Sunday, 2 November 2008

Shout Out No. 2

Come on California we’re counting on you. Be progressive like you always are, when you go to the polls to vote for Obama don’t forget to vote No on Proposition 8.

Proposition 8 is an attempt to ban gay marriage and crush a type of love ‘they’ cannot understand. And, because ‘they’ cannot understand it, ‘they’ fear it and have a need to crush it.

Canada has allowed same sex marriage since July, 2005, and we are still standing. So join us and declare nice and loud that two adults who love each other have every right to marry no matter their gender.

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one little acorn said...

Here here!

We all watch from around the globe to see what the people of America do with their votes. I hope for change in the direction of Obama, because from the (limited and media driven) policies I have seen, Obama does not just a USA insular view, but a global perspective.

His policies will hopefully lead to a better and more peaceful world... for more than just those in his own country.