Monday, 16 June 2008

K Is For

Khan (family name)
Kathy (sister and godmother)
Kayla (great niece)
Kirsten (family friend, niece by marriage)
Kerri (MIA since cancer)

Kiwi (not a huge fan)
Kingfish (Trinidad tastes like fried chicken)
King (Martin Luther Jr.)
Kettle (tea)
Kin (family)

Koran (Moslem holy book)
Kitchen (warmth)
Kayak (Don is making)
Kidney (only need one)
Karma (cause and effect)

Karate (Nathan lessons at 5 he hated it)
Kindred (beyond blood)
Knowledge (openness)
Keep in touch (means nothing)
Keep your head (calm in difficult times)

Kookamunga (Suzie calls Nathan)
Kryptonite (cancer)
Kinky (boring)
Kick the bucket (die)
Kneel (can’t)

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