Monday, 3 November 2008

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter D

Daisy: Represents good luck and prosperity, but more than that it symbolizes that you will be offered a helping hand and guidance for your problems.

Dance: Freedom from constraints and harmony/balance within. Being able to go on no matter what life has to offer you.

Death: Like the Tarot, when you dream of death it is a new beginning. A new start, a fresh beginning if you are willing to remove the shackles of old thought. Letting go of what binds you.

Delight: A favourable and positive turn of events is ahead of you.

Devil: Negative aspects of oneself inclusive of guilt or bad feelings that you are harboring towards others.

Don: Indicates a need to think outside of the box. See situations in a new light and do not allow yourself to give up just because it hasn’t been done before.

Doorbell: Indicating new opportunities and experiences that you are open to but unaware of. You need to open your mind.

Dragonfly: Symbolizes change and camouflage.

Dreams: To dream that you are dreaming is representative of your emotional state. Excessive worry and fear about a situation that you are going through.

Dynamite: Signifies a fast and aggressive change in your life which makes you feel like you are about to blow up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee I just said to myself this morning 'what best would describe how I might be feeling',
I came up with possibly a balloon ready to burst, but I like 'DYNAMITE' much better. That is so right on, like you always are!
Nitey nite my dear friend,