Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I Is For

I (me)
Isaac (great nephew)
Ida (Nadalene’s mother-in-law)
Irene (group counselor)
Ilona (bought angel pins for us, died of cancer)

Ivy (love it on a house)
Iguana (eat the bugs off the walls in Trinidad)
Incense (scent of a generation)
Infant (god-dust)
Immigrants (mother, husband)

Island (Trinidad and Scotland)
Imagination (gift and curse)
Ivory Tower (detached from the world)
Internet (contact)
Inside (cancer)

Ice Age (four major times in earth’s past)
Impulsive (gut reaction)
Intravenous (chemo directly into a vein)
In a heart beat (my world changed)
Isolation (place you live because people don’t want to hear it)

Ill (to say the least)
In spades (love)
Immigration (Harper government dangerous)
In hot water (serious trouble)
Ideals (truth and right, goodness and beauty)

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