Monday, 8 June 2009

Dreams Sponsored By The Letter W

Wagon: A wagon is symbolic of difficulties. If the wagon is empty or abandoned it signifies loss and dissatisfaction.

Wahid: Symbolic of loyalty, searching, stubbornness and deep waters. There may be confusion and a need for you to slow down until you understand as this is a symbol of many sides of a story. Watch for the lessons. *artwork by Stefano Vitale

Waiter: If you are the waiter than you are catering to the demands of others instead of yourself. You feel underappreciated and there is a need for you to be more assertive and to stand up for yourself.

Waiting Room: Reflects your patience and ability to remain calm especially during a crisis. *artwork by Carol Roque

Wallpaper: If you are putting up the wallpaper then it signifies that you are putting up a barrier or some sort of shield between yourself and others. It may also suggest that you are covering something up (a secret). If you are stripping or peeling off the wallpaper that would signify that you are beginning to let your guard down. You finally may be freeing yourself of aspects of your life that have been well hidden.

Walrus: Represents your thick-skin and how you do not let comments or criticisms from others affect you. The walrus is also a symbol of supernatural ability and supernatural powers.

Waltz: Foretells that you will have pleasant relations with a cheerful and exciting person.

Wand: Represents your power and influence over others. You are limited only by your imagination. If someone else is holding the wand then it would signify that they have the power and you are under their spell.

War: To dream of a war signifies disorder and chaos in your waking life. You may be experiencing some internal conflict or emotional struggle which is tearing you up inside. It may also be a dream that is trying to tell you that you are being overly aggressive or even that you may not be assertive enough (what position are you in the war). Ask yourself if you are always fighting or always cowering. Neither is a position you want to be in.

Warrior: Represents life’s challenges and your ability to confront them.


Elizabeth said...

"W" -- Wow! -- these are INTENSE and powerful images. Thank you for posting them.

Prometheus said...

I guess I dont dream so much of actual warfare war. But there is normally some sort of street fighting in my dreams. I guess it might really represent the kind of chaos and uncertainty in my life hehe.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Hi Renee, Well I didn't have any "W" dreams last night...but perhaps...tonight. What about a waltzing walrus?

Stay Cozy, Carrie

sema said...

very informative and interesting series

A Cuban In London said...

Another spectacular post with striking images. Loved it. In my case, I have the walrus, the wallpapers and the war dreams to worry about :-).

Greetings from London.

Dave King said...

I always find these interpretations fascinating, without quite knowing what to make of them, though I do think dreams must have some sort of meaning - whatever that means!. Yours are a lot more believable than most.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Renee,

Loved your W Dreams.
I like the Waiter drawing and often we are so busy running after everyone else. Mmmm
Also I never really thought of wallpaper like that. We have it in the lounge, has been there for about 7 years and is time for a change.

Have a great week

yoborobo said...

Morning Renee! Food for thought, as always. I love the painting of the Waiting Room. :) My dreams last night were pretty dull stuff - in one I couldn't find my car in a very Escher-like parking lot. Lovely anxiety stuff. :) Here's hoping you have a parking lot free day! xoxox Pam

soulbrush said...

i agree totally with elizabeth. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Loved these! I can't remember my dreams lately - only my day dreams! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Renee Your posts are just coming at the right moment :o) thanx for these all!! Warm greetings from Kristina

Sonia ;) said...

W was powerful....No W dreams of lately...of course some days I cant remember my dreams...o fcourse Ive been super tired all weekend....Hugs Lovey

Sonia ;)

Deborah said...

Good Morning Love! I have never dreamt of your hubby! I love how you stuck that in there...such a clever one you are. **blows kisses** Deborah

kj said...

these could be my favorite dream pictures of all. i'll be back to comment on them in due time. meanwhile, i'm just stopping by to say good morning. and good afternoon. i'll say good evening later. xoxox

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Another great post on dreams...
I am having disturbing dreams of late, but do not have the imagery of which you write. I seem to go straight to the nitty gritty and don't have to interpret my dreams. As I said disturbing...

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great 'Dream' post again Renee! I had to go check your 'V' dream meanings again. I had a dream that my granddaughter VOMITED on me and I just have to wonder what that means! LOL Normally I can't remember too many of my dreams, but that one I do and will for a long time! ha
Have a super week my dear♥

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I'm so glad you did this post. I dreamed last night that my hair was falling out in chunks, and I was at work, and then I couldn't find the right train station to go to so I could get home. Basically, one big hot mess.

I'm nursing a cold, so I chalk most of it up to the dose of Nyquil, but still it was weird.

The only thing I could relate it to was that in reality, one of my dachshunds is losing his hair in patches. The vet says it's normal as he begins to get his adult coat, but still it worries me.

BTW, my brother is doing somewhat better. Still a long way to go, but we're hoping and praying.

yoborobo said...

Renee - thank you! I'm not sure what I'll do with this raven, but I'm sure my daughter has one in her future. :)

And it just occurred to me, I NEVER dream about waiting rooms. Hmmm....that is very telling. LOL! xoxox

studio lolo said...

I'm glad you included Wahid. Of course he'd be loyal. You'd bring that out in him and so would the children ;)

The wallpaper photo is very haunting. The little boy is si ghost like. I wonder what his story is.

War is a drawing from my childhood.
I can name the characters. Only there wouldn't be a cat outside. It would be my faithful dog and companion, Curly, and he'd be in the closet with me until the fighting stopped.

The waiting room is freaky! It's odd how the out of place person is the lady with torn stockings, not the man in the rabbit suit. Her posture is perfect, like she's wiped out from a brawl. Maybe with the rabbit!

The others are great too. I always enjoy the dream sequences.

When you left a comment on "horizon" I had to go back and read it again. It's nice when someone shows up in your archives so you can reflect on what you've done before.
My blog has become cluttered with too many non-art things. I must wean back to just Illustration Friday. Perhaps after the move.

The week with uncle was fabulous but I'm exhausted and glad he's home.

I hope you have a great week Sister raven. Oh, I'm glad Angelique found the Queen! She belongs with you.

Yes, we were supposed to meet. I love you too ;)


Ingrid Mida said...

Your dream posts are my favourites!!! Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

Sarah said...

Wow what pictures!! All very emotion provoking!!! Yikes!! I keep dreaming of snakes - blue ones??? I need to go back and look at the s'ssssssss. Hope you had a great weekend hon, thinking of you!
Love, Sarah

studio lolo said...

Some of my best stories are "IF" inspired. I'll never stop writing.
I may keep up with Cactus Monday and Animal Wednesday because I love those girls

The woman who bought the original "Replenishing her Spirit" stood in front of it for nearly 2 hours. She couldn't pull herself away. She sent it to her cousin in NY as a b'day gift but she "lived with it' for a while before letting her go.
I like it when my art resonates with people.

yes, my childhood was hell but my life is so rich now, and I don't mean materialy. With a lot of inner work I've learned to let things go and bless the ones who've caused so much hurt.


taylor said...

i love uncle wahid! good call on the: "watch for lessons"

the warrior photo and discription was my second favorite.

have a good day!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I thought I saw a wombat in the dark the other night. It was, however, just a cat.

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

An excellent and creative post, Renee! That walrus was trying to tell me something.
Love to you,

sinnlighet said...

Hello Renee, thank you VERY VERY...
Your blogg is just like a Rolls Royce for me. I like the deep!

Best & warm regards from me....

Agneta from Swe.... Yes you remember!!

Sue said...

I rarely remember my dreams and honestly can't recall any that had any "w's" in them. I sure did find it interesting reading of the meanings and viewing the images though! The wallpaper picture is mezmerizing, sad and rather frightening.

Marie S said...

Good morning Renee.
Fitting a full size Pegasus in a wagon is definitely a difficulty. I too loved that you added Wahid, I had to go back and look at it a couple of times though to make sure I wasn't seeing things. The one on war was disturbing to me, I would have looked for a painting of battle field or something like that, but the war that eats at our souls, domestic war, is so much more powerful.
All were great and the Amazon very perfect but I love to read the comments and hear what others see in the pictures and words. That is so enlightening to me.
You are an inspiration.
What a mind!
Love and huge hugs,

Anonymous said...

Renee, this is a fabulous post. I loved the artwork and the dream interpretations. I have to say I don't think I've had any w dreams lately. Hope your week is filled with dreams sponsored by the letter F: symbolizing- fun, fabulous and funny.

kendalee said...

Your dream interpretations are the absolute best! Great artworks to illustrate them too, as always. Thank you!

Lola said...

I miss you, and I miss blogging, but these last days of work before I wrap the film are like a mad rush. I apologize for not coming here as often as I'd like to, and for not posting nearly as often as I used to.

I'll catch up, I promise. And I promise to dream tonight. I want to fall into the arms of Morpheus, and dream of a waltzing walrus in a waiting room. And you're there too, laughing aloud at my clumsy moves.

Ciao my darling darling friend.
Lola xx

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Pattee said...

Renee I love the "Letter" posts but where do you get the meaning sot the pictures?

The waiter is something I do and I'm SICK of it! I love the first picture of the boy in the wagon and the winged horse inside. The little boy looks so happy the horse is there.

Shelly said...

Great artwork! I had a nightmare last night that I totally missed a upcoming Wedding due to a series of unfortunate events including a dress malfunction, I woke up thinking that really happened and could not @##$%$ believe it, but then I realized "it was only a dream" ... funny because I also quickly realized my sisters would never let that stop me from getting there - funnier still is that on some deep level I must depend on them (my sisters) for everything, which really isn’t funny at all – but true!

Ces said...

I think I saw that walrus in the bus stop one day. That image used for W is something else! I certaily like Wahid's beard!

Yoli said...

I love your letter days my friend. Sending you love.

M.M.E. said...

These are great illustrations! You have quite the eye for the good ones. Nice to see someone else likes dream interpretation.

Snowbrush said...

Wonderful photos as usual. Some thoughts...

The boy with the wagon. I posted a photo of me (as a child) with such a wagon recently.

The rabbit in the waiting room. I suppose it's an O.B. waiting room.

The warrior. She looks to have been wounded in the boob. Surely this proves that women shouldn't be on the front lines. I mean, what other conclusion could one draw...well, maybe ON the front lines but wearing metal bras? Yeah, works for me. At least it beats sending 60 year old stove-up men to the front.

Ces said...

I meant to reply here:

ACK! Renee! Sorry about that. Nothing like that. I was just thinking bald looks beautiful sometimes and I remember that woman in Star Trek, she was bald and she was beautiful. It's just that sometimes some rounded, glistening shniy objects are very desirable like a bald head or even a gravid abdomen and yes, peanuts and the like.

Again that image for WAR brings bad memories of my clinical ER nursing experience. I have seen so many women and children on the verge of death due to domestic abuse. In fact the reason I was hired was because there was an opening when a nurse was finally killed by her chronically abusive husband. Ack! I can't stand looking at it.It makes me revolt from within!

Meghann said...

Love that walrus photo :)
I've never had a W dream that I've remembered, so I'm all clear :)
Prayers and happy thoughts to you,
Meg xoxo

Anonymous said...

Mum sends her love more than all the stars in the sky:) Me too!
Do you know what rabbits mean in a dream.
Dawn my friend dreamt of a rabbit she has already, opening Andrew's cage and seeing another large rabbit and many bunnies in the corner. MMMmmmmm!
Probably of one my result of a rabbit painting?
We was hoping she was going to need a new house soon. Dawn is so want to buy an old large house with many bedrooms.
Maybe this?

Hope your having a great week Renee!

Me with a piggy face:@)Julie-ann
:()@= Me as an alien laying down!
Tried to make a rabbit, oh well!

Jen said...

Ooo, I will have to show my boyfriend. He's had insomnia for years and is a little obsessed with sleep and dreams because of it. He would love this post!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwww, I LOVE the waltzing picture! Is that what I was doing in my dream, then, with you and Ces? Because it has totally come true.

sweet bait said...

The last image speaks volumes. Excellent post!

Meghann said...

I thought you might like the 'w' comment, lol

TheChicGeek said...

I love your alphabet posts! They are so cool! W for Wow! Most definitely!
Have a Happy Day!

TheKeyBunch said...

Renee, these are such profound thoughts, and the images are great too!

Thanks for getting back to me on the have a lovely blog, and I love popping in here to see each new thought, pic and inspirational quote!

I was thinking of wallpaper for my new home, maybe I should scrap that :)

Take care,


kj said...

evening rolls around and ms. kj finally appears....first and foremost, emily wants me to tell you that is her uncle henry in the waiting room. she said she can tell by the hat.

next, i have never dreamt about wallpaper but now i know if i did, i would want to be taking it down and not putting it up.

last, i love the waltz picture the very most. i want tender embraces like that in my life. i want them every day. i want to get them and i want to give them. so i do, i can, i will. here's a giant embrace for you, renee. can you feel it?


kj said...

oh moon sister, i forgot to ask you to stop by my place for a token of my lifelong affection....
(it's now common knowledge that i love being trite)

:) plus xo

slommler said...

Wonderful images Renee! Amazing!
Thanks for visiting my blog!

YayaOrchid said...

How clever Renee...alphabetized dreams. Imagine that! :)

L.Holm said...

all Wonderful. I particularly love the waiting room...and the amazons.

Ces said...

I am trying to be sneaky and get as much sleep before someone finds out I am oncall. Har har! I just want to tell you how much I LOVE reading your comments at Bella's about the book. I too have never treated a book with so much love and appreciation. I would be mortified if someone with dirty hands thumbed trough the page or turned the page roughly. I love the tender glimpses of your loving family life. Goodnight sweetheart!

Björnik said...

That last image of the warrior is so depressing and inspiring at the same time. She's wounded with only that shield as protection. She no longer has a weapon or the energy to fight back yet she's pushing forward or staying still with her ruby slippers.hehe

Can you please say Hi to the little fly for me? Have a wonderful day Renee.


slommler said...

Vanessa didn't say it was for her birthday...but I will be celebrating mine!! LOL
Thanks hun

Coreopsis said...

Great collection (*as always!) What's going to happen when you reach "Z"? Will you start over with different images?

I love these, though some (war especially) are really disturbing. I can't say as I've ever had a W dream (at least that I remember--maybe a waitress dream back when I used to be a waitress, but I think I would just attribute that to work anxiety dreams. I have teacher anxiety dreams, and one summer when I was 15 and detassling corn I had detassling corn dreams). So much to think about!

Julie Fillo said...

yeah, so evidently I don't need to post to your comments on your blog, because your all seeing eye sees everything, even if I post to you on MY comments!
I should be doing a million other things right now than playing with you, like putting makeup on and going somewhere and look at me!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Oh my! I see walrus in the mirror on mornings and love the wand. May you know how much your wand has influenced others.

Shelly said...

How sweet is Bjornik? Irresistible I think!

Woman in a Window said...

I only seem to dream within my own symbology. (Is that a word?) I wonder if knowing the symbols would inspire deeper dreams.

I dreamt the other night I was eating a bowl of candies (Nerds) and when the bowl was empty I awoke with a start. And you know what, there IS deeper meaning here for me. Funny, eh?

Woman in a Window said...

On my way to read your other post I was caught again by the warrior. What a strange position of a warrior to strike. Defense but she seems to be offering the suckle as well. I'm perplexed by this one and intrigued.

Woman in a Window said...

Renee, stupid me. Of course. And how tenderly she holds herself.

rochambeau said...

Do you write down your dreams Renee?