling blessed. I am concerned for the rest of the unit though. Wanted you to know hon.

yoborobo said...

'Night, sweet, Renee. I hope you get to rest your head. xoxox Pam

Karin Bartimole said...

I am truly horrified knowing that there are still "health care professionals" out there who are insensitive, to the point of cruel, towards people at their most vulnerable. thank god you've had Jacquie, Jacquie has you, you all have Sheldon and he has you - that your family is full, present, strong, and loving; that one is able to pick up where another needs to let go. Your experience has made you one heck of an advocate for Jacquie - keeping the focus on getting all your/her/his needs met by the people who's job it is to meet them. damn, it should be easy - at the very least, I want for the little things to be easy for you all. For your hearts to feel the fullness of the love I feel for you, and all of us out here feel for you, as we pull and pray for you. with love my friend, Karin

Dede said...

I am so proud of you for the way that you handled that "aide". Never let anyone talk that way to someone you love! You rock! Together strong.

YayaOrchid said...

Renee, I am so proud of you! Even with your own struggles and pain, you are being the best Sister and Auntie anyone could hope for! I think your attitude and strength are going to have a positive impact on them. That is all any of us can do, is remain strong and continue to have faith, even with our last breath. Prayers for you my friend!

kj said...

thank you renee.

i love you.

i started reading greg anderson's book today. i thought of you every turn of every page. you are wonderful, really, truly.

i think jacquie will beat the odds with one of her fists and two of yours.


TheChicGeek said...

You are a great encourager, Renee :D The world is a better place with you in it!

PS: I love the picture for this post...reminds me of when I was little playing beauty parlor with my sisters...LOL so cute!


Ces said...

Jacquie is blessed to have family who not only loves her dearly but is well informed. Some patients are not so lucky and are dependent on a taxed healthcare system for everything including emotional support. Healthcare workers are humans and are not perfect but as a nurse I still bristle at clinicians and aides who lack empathy and good manners. Unless there is competition in healthcare systems and there is reward and recognition for the best it is expected that the patient advocate among the clinicians will be a thing of the past. It's nationalized healthcare. In our hospital system that aide would have been marched to sensitivity and patient advocacy training. The aide's demeanor is an abomination to all patient advocate clinicians. You are a blessing and a gift to Jaquie.

A Cuban In London said...

'Together strong'.

Wise words if ever there were any. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Deirdra Doan said...

Beautiful Post...what a world of wisdom you have. And strength!

I have fought my fight in the alternative medicine and inner healing world for disease...I lost my faith in the regular Dr. World after about 18 when I just kept getting worse over the years and there seemed to be no cures....only management for my problems.

the post below is for the Reading list post you made the other day.

Thank you for visiting me. I am honored.

Wow dream to read all those books...but I only spent that much time reading while nursing my son...and then for years when I had chronic fatigue. Now that I am full of energy with the help of Homeopathy...raw foods, Alkaline diet Robert O Young

(many are getting their life back from cancer using his )

and inner healing with BE in Health..Pastor Henry Wright...I am making up for lost time and am on the run all the time. Thanks so much for the visit..
your a sweetie..

Many blessings on you!

Tessa said...

Renee, how you continue to be the strength that your family needs so much right now never ceases to utterly amaze me. I am truly in awe of you - of your bravery, your fortitude and your power to keep fighting in the face of such huge and seemingly overwhelming misfortune. You are, without doubt, the most incredibly wonderful person I've ever come across in all my life, Renee, and I love you for it and admire you enormously.

None of that awe and admiration will help you and your precious family I know, but nevertheless I continue to try every single day to touch the stars for you.

rochambeau said...

Dearest darling beautiful Renee,
Some doctors are deplorable. Please tell Jacquie and Sheldon, Doctors are not God. A doctor told my mother she had six months to live. That was eight years ago. A doctor told my friend, you will never have children. She has three.
All this to say, you know what I'm getting at. Who has the right to take away another persons hope?

Love you,
Praying for Sheldon, Jacquie, Your mom and YOU!
For the Peace that Passes ALL understanding~

Please don't feel that you have to visit me now. I understand.

turquoise cro said...

Thinking of YOU and all your family today Renee! It's Thursday and there are many prayers for YOU and your SWEET family today! Yes, don't give up!(((((Renee)))))

Clarity said...

This is amazing and true and you shine when you do this, you lift people up with the truth. You lift people up, period.

I wish I had a sister like you. As for the aide and the doctor, some people need people skills, perhaps we can send them some leaflets or a time machine and a happy childhood. Sorry to be unusually sarcastic but them... tsk.

Love to you, Jacquie and Sheldon. You can win this fight. xxx

kj said...

well! i'm back with two things to say:

1. i opened my mailbox a few minutes ago. that was so unexpected and so sweet. thank you, moon sister.

2. if you and secret agent woman are engaged, i think i should be the maid of honor, or at least a bridesmaid. i will tap dance down the aisle and continue to tap dance on the alter. i am the perfect candidate. i will wear a long gown and do my best to look like a babe. actually, wait, maybe i could officiate? i would still tap dance but then i'd get to talk too.

i'm off my chair just thinking of the possibilities....


Allegra Smith said...

To all three of you: in 1991 a moron who somehow got an MD degree told me that I had less than 6 months to live. I survived him.

Another doctor told me while my Beloved was having surgery for Mesothelioma that he would be dead within 2 to 3 months at best. I told him: "Like hell he will. And stop playing God, the suit is too big"
That would have been October 25, 2005.

Life is terminal. No two ways about that. But these clock keepers would do better by learning how to defeat the diseases than to play death predictors.

Lesson number 1: your life is finite here. We die every day and we have been dying since we were born. So what's the big news here?

Lesson number 2: when someone asks if you know your prognosis, cut their ego in shreds by replying: I don't waste my time playing adolescent games but I am sure you know yours, right?

Lesson number 3: Have someone put a note at the entry of your room that says: "People of little faith keep out. Mine is considered dangerously contagious".

Love to you all. I am feeling my medical oats today and I would love a little tête-à-tête
with that so called physician.
I will give him his prognosis.

kj said...

yes, but renee, am i officiating? or in the bridal party?

i have my priorities, you know.


dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum

Dawn said...

A family united... and God help any one who messes with you - I was so angry when I read the attitude of the aide and then that doctor bloody cheek!!! but I was cheering for your family cos they have YOU Renee and you are so what they need to show them how to be strong

Take care give them my love and hugs as I send it to you too xxx LOVE YOU XXX

Julie-ann said...

Thank you so much Renee! Sending you a BIG (HUG)

starblinkee said...

My heart goes out to you. I am amazed how brave you are and how you try to contemplate on the serious and positive side of matters in spit of your pain. I've had two friends who have had this illness, and I know it is never easy. Not for them, especially their families. I'll include you in my prayers.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Thinking of you tonight.
And saying a prayer.

M.Kate said...

I came from our common good friend's place, Annie. I will pray for you. I lost my father to cancer 10 years ago and have another good friend going through chemo now, so I know it is tough. Stay positive and hang on. Am sending loads of good vibes to you and prayers too.

Debra said...

What could I say that has not been said. I am not as giving as other. Yes you are all brave, and so much strength, I am left speechless at these moments. Yet in my heart I am angry. I will never understand the doctor who deals you a death hand without blinking an eye, offering any hope, or understanding for your sister knowing what she must endure, and watch her son endure.
What can I say about an aide and the doctor who in my opinion do not have a clue. I cannot for the life of me understand these people who are taught to disconnect from people to the point where they forget that "there but for the grace of God go I". Is it self-protection? Do they think they are helping when hey dare not offer a ray of hope, a word of sympathy? Is showing any respect and consideration just too much to ask?
I feel so useless here knowing that you and your family have so much pain. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. How are you holding up my dear? How is the rest of Jacquies family? I will hold hope in my heart and send out the intention for healing and peace. May God keep you and yours.

kj said...

kj for officiator!

kj for officiator!

how many officiators on the alter anyway?

i will consult with your partner. i believe i have pull.

one little acorn said...

Reading this makes me so angry Renee (the part about the doctors that is!) as it seems to me Doctors the world over need a good hard kick up the butt. Some really do seem to get excited about giving bad news and forget they are dealing with real people. Their tact is offensive and heartless. It is outrageous and heartbreaking that such treatment seems to be common.
Your response to ask lots of Q's and arm yourself against the fight is something I wish I had read many months ago. The way you pool your resources to fight the battle as a united front. Because you are so so right. While you can, fight. Get all the support you need and get them to fight for you too. Because nobody wants to say good-bye. Life is far too precious to say good-bye too soon.
Besides, every person is different. Every response is different. There are no rules. And there are always exceptions. And you and your family, with your warrior hearts, are armed with lots of love, strength, knowledge and courage. I so want you to win the fight and be the victors in this shocking nightmare.
Every day I think of you. Take care Renee. Love to you. x

Mim said...

Renee - I agree with everyone who says that Dr. is an idiot; or maybe just a regular human who has lost his humanity and heart. Ignore him. just ignore.
I have a good friend who has had "Ted Kennedy's" brain cancer for over 10 years. It hasn't always been easy but it is 10 years that he was told he wouldn't have.
Screw 'em and their silly timelines.
hugs to you, mim

Anairam said...

Strength to you, Renee, to your friends, to anyone who has to battle disease and suffering. Your attitude is inspiring.

yoborobo said...

Morning, Renee! I am here to give you a hug, and some coffee, and maybe a nice warm Danish (man, that sounds good!). Wish I could. Love you, girl. Keep fighting. xoxoxo Pam

ewix said...

Some doctors can be utterly insensitive and STUPID.They should be smacked and told to go away until they can behave better......
sending love and healing thoughts to you and your family.

studio lolo said...

Dear Raven Sister,

I got your sweet invitation yesterday and yes, I'll be there with bells on.
I'll visit Sheldon and Jacquie with you and I'll help give the aides and the rude, heartless doctors the 'what for' on their behalf. I've never heard of such bluntness, but even if you have grim news, deliver it with a compassionate heart. Some doctors should just be in research because of their lack of social skills.

I'll continue to hold you close to my heart, all of you.

I hope the Raven made it to your house ;)

Much love,

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Sigh~ Strength to you and yours sweet Renee.

Val Zdero said...

Renee, my beautiful friend, your post bring me down to earth every time and I feel for you and your family and am grateful for me and mine - I discard all my petty problems and realize once again what is important and what I should not even consider stressing about and I am humbled...humbled and back on track with my life - thank you my brave friend - lots of well wishes and love and warm hugs of support from me to you...

KJ said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the artwork and spirit here. I read of your battle and I just prayed for you.


Woman in a Window said...

Renee, I give to you my love and support. Jacquie and Sheldon are so lucky to have you, she bear, in their corner. You are wise. You are ancient. You are glowing life.


Rob-bear said...

In a truly awful time, hugs from the Bear.

LaWatha said...

Some people just shouldn't be allowed to work in a hospital setting. My God.

You keep me from dwelling on my own problems, Renee. You keep me from feeling sorry for myself. (How dare I wallow in self-pity when my *problems* are but a miniscule drop in the bucket compared to what you and your family are going through?) You are a source of inspiration whether you mean to be or not. You are amazing.

My thoughts and prayers for Sheldon and Jacquie...(May they show the doctors prognosis' wrong wrong wrong!) and for the results of your latest scans also.

Together strong... strong together.

Ribbon said...

Renee... you are all love.
thank you for all that you share.

x ribbon

breastcancerblog said...

well, you may think that there's nothing positive about having cancer, but just look at these responses. look at how many people you're affecting with your frank appraisal of something nobody wants to know about. you are staring death in the face and reporting on it, and that's a real service. when you do leave your body and look back, it will all make sense to you, and you will see the good of what you haven't been able to see as anything but tragedy. even in pain and anguish we're still alive, even in mourning and sorrow we go on.
love, jeanne