Sunday, 22 June 2008


The birthdates for Cancer are between June 22nd and July 22nd. Charlton is June 26th.

Cancer’s stats are:

Colour = Silver and Sea Blue
Metal = Silver
Stone = Pearl and Moonstone
Tree = Oak
Plants = Larkspur and Lily

Cancer is the sign of the crab which represents a dual nature by being hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Cancer’s moods can shift quite rapidly and they hold deeply felt emotions. Though they may sometimes appear impervious on the outside, perhaps even irritable, inside they’re all heart, kind, and loving to the core.

Ruled by the Moon, the hallmark of a Cancer is that they are tried and true. Cancer’s symbol the crab is associated with the sea which is the cradle of life and all Cancers will find peace near any body of water. Cancers are most blessed when they can find a safe haven in which their sensitivity can bloom and flourish.

A Cancer will do their best to sustain others as they are often referred to in the zodiac as the symbol that most closely represents the ‘house of the family’ and ‘the home.’ Anyone lucky enough to be within a Cancer’s inner circle enjoys a secure sense of comfort and belonging.

Cancer’s are especially loved if they give their Sagittarius girlfriend a pearl engagement ring and she becomes his wife.

Cheers to you Charlton, you are the kind of Cancer I like.


Mickey said...

How Sweet!

jacquie said...

cheers to charlton.
no wonder i love charlton we share the same sign.
love aj

Anonymous said...

Pudd - this is a great summary of my Chazzy.