Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Woot Woot

44th President of the United States


one little acorn said...

Congratulations. We all hope good things for you and for everyone else globally too.
We are ready for change too.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that he won. Way to go Obama!!! He has a tough job ahead of him with the mess that Bush left but he is the one to make it right.

Love You
Jeannine XOXOXO

jacquie said...

obama can soo change things. i was so excited he won and he definitely will make changed for the better globally

Camille said...

He's got my vote too. Just hope nothing bad happens to him

Myra said...

Hi Renee. It's Myra, Nadalene's friend. Nad shared the link to your blog the other day. You are a wonderful writer.

Hope prevailed when Obama won the US presidential race. America is back!

My 3 year old, Dashiell was sitting on my lap a few days ago while I was on the CNN webpage reading a few articles. He saw Obama's picture on the main page, and uttered "Barack Obama". I was quite surprised as I have never discussed the US presidential race with him ever. I suppose I have been watching the race too closely!

Take care Renee. I am happy that you have a great support network of loving family and friends. Love and prayers.

Renee said...

Myra: thanks so much for writing and reading.

Dashiell is so ahead of the game, but I have to tell you that I cannot believe that he is 3 already. Hello Time, where did you go.

Have fun with the kids while you are off, they are such a joy.