Monday, 23 June 2008

L Is For

Liz (most aliases in my alphabet)
Lori (sister MIA by choice, dear nurse)
Lindsey (youngest friend)
Laura (book club)
Lynn (niece)

Lime (she put de lime in de coconut, drink ‘em bot’ togeder)
Lion (Nadalene thinks Charlton looks like one)
Lace (Angelique and Nadalene’s wedding dresses)
Letter (a gift via my mailbox)
Left-handed (Angelique)

Library (wordy heaven)
Lake of the Woods (Colette and I just came back)
Labyrinth (a path not a maze)
Look on the bright side (I try)
Lifespan (spending it with the people I love)

Lover (childhood nickname)
Later (there is only now)
Learn (be interested)
Love (does not die)
Look (doesn’t mean you see)

Losing my marbles (say this 20 times a day)
Love is blind (overlook faults)
Lupus (autoimmune disease)
Like it or lump it (situation is not going to change)
Light bulb moment (okay Oprah fuck-off)


Taylor said...

long-distance (love & phone calls) thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Leo (Shirley's favourite Lion)!!