Monday, 9 June 2008

J Is For

Josephine (granddaughter)
Jacquie (sister)
Joey (brother and nephew)
Jamie (nephew)
Jennifer (niece)

Jackfruit (Trinidad - largest tree borne fruit)
Jackrabbit (not a rabbit it is a hare)
Jester (entertain royalty; Elizabeth)
Judo (Cooper boys are experts)
Jump Rope (Khan girls experts at Double Dutch)

Jupiter (largest planet in our solar system)
Jamaica (lady snuck on the plane)
Jar (Camille’s pickles and beets)
Just Desserts (closed)
Jo (only two letter word with a J in scrabble)

June (Josephine’s birthday)
January (Wahid came to Canada on January 3, 1972)
July (33rd wedding anniversary)
Jump through hoops (great efforts and sacrifices)
Jealousy (insecurity)

Jesus (goodness through godness)
Juggle (relationships)
Joy (see Josephine)
Justice (rarely happens)
Judge (not your job)

1 comment:

Mickey said...

I never thought of Jesus - goodness through godness I love it and will think of it like that from now on. Thanks