Sunday, 23 November 2008


The birthdates for Sagittarius are between November 23rd and December 21st. Wahid’s birthday is on the 23rd, Nadalene’s is on the 30th, and my Mom’s is on the 7th.

Colour = Turquoise, Lilac, Purple, Indigo
Metal = Tin
Stone = Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst
Tree = Mulberry, Vine, Chestnut
Plants = Sage

Sagittarius is the sign of the archer which is symbolized by the centaur (half-man/half-horse). Sagittarian’s strive for the development of the human soul. They are not satisfied as many others are with their animal natures; Sagittarian’s strongest desires are for spiritual aspirations, not only for themselves but for all humanity. Sagittarian’s are well known for their need for personal freedom and space. Wahid’s motto is ‘let freedom reign.’ Sagittarian’s are happy and easygoing people as long as they don’t feel caged or cooped up.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarian’s make for charming and agreeable companions, they are energetic and naturally outgoing, achieving each goal through positive thinking. The belief in the zodiac is that Sagittarian’s have the gift of providence and that luck will always protect them. Although Sagittarians are quite open minded they can come across as moralistic. They will be the first to spot bias or prejudice in others, but they can be blind to their own. They have a bluntness of speech which is a trademark of a Sagittarian and they can be baffled when people are not direct or beat around the bush.

A Sagittarian will have friends from all walks of life. They love to laugh and tease and they get along well with both sexes. Due to their blind faith in people, their optimism is infectious. No word can quite describe a Sagittarian quite so well as ‘idealistic’. These people have vision. Sagittarians have a restless intellect and they learn best when they are given the freedom to think for themselves; all Sagittarians have a love for philosophy where they tend to lose many people of less intellect.

Sagittarians are especially loved by their Aries wife, Aries mother, and Aries daughter. No sign in the zodiac will defend justice and freedom of thought quite like a Sagittarius; and this Aries couldn’t be prouder. This Aries wife can definitely attest that the Aries/Sagittarius marriage is the best match in the zodiac; and loves her Sagittarian’s free loving spirit. This Aries mother could not be prouder of her Sagittarian daughter’s intellect and idealistic nature, as well as her ability to make things happen. This Aries daughter is so proud to emulate the qualities of thinking of others and doing the right thing that she learned at her Sagittarian mother’s knee.

Happy Birthday Wahid!


Anonymous said...

A brilliant read.
Thank you for your beautiful...... Be in the moment and share the love. Totally great!

jacquie said...

let freedom reign is not just a saying to wahid, this is how he lives.
for instance:
renee and wahid for some reason could not go on a family camping/reunion.
nathan went with auntie shelly and her family.
the next day gil and i went with our family and wahid decided to join us.
we had no spare seat so we put a very comfortable white wicker armchair in the van and there is where wahid sat. he would later bring this chair around the fire pit at night.
true to wahid's freedom reign's theory .... nathan asked him for something and wahid told nathan to ask one of his aunties as he was relaxing. we all just laughed and took care of nathan .....and not one of us cared because we all loved wahid so much we let him have his freedom.
on nov 23rd just a blink of an eye ago wahid was born.
wahid has the following great qualities: he is ....
kind, ture, loyal, gentle, caring, reliable soul and i am honored to have him as my brother-in-law.
although freedom reign's in his head his heart is ruled by his
dearest, ang, nadia, nate and most of all by josephine who truly lights him up and has him wrapped around her finger.
have a wonderful birthday wahid.
love aj

Renee said...

Wow Jacquie, that was so nice. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Love it and love you.


Deanna said...

Hey husband and my son are both Sagittarians, and I am the Aries wife and mother...interesting thing we share!

Take care!

Love Deanna

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wahid!! Enjoy your special day, and your very special family! :)

angelique said...

Really, are there any words to describe how great Dad is? And that pride when Josephine held on to his leg with the biggest smile. We all feel his love.

Shelly said...

Mmmmm Wahid ... taught me the meaning of "mamaguying" which I would never do!

jgy said...

Thank you for your comments and your generous 'ok'.
I just came back and 'copied' a few Aquarius paragraphs. Hope it will be posted next time you visit.

Yes, so true about Sag's. I must say it's fun to be one!
Wow, you are lucky to have 'found' such wonderful and matching family members.
all the best and I look forward to visit again to see the inspiring images that you post,