Monday, 17 November 2008

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter E

Early: Sequence of events that will test your state of preparedness. A need to be ready without delay, as things will happen whether you are ready or not.

Earrings: Suggests a need to listen more carefully and pay attention. If the earrings in your dreams are broken that suggests that someone you trust is talking about you.

Earth: You are grounded in reality and can take comfort from the great mother.

Elderly: Represents wisdom and spiritual power. Pay attention because there is always a message or some advise that is being conveyed to you. Dreams of the elderly always try to guide you toward the right direction or a wise thought. Listen carefully to what is being said.

Elephant In The Room: A need to see what is right under your nose. Denying the elephant does not make it go away, as a matter of fact that is the one sure way to make it increase in size. The result will be no room left to breath.

Elf: Refers to imbalance and disharmony in your life. An elf often serves as a guide to the soul. It can suggest the need to be more carefree, worry-free, and light-hearted.

Elizabeth: Loyalty and truth as represented by the Mother of John the Baptist. Faith and patience that true things will come to pass. Just as the name Elizabeth suggests an oath of God.

Enchantment: Indicates that you are being manipulated or influenced to your demise.

Excalibar: A reminder that even amongst the bad there is good. Every generation has people who believe in the golden age of magic.

Eye: Always represents the self (also known as the I). Enlightenment and clear thought is needed and can be found in listening to your own inner voice. Your own vision is what is needed in a difficult situation.


jacquie said...

the pictures in this post are beautiful. the messages are powerful.

together strong

Sally said...

Such absolutely beautiful pictures and words by you Renee, a lot of time, love and thought you put into this, i can feel it.
Yeah that big huge elephant can leave the room anytime!
love you Renee, nitey nite

Emerald Arts said...

Oooh that egg picture is soo cool!


flossy-p said...

I love your elephant in the room! :)

p.s. so glad you got your postcards from Natalie. She must be a sweet one!

Anonymous said...

Totally true about believing in your dreams! Great that you are sharing the meanings. So strong and caring messages.

Liz said...

It was an honor just being nominated.
Daydreaming of you,