Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday's Women No. 6

You keep saying that. You keep saying so many things. I was convinced; I even told my parents that there was no way Proposition 8 would pass. I told them we would be vindicated, that there was nothing wrong with how I am. That our dream of getting married was a good dream and that we as a couple would be accepted. We were so convinced.

I just don’t understand, what is the problem, what is it to them how we live our life? Our marriage would never change their marriage. Nothing we do would affect them.

You whisper that it will all be alright and that things will change again. If the evangelical poison that helped create Proposition 8 is allowed to continue, it will not change and it may even get worse. That frightens me.

You ask why I look so frightened. I’m frightened because we were convinced we lived in a better society where everyone was equal and that we all had rights under the law. But when Proposition 8, that brutally regressive measure that removes the rights of people who love each other to marry got passed; well it just scares me.

1 comment:

jacquie said...

talk about regressing....
is not a harmful word.
who you love should not be harmful either.
i just don't get it.